Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

Page 35

His lips become savage, kissing me with force. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in against his chest. He exhales hard as his hands find my ass. Scooping me off my feet, Oliver walks backwards until my back hits the wall.
My skirt scrunches up to my hips as he pushes himself in deeper between my legs. His hard cock presses against my pussy, making my clit throb. I want this man. I want this moment every single day for the rest of my life.
To feel this full, this happy, this loved, there's nothing else in the world that compares. This is my life. This is where I belong. This is where we belong.
Oliver's lips move down my neck. I tip my head to give him more room, my body tingling as he nibbles exposed skin. I moan softly, squeezing him with my thighs and rubbing my pussy against his lower belly.
He pushes me harder against the wall, pinning me in place and grabbing my breast. A soft growl escapes from his mouth as he bites my neck. I arch my back, scraping my nails over his shoulders and digging them into the firm muscles of his back.
Crushing his lips against mine, his hand glides down my ribs, landing on the crease of my thigh. He keeps moving down, grabbing my leg and looping it around his back. Oliver sucks on my bottom lip, plucking it between his teeth before pulling away to look at me.
He doesn't say a word, his eyes dance around mine as he unbuttons his pants. With eager fingers he flicks my panties to the side and rubs my juice all over my folds. The tip of his cock presses against my entrance as he adjusts his hands under my ass.
Thrusting up, Oliver's dick spears my body, spreading me wide open. His cock is thick and hard, pulsing inside my heat. I can feel his girth as it throbs, twitching inside me like a pulse in your veins.
He pulls back, allowing his cock to almost break free, then slams back up hard and fast.
“Mm, fuck,” I groan as our eyes never leave each other. “Yeah, harder. Fuck me harder.” My voice is low, throaty, and full of need.
Oliver grins as he bites his lip. “You're a bad girl,” he says.
With my hands on his shoulders, I push myself up, and slam back down as he fucks me. I need him so bad right now, I'm not thinking about the open windows or the broken door. I don't care if the neighbors can hear me.
This is about us. This moment in time signifies a new chapter.
Bouncing on his cock, I can feel him hit me deep. My clit is swelling, growing more tender by the second. The orgasm ignites in my core, spreading through my body in waves.
My entire body is so fragile right now. I can feel everything. I can feel every nerve in my body as it fires off. I can feel the hot air as it seeps into my lungs with every breath. I can feel my pulse as it beats under my skin, and my heart as it slams against my ribs like a caged bird.
His fingers grip my ass firmly, the tips digging in with force as his hips thrash up and down. I'm watching him come undone before my very eyes. With clenched teeth, Oliver's eyes roll back in his head as his cock explodes.
His warm cum fills my body as his cock jerks in my pussy. The cum spills over, dripping out of me and pooling at his base.
Oliver pulls himself free and lowers me to my feet. He holds my hips as I steady myself on my heels. “Well, we christened this house a little quicker than I expected.”
Giggling, I give him a big smile. “Today was a good day.”
He tucks himself back in his pants, then reaches out to pull me in for a hug. “Today was the best day. I love you,” he says, kissing my forehead.
“I love you too.”
There's always that one moment in your life you'll never forget. You'll remember every detail, right down to how warm your skin feels. This is that moment.
This is the moment where my heart realizes I have everything I'll ever need right in front of me. I have this man who loves me for me.
Nothing will ever compare to that feeling.