Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 19

“Travis.” She whispered his name as his lips slid to her cheek, the curve of her jaw, to her neck.
Nerve endings tingled with a rush of pure sensation, white hot and intense as it washed through her body.
Callused fingertips moved beneath the snug top she wore, caressed up, cupped . . . Jerking her head back, Lilly fought to hold on to a sense of balance as the pad of his thumb raked over her nipple while pressing beneath the lace of her bra.
It was exquisite.
As she arched against him her legs parted further for the hard thigh pressing between them, lifting her, forcing her to ride the hard contours of his thigh as she ground her pussy against him.
She ached. Oh God, she ached as though sex were more than a want, as though it were imperative to her very being. A cascade of heated sensations flooded her body, dampening her sex, clenching the intimate muscles as she fought to catch her breath.
Catching her breath wasn’t that easy. Each time she tried, he did something else, something sexy and exciting. Something that burned over sensitive flesh and raced over her nerve endings.
Pulling the lace of her bra to the side, he exposed the hard tip of her nipple to the cool air of the room, then to the incredible heat of his mouth.
Fighting to keep her eyes open, Lilly stared down at him, watching as his cheeks hollowed around the tight tip, the way his lashes shadowed his cheeks.
It was incredibly sexy. So sexy it made her heart thunder in her chest, made her breathing short.
The lash of his tongue had her eyelids fluttering, had sensation shooting straight to her clit and beyond as a wild, ragged cry left her lips. When his fingers moved to the snap and zipper of her pants, she was more than eager to help him with his own as well.
Her fingers tore at the metal tabs of his leather riding pants as the zipper of hers slid down. She gasped for air as he took her lips in a kiss, his tongue licking along hers as his fingers slid into the parted material, eased lower, and threaded through the silky curls between her thighs.
Lilly froze, tried to catch her breath. Her eyes widened, stared into his, and in the next second fluttered closed again as his fingers found and captured the tight little bud of her clitoris.
Callused fingertips circled, rubbed, and stimulated the sensitive bundle of flesh. Arcs of pleasure tore through her pussy as her juices rushed to coat the swollen folds beyond to tempt his fingers to touch lower, to stroke inside her.
“I dream about this,” he growled against her lips as he gave her a moment to breathe. “Touching your sweet pussy again, feeling it quiver beneath my fingers, feeling your pretty clit swell with hunger.”
Heat flushed her face at the explicit words while her pussy creamed harder. She wanted his fingers inside her. She wanted him to take her, to ease the hard knot of hunger tightening in her womb.
Her hips arched closer, forcing his fingers lower along the narrow slit he was caressing. Lifting her leg, she managed to get him a little closer.
He chuckled, a breath of male hunger and amusement, as his fingers rubbed over the clenched entrance.
“This what you want, Lilly?” he crooned against her ear as one finger slipped in just enough to tease, just enough to give her a taste of the pleasure she was reaching for. Just enough to tease her into whimpering and arching her hips higher for more.
A shudder tore through her as he rubbed at the clenched, tight muscles of her vagina. The pad of his finger rubbed in tiny circles, moved in short, easy strokes. His lips moved back to her nipples, his tongue licked and stroked, and Lilly was certain she was going to melt to the floor with the incredible pleasure racing through her and the imperative need for more.
“I can make it better, Lilly,” he whispered before nipping at the sensitive tip of her breast.
“What’s stopping you?” she cried out breathlessly. “Make it better. I dare you.”
Let him see if she tried to stop him. God, she wanted more so damned bad she was on the verge of begging for it.
“You dare me, do you?” A quick, heated lick of her nipple had her jerking in reflexive pleasure.
“Double-dare you,” she gasped.
His finger moved, retreated, only to return thicker, stronger, stretching the sensitive portal of her pussy as her neck arched and a low, ragged cry tore from her lips.
A fiery aching pleasure centered in the very core of her, convulsing through her womb as she almost, almost reached that peak she was searching for.
She was so close. Right there on the verge.
“Mr. Caine, we have company.” A harsh, rough voice spoke from the other room. It sounded as though it came from a wild creature, one whose vocal ability was still more animal than man.
Travis jerked against her, his hard body suddenly tense and prepared for battle rather than focused entirely on her.