Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

Page 22

You can never know the true feeling of happiness unless you've experienced pain in the first place. That's what makes us human.
Her body stiffens slightly, lips tight for a split second before she relaxes. I feel the tension leave her, her body falling forward as her lips begin to kiss me back. The tip of her tongue tempts mine, telling me she wants more.
Slipping my tongue in her mouth, I lick across hers, circling and twisting. Our tongues tangle as our lips mash together. Narissa tilts her head, allowing me to kiss her deeper. Her breathing picks up as her tongue sweeps through my mouth, and her hands fly up into my hair.
I can feel her coming undone, the sharp thorns and vines slowly releasing her to me. And I love every second of it. Her fingers drag across my scalp and tear at my roots. Her chest lifts higher as her back straightens and she lays her leg over mine.
Grunting, I grab her by the ass, pulling her the rest of the way onto my lap. I dig my fingers into her ass, pushing her in against my hard cock. I'm so fucking hard already, and we've barely just begun.
The breeze blows and I feel her shiver. “Are you cold?” I ask her as we kiss. “We can go someplace—”
“Shh,” she says, hushing me with her voice and her tongue. “I don't want to go anyplace else. I want to be right here with you, right now.”
I hear her flats as they hit the wood floor. Narissa breaks away, sitting up straight and unbuttoning her shirt. Her fingers move slow, one button at a time until it falls away like wrapping paper off a present. Her tits are cradled in a black bra with a ridge of lace running across the top.
Rapid inhales are forcing her tits up toward my face, tempting me to stuff my face inside. I run a single finger up her belly as I relax back. She shivers again as I softly trace my finger in long, sweeping circles, across the top of her tits and back down her ribs.
Narissa grips the clasp on the front of her bra and unclips it. Her perfect raindrop shaped tits fall free, nipples hard instantly as small goosebumps rise on her delicate skin.
My finger runs over one nipple, then moves across to the other. Her hips start to roll, grinding against my length as she tips her head back and moans. I'm barely touching her, and yet it's like I'm already fucking her.
With her eyes shut, she feels my chest with her hands. Narissa dances her fingers over my abs, smoothing her palms back up over my pecs. Curling her fingers over my shoulders, she pushes her waist down harder, rubbing against my bulge.
“Fuck me,” I say, slipping my hand around her neck and pulling her ear to my lips. “Fuck me right here.” I slide my tongue over the shell of her ear and bite her earlobe. “It's what you want. Take what you want, Narissa. Take what you need from me.”
My fingers grip her neck, manipulating her head so I can kiss her throat. The sharp edges of my teeth graze her flesh, making her melt against my chest. I can feel her entire body quiver as I nip at her skin.
Fuck this girl does things to me. I can feel her invading my body. Through every muscle, every vein, every nerve, she's all over and it still isn't enough. I want so much more.
The pad of my thumb strokes the thick vein in her neck, feeling her pulse pick up. I love it. I love watching her react to my touch, to my lips, to my presence. The heat off her body is hot as a roaring fire. Small beads of sweat speckle her forehead, and her skin is dewy, glistening under the moonlight.
“Fuck me,” I say again, my bites more delirious and hungrier. “Just fuck me.”
I want her to control this. I want her to be the one to act, to crave, to demand from me. I know if she doesn't do it soon, I'm going to be the one taking charge, and I can't promise I'll be kind.
I'll take her hard. I'll take her fast. And I'll fuck her until she can't walk. Is that what she wants? Maybe. But right now, this is all her. It's her game and her rules. It's time for her to take control of something.
Narissa's eyes darken as her fingers work the button in her pants free. The bright green of her eyes is reflective, glowing like a cat in the night stalking its prey. She lifts up on her knees and shimmies her jeans down her legs.
My hands slip over her naked flesh, feeling her thighs, gripping her hips, smoothing up over her tits. I can't stop touching her. Her skin is soft like velvet and warm to the touch. Her thick pink nipples bead hard as diamonds.