Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

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My lips keep moving, kissing her exposed flesh down her throat and across her collarbone. I can't stop kissing her. I want to kiss every inch of her from head to toe.
Narissa's fingers pull at my hair as I lick from one side of her neck to the other. Her head rolls on her shoulders, giving me all the room I need. Her nipples are hard, pressing her against my chest, I hug her tight.
“Take me.” She whispers against the shell of my ear. “I'm all yours.”
Scooping her up off the couch, I carry her to the bedroom. I don't want to just fuck her. I want to enjoy her, please her, and make her mine over and over again. This isn't about getting off just to feel good. This is about savoring her for as long as I can.
I lay her on the bed, placing her down gently. Grabbing her ankle, I slip off one shoe and then the next. She's watching me closely, chewing her bottom lip. It's so damn sexy the way she tugs it with her teeth that my cock is trying to jump out of my pants to get inside her.
Batting her lashes, she angles her head, her eyes following my hands as I reach for the button on her pants. I pull it free, slowly unzipping her pants and pulling them off. Her stomach trembles lightly as I run my fingers across the lace edge of her panties.
The pads of my fingers flutter across her skin, teasing the hem. Narissa inhales a sharp breath as the tips of my fingers dip under the seam. She holds it in, her back arching high as I slide a single finger down the center of her panties and press against her clit.
She's wet. I can feel her silky arousal as I rub her clit beneath the fabric. Her legs shake, clamping around my forearm as her hips buck up. I press harder, drawing quick circles around her needy button.
Narissa throws her hands into her hair as she moans loudly. I want her to come. I want her to come over and over again. From my touch, from my mouth, from my cock. I'm going to use every tool I have to make her scream. I want her legs numb and her breathing labored. I want her skin covered in goosebumps and drenched in sweat.
I apply more pressure, massaging with deep strokes on the outside of her panties. But I'm hitting her just right, working her clit into a frenzy. “Mm, fuck,” she groans, running a hand down her throat and over her belly as she clenches around my arm tighter with her thighs.
“Holy shit,” she says, opening her eyes and smiling. “That feels fucking good.”
“I'm not done yet.” Smirking, I push her legs open wide and climb between them. I pull her shirt over her head and throw it over my shoulder. Her bra comes off next and I toss it just as carelessly behind me. “Now I want to taste you.”
She grins with bright white teeth and rosy cheeks. “I want you to fuck me.”
“I know you do,” I say coyly, pressing her knees to the bed as I lower my face to her heat.
Her pussy is hot against my lips. Her skin is coated in a thin sheen of arousal. I lick her softly, barely touching her, but I can still feel the pulse of her clit. Her clit is so swollen I suck it into my mouth and flick it with my tongue.
“Oh God,” she calls out as her body jerks against my mouth and her nails dig into the sheets. The sharp tips claw at the fabric, bunching thick wads into her palms.
I smile against her pussy, sucking her juice into my mouth. She tastes so fucking good, like honey and sunflowers. I could eat her out all night long and never feel full. I want more. I need more.
Driving my tongue deep into her pussy, I fuck her with my mouth. My tongue dips in, causing her to yell with pleasure, then I move it up between her folds, tasting every inch of her pussy.
Narissa's legs butterfly open as I trace her pussy with my tongue. Up around her clit, down the center, into her heat, and back up again. Her muscles are shaking violently as I flick the tip of my tongue back and forth over her clit.
There's a rumble in her chest, building and building until she screams. She bites her bottom lip hard, her back almost completely off the bed as she comes in my mouth.
“That's right,” I say, crawling on top of her. Her eyes are wild as they bounce in their sockets. “Now I want to feel you come on my cock.” I rip my pants open, my cock hurting, it's so hard.