Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

Page 14

Him. I feel him.
Parting my lips, I tip my head back. Oliver doesn't wait a second more. Crushing his lips against mine, he growls as his tongue drives inside my mouth. He pulls his head back, and he bites my bottom lip, plucking it with his teeth as he groans.
I can hear the desperation and desire in his moan. The sound bellows out from deep inside, sending a shiver through my body. His hand slides down the side of my face, grasping my neck.
His thumb strokes across the curve of my jaw, and his fingers dig into the back of my neck. Manipulating my head and pulling it back as he kisses me again, deeper and more unhinged.
Every breath he exhales is throaty and loud as his free hand slips under my shirt and squeezes my breast. Pinching my nipple between the pads of his fingers, he rolls it gently. Goosebumps flood my skin as he moves his hand to my other breast and pinches that nipple.
Moaning, my chest snaps out and my hands clutch the wall. Adrenaline surges through my veins as he spreads my legs apart with his knee, pushing his hard cock against my lower belly. He's hard as rock, thick as an iron pole.
I palm his bulge, giving him a squeeze. Oliver's knees buckle slightly as he groans into our kiss. This man is my dream. Hot, sexy, with muscles that have muscles. He's everything I never thought would come into my world.
“You want that?” he asks. His cock jumps behind his jeans as he jerks his hips. “You want to feel my cock deep inside you?”
“Yes, I need to feel you.”
He slides his hand down my neck, over my tit and down my ribs, until he hits my mound. Pressing his fingertips against my pussy, my clit throbs excitedly. Yes I want him. I want him so fucking bad my entire body is aching.
“How bad do you need to feel me?” His voice is a whisper against my lips, but I feel it deep in my bones.
“Bad,” I say, arching my back and pushing my chest against his. “Take me.”
“That doesn't sound very convincing.” He drags his teeth down my throat, biting and nibbling. “Do you want me?” he asks again.
“Yes I want you. Fuck me,” I demand.
He drives his hand inside my pants and slips a finger inside my pussy. His thumb massages my clit as he fingers me quick and hard. “How bad do you want me?”
“Mm,” I groan as my eyes close and my head falls back.
But Oliver doesn't let me enjoy it for too long. Ripping his hand away, he grins. “I want to hear you say it. Tell me how bad you want me to fuck you.” Using a single hand, he pulls his button free and unzips his pants.
His cock bounces free, the tip glistening in pre-cum. Stroking himself from base to tip, his eyes turn dark. He's starving, and I'm his next meal. I can see how badly he wants to ravage me. How it's taking every bit of control he has to not just take what he wants.
“I need you to fuck me,” I say. Rolling my hips, I work my pants down my legs. “I can't go another second without you inside me.” With my pants are around my ankles, I spread my legs so he can see my pussy.
My inner thighs are wet and glistening from arousal. My clit is throbbing so hard it takes everything I have not to just finger myself until I hit the edge and jump off. Slowly, I start to move my hand down my belly.
“Uh uh,” he says, grabbing my hand before I reach my pussy. “I felt you melt in my mouth yesterday. Today I'm going to feel you melt on my cock.”
Lifting my hand over my head, he pins it in place. My body curves toward him as my heart gallops in my chest. I need him. I need him so bad it's slowly killing me. The air is hot I try to breathe. Every breath is like a gulp of fiery ash.
But his eyes. . . His eyes pierce me where I stand. They travel over my skin like the tickle of a feather. He's watching me so closely. Every sharp inhale causes him to smirk, every hard swallow makes him lick his lips. Oliver's enjoying this. He's getting pleasure from watching my body react under his hands.
With his hand on his cock, he strokes himself slowly. He moves up from the base, squeezing the tip, then glides back down. Thick veins pulse under his skin, his cock swelling and turning a light shade of red. The tip glistens with a single drop of pre-cum.
Leaning forward, he bites my hard nipple as it pokes against my shirt. His teeth nibble gently, rolling against the perk bead before letting me go. He moves to my other nipple, repeating the same motion.