Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

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I can taste the lotion she put on. I can taste the saltiness of sweat, and still it isn't enough. I need more. I need so much more.
Growling, I spin her around, causing her to wobble on her feet as I slip my hands under ass and lift her off the ground. Narissa giggles lightly, wrapping her arms around my neck and holding on as I walk her to the workbench.
I try to set her down, but she laughs and cringes. “Ouch, there's a wrench or something under my ass.” She leans to one side, and I swipe my hand under her, moving it the rest of the way down the bench, knocking everything to the floor.
“There, now it's time for you to really get dirty.” My fingers pop the button on her jeans.
“Good, because leaving clean isn't an option.” She grabs the zipper and lifts her ass, gesturing for me to take over with her eyes.
I grab her jeans and work them off her legs as she kicks her shoes off. Dropping her pants to the floor, our eyes meet, and she gives me a little smirk. A dangerously, sexy little smirk as she leans back against the wall and spreads her legs open.
My eyes drop to her pussy, hidden behind baby blue panties with a dark wet spot in the center. Narissa's smile thickens as she runs her hands down her thighs and grabs her knees, pressing her legs open as wide as they can go.
Her body is rolling, tempting me with each arch of her back and thrust of her hips. I softly press my finger against the wet bulls-eye, causing her entire body to quiver. Her stomach shakes, her thighs tremble, and her eyes roll back in her head.
It's the sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen.
“I didn't expect this,” I say, pushing the pad of my finger against her heat.
She bites down on her bottom lip, her hips jerking slightly from the pressure. “Expect what?”
“This.” My fingertips curl under the seam of her panties, but I don't go all the way in. I let them ride the thin hem up and down. “But I like it.”
“We all have a naughty side, Oliver.” She takes my hand and slips it inside her panties. Moving my hand to her clit, she pushes her pussy against me. “You just happened to bring it out easily.”
She's so fucking wet I can't stop the groan that spills out of my mouth. With a sultry look, her lips pull taut as I run my finger down her slit, rubbing her juice all over her folds. Gliding back up, I circle her clit, flicking the tender bud.
Narissa drops her head back and closes her eyes as I work her body. I'm barely touching her, but she's so damn tender, so turned on that every little movement of my hand causes her body to jolt.
My dick is hard, so I pull it free and start to stroke myself. I have to relieve the tension. My balls are starting to hurt and my cock is swollen. I'm super sensitive to the touch. Palming my shaft, I move my hand up and down as I slip two fingers in her heat.
“Mm, yeah,” she moans as she clutches the edge of the workbench.
Her walls squeeze around my fingers as I fuck her with my fingers. Every stroke of my hand matches the pace of my fingers. I start off slow and gentle, pushing in as I move down my length, pulling out as I glide back to the tip.
My fingers are slick with her arousal. Pulling them free, I let my eyes connect with hers as I suck her off my fingers. She tastes like fucking ecstasy.
“Mm,” I groan, licking my fingers clean. “You taste so good,” I say. Pushing her panties to the side, my eyes drop to her pussy. She's glistening, sparkling like champagne. “I need more.”
She spreads her legs as she grabs the edge of her panties and holds them out of the way. “You can have as much of me as you want.” Her voice is airy. It sounds like she's been running and needs to catch her breath.
Her chest is rising and falling rapidly, her lips are parted, and her eyes are fixed on mine. I can feel the need radiating off her like hot air.
“I planned on that,” I say, my voice a whisper as I lower my mouth to her pussy. I breathe in slowly, closing my eyes as I indulge in her scent. “Fuck, that's sweet.” Flicking out the tip of my tongue, I lick her lightly.
“Holy shit,” she coos as she drives her fingers through my hair and her back snaps off the wall.
My eyes drift up to watch her. I love the way she's wriggling against my mouth. Her pussy is rubbing against my face and her fingers keep grabbing locks of my hair and yanking them hard.