Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

Page 23

Licking my lips, I growl as she places a tit against my lips and rakes her nipple back and forth. I stick out my tongue, flicking her nipple, and then suck her tit into my mouth.
Narissa groans as she drags her nails through my hair and grabs a handful. Tugging hard, she yanks my head back as she looks down at me with a smile. “Are you begging me to fuck you?” she asks, her lips holding a slight grin.
I nod easily, not even having to think about my answer. Yes, I'm begging her to fuck me. Because if she doesn't, I'm going to make her wish she had. If I take over, it won't be what she thinks.
I'm not a cruel man, but I can't promise her the animal inside won't take over. If that happens, she won't have a say in how it goes. She won't be able to slow it down. She won't be able to choose the pace.
Driving her hand into my pants, she grabs my dick, and starts to stroke me as she tears the button free with her other hand and yanks down the zipper. Narissa guides my cock out, continuing to work my length with long, slow strokes.
She glides to the tip, squeezes my head, and then slowly strokes back down. Over and over she jerks my cock, her pace steady and firm. My cock is pulsing harder and harder as it swells. The tip is shiny and slick as drops of pre-cum drip over the surface.
“Do you. . .” she starts to ask, but I already know what she's looking for.
“I do.” Taking a condom from my wallet, I'm about to open it when she nabs it from my hand.
She smiles, tearing it open with her teeth and putting it in her mouth. I love the look in her eyes right now. The way they flicker like a flame, dancing in the darkness as bright as the sun in the sky. She scoots down to my knees and arches her back, then rolls the condom down my length with her mouth.
My entire body shudders. The sensation moves from my head to my toes, causing them to curl in my boots. “Mm,” I groan as every muscle tightens and my stomach clenches hard.
Her eyes find mine as she raises up on her knees and positions herself over my cock. Using her hands to grip my shoulders, she slowly lowers herself down. I watch as my cock disappears inside her pussy. She devours me whole as her hot pussy pulses around my length.
I can feel her clit throbbing, beat after beat as her eyes meet mine and she stays still, letting her body adjust to my size. Her walls are stretched to the max, her pussy wet and slippery as she begins to ride me.
She feels so good like this. In my arms, her tits tickling my chest as her pussy milks my dick, it’s perfection. Even through the condom I feel her heat. She’s so tight, doing her best to keep me inside her.
“Fuck yeah,” I utter, my words breathy as I exhale. Planting open palms against her back, I pull her down to my chest, and bury my face in her hair.
Her hair smells like coconut, enticing me to breathe her in. I can't get enough. I want to imprint her on my brain, so I never forget her. The way her hands feel on my shoulders, slender fingers and sharp nails that scratch with pleasure. The way her lips move, plump and wet as she pulls her bottom lip into her mouth with her teeth.
This moment is ours. This place is now ours. And just for right now, she belongs to me.
There's no place I'd rather be than right here.
I keep her close, thrusting my hips up as she slams down hard. We're both grunting and moaning as our bodies become one. Her pussy is dripping with slick juice that's pooling around my base. The sound of skin slapping mixes with our moans as she rocks faster and faster.
The tips of her fingers pierce my skin, but I can't feel any pain. All I feel is her. “Mm, fuck,” she moans loudly as her body stiffens and her back shoots up straight.
Holding her back, I jerk my hips up, letting the orgasm steal me away. Her body is trembling in my arms as she falls forward and rests her head against my shoulder. Our breathing is in sync. I can feel her heart pounding against my chest.
“Wow,” she says. “I've never felt this good before.”
My fingers brush through her hair, pulling it away from her face. “Right, me either.”
Narissa tilts her head up to look at me. “You mean that?”
“Of course I mean that.”
“How do I know you're telling me the truth? I'm sure guys say stuff like that all the time just to make girls feel good.”