Hard Working Hero (Hard Working Hero 1)

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Her hair is in my face, and it smells so damn good. Coconut and ginger, that's what I smell as I inhale a long deep breath. The scent sends a crusade of tingles through my body. Each one as intense as a firework exploding in the sky.
My stomach is on fire, my lungs burn for more, my lips and hands desperately begging to touch her and taste her. It's crazy the effect she's having on me. I can't stop the feral desire as it pushes through my body, blocking out everything and anything that isn't her.
I'm highly aware of her every move. The way her nose twitches from the dust in the air. The way her legs spread slightly to get better balance as we push the long board against the saw. The way she stretches her arms out but doesn't lean forward. Her back brushes my chest, her ass bumps against my dick, and all of it seems intentional.
Every inch of my body is reacting to her being right here. And I'm enjoying it. I won't fight it, I won't force it away, because I don't want to. She feels good here like this, too good to let go.
Narissa inhales a timid breath and holds it as if she senses the change in me. My eyes drop to her chest from above, peering down at her cleavage as her chest swells.
The second the wood breaks free, she turns her head away and sneezes. “I'm sorry, the dust is tickling my nose.”
“Yeah, that happens, but you get used to it. I have a mask if you want one.”
“No, I'm fine. I'm here to get dirty, remember?”
“Remember. . . how could I forget?” I ask, taking a small step forward and closing the gap between us. “If you want to get dirty, you came to the right place.”
“Is that right?” she asks, glancing back at me over her shoulder. “You're king of getting dirty?” Her lids hood as she gently lays her head back against my chest. Batting her lashes, she bites her bottom lip. “Is that what you're trying to say?”
Narissa tilts her head slightly, parting her lips as if she's inviting me in for a kiss. My eyes are on her lips as my fingers begin to softly tickle up and down her arms. Her tongue tempts the opening, the very edge gently dragging across her bottom lip.
God damn she's so fucking sexy.
The look in her eyes says fuck me. The way her ass pushes against my hard-on says take me. And the way she chews the inside of her cheek as her eyes dance back and forth between mine say I'm all yours.
She's the boss's daughter! Don't be a fucking idiot!
It's dangerous to dance with the devil, and that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm being tempted by a woman who has the face of an angel and the body of a temptress. I know better than this, but my brain isn't in charge right now.
She exhales, rolling her head against my chest, and pushing her forehead up under my chin. I can feel her relax back, rolling her hips lightly against my dick. I'm fucking hard as steel and I haven't even touched her yet.
Her hips keep moving, rocking harder, rubbing me to the point I'm painfully swollen. My cock is throbbing, angrily pushing against my zipper, trying to bust free.
Narissa's head tilts back further, her lips coming up and brushing mine lightly. But I feel them so strongly it's like she kissed me. Growling, I slip my hand up her arm, then down her ribs, causing her to shiver.
“Mm,” she groans, her warm, minty breath rolling across my face.
That's it, that little coo, that small moan, it sends me over the edge. Fisting her hair, I rip her head back and kiss her. She doesn't resist, she settles in easily, kissing me back just as hard, with just as much passion and just as much intensity.
I've known the girl for a minute in time, and yet I can't control myself.
Her hand sweeps up through my hair, her nails digging into my scalp as she pulls my head into our kiss. Her tongue slips inside my mouth, twisting and circling with wanton need. She tastes amazing, but tasting her mouth isn't enough. I want to taste more.
There's so much animal inside me. An endless need to know what every inch of her body tastes like. Every flavor. Every layer of sweetness. Every layer of her that is new to me.
I can't control myself anymore. I kiss under her chin and down the side of her neck. She releases another moan, her fingers tightening around my hair and tugging hard. My lips keep moving, across the top of her shoulder. I pull the collar of her shirt away, exposing more skin to taste.