Black Jack (Elite Ops 4)

Page 15

Yeah, right, no one was there with him. He was lying to her and they both knew it. But he was also warning her. To protect her? What the hell was going on here and what did this man want from her?
“Why am I here?” she asked him. “Are we going to talk or play games all night?”
“I rather enjoy playing with you.” He grinned then.
“And I’m getting rather impatient.” She got to her feet. “You want to talk, Mr. Caine, then you can come to me.”
Lilly stood to pull her jacket on, only to have his fingers curl around her wrist to halt her.
“The same willful Lilly I’ve missed like hell,” he murmured. “Tell me, how does your family handle your stubbornness? I’ve heard your mother rarely has the patience for it from anyone else.”
Not anyone else, not from her, Lilly could have informed him. But he didn’t need to know that.
“I’m her daughter.” She arched her brow. “Of course I can get away with more.”
“Of course you can,” he agreed. “So tell me, Lilly, why did you sneak out of the house tonight rather than informing her that you were leaving?”
“The same reason I’m walking out of here now without answering your question,” she retorted blithely. “Need to know.”
At that, she turned and walked out.
He was following. She could feel him. Moving close behind her, the arousal that was so much a part of him spreading around her. Her thighs were tight, her pussy heated.
Her pussy.
She paused at the door, allowing the cold air to wrap around her and possibly cool her libido. He chose that moment to move closer, to step up to her until they were touching, the hard proof of his erection well defined beneath his leather pants as it pressed against her lower back.
Lilly gripped the door frame and held on tight. She wanted to rub against him, wanted to thrust back and feel the heady hunger rising harder and faster between them.
Right there, surrounded by dozens of bar customers and “friends” or perhaps “nonfriends” of Travis Caine’s.
“Tell me where to meet you,” he demanded. “Just the two of us.”
“It was supposed to be just the two of us this time,” she whispered breathlessly.
Taking a deep breath, Lilly stepped to the sidewalk, tried to brush away the need racing through her system, and headed for the parking lot. He was still behind her, walking silently, but she could feel the warmth of his body still surrounding her.
Moving to the motorcycle, she threw her leg over the raised seat effortlessly then unlocked her helmet, all the while too aware of him standing next to her, as though waiting for something, expecting something.
“What?” She turned to him, frowning, her heart racing.
His lips quirked. “You remembered the bike after all.”
Lilly jerked her head down, her gaze focusing on the helmet straps she was playing with. She had remembered which storage unit it was parked in, she had remembered where she had hidden the keys.
She knew things that didn’t make sense. Things that had no memories to back them, and that terrified her.
Such as the knowledge that this man could make her burn with hunger.
He had also taught her how to survive at one point. She was certain of it.
Why was she certain of it?
That question would drive her insane. Why? Why did she know? How? How did she know?
“Who am I?” Lifting her head, she tried to fight back the sense of loneliness and confusion racing through her. She felt lost.
Staring back at him, she watched as his hands lifted, his fingers stroking back the hair that had fallen across her face. As he tucked it behind her ear a small smile tipped one corner of his lips.