Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 212

Crazy Night

In the dim environment, the combination of rhythmic electronic music and dazzling lights was like some
kind of psychotropic drug, forcing everyone here to relax their pores, intensify their breathing and
speed up their heartbeat.

Even so, dense crowds of heads were undulating on the dance floor. The impact of such a scene
somehow made me feel a little uncomfortable.

At this moment, I even felt a little trypophobia attack, though I did not have this disease.

I was so shocked that I said subconsciously, “Shit! There are too many people!”

Charlotte was very close to me, and she seemed to be the only one who heard me.

She laughed loudly, leaned close to my ear, and yelled loudly amidst the loud music, “This is not the
peak time. It’s not even noon yet.”


I looked around and couldn’t imagine how many people could fit in such a place. In other words, was
there no stampede happening here? I was not kidding.

If this were Manhattan right now, I swore I wouldn’t hesitate to

turn around and leave. I couldn’t stay in such a horrible place for another second. But now it was
Munich, and I was the one who had told Charlotte I wanted to go to a nightclub. It wouldn’t be polite if I
left like this anyway.

Charlotte took my hand and said, “Come with me. Let’s drink some wine and go dancing. Here,
dancing without alcohol is no fun.”

She took me to the bar and I ordered a beer. Luckily the wine was very good and I quickly drained my
glass of beer.

Just as I was looking for the bartender for a refill, a bearded handsome man approached me with a
glass of wine.

He put on a smile that he thought was very attractive, handed me the wine glass, and said something
quickly. It was a pity that I knew almost nothing about German, and I only heard a few keywords such
as “lady” and “beer”.

But from his body language and expression, I roughly guessed what he meant.

He wanted to buy me a drink.

Charlotte was very active and translated his words in my ear, “He wants to buy you a drink, and then go
dance together.”

Then Charlotte added, “Dr. Woods, your red hair and green eyes are popular here. Since you came in,
the eyes of many men around have been fixed on you.”

It turned out that this was not my illusion!

The bearded man was still looking at me affectionately, expecting my answer.

But maybe his eyes were too explicit, and I could easily see his desire for me in them. This look made
me uncomfortable.

I even had an intuition. If I said yes to him, after a dance, he might directly invite me for a one-night

“Sorry, but I…” I tried to come up with an excuse, but a flash of that man’s face in my mind made me

Because of him, I couldn’t think normally at all!

Fortunately, Charlotte was very friendly. She saw my hint of refusal. and took the initiative to say
something to the man.

The man shrugged, raised his eyebrows in disappointment, and left without saying anything.

Charlotte turned around and I asked her what she had said.

She said, “I said that you are from the United States, and it is your first time coming to a nightclub in
Germany. It will take time for you to adapt.”

I hugged her excitedly, “Oh, dear Charlotte, I am so touched. You are my angel!”

She completely saw my discomfort!

Sofia and the DJ named Tobi had left, and only Charlotte and I were here now. I could tell that she
wanted to dance, but she still chose to be by my side.

She was so considerate and sweet. I didn’t want her to sit at the bar with me.

“Let’s go dance for a while,” I suggested.

Charlotte’s eyes lit up, but she still said very kindly, “If you don’t like this place, I can take you away.
You don’t need to have any psychological burden.”

She was so kind!

But I didn’t want her to come here in vain, “I know, but we’ve drunk some wine. Let’s go dancing for a

With that, I pulled Charlotte into the dance floor.

The rhythmic music made everyone’s adrenaline soar. Even if I hadn’t heard the music, I could still
twist my body to the rhythm.

Soon, Charlotte and I were dispersed by the crowd. Charlotte had

drunk more wine than I did. Now she had completely entered the state of carnival, and couldn’t care
about me anymore.

I danced for a while and lost interest.

The smoke in the air and the loud electronic music made my brain swell. At the same time, the
passionate embrace and unrestrained actions of many men and women around me also made me feel
a little uncomfortable.

Just as I was thinking about how to leave the dance floor, suddenly a hand was pressed on my hip!

Then another hand tried to grab my waist.

At this moment, my hair stood on end, and I instantly became much soberer.

I turned around immediately, only to see a fat man with a buzz cut standing in front of me. Seeing me
looking at him, he winked at me and put on a smile that he thought was charming.

But in my eyes, his smile was simply disgusting!

“Sorry, I need to go to the bathroom.” I hurriedly avoided his touch. Regardless of whether he
understood English or not, and whether he heard my excuse, I hurried off the dance floor and hurried
into the ladies’ room.

I tried to get a moment of peace in it, but the smell inside was terrible.

The smell of sweat, vomit, and smoke was mixed with the stink of excrement. Even with the exhaust
fan running at full power, it still smelled so bad that it was almost suffocating!

I had to leave.

On the way here just now, I noticed that there were some private boxes in this nightclub. Perhaps, I
could find an empty box there to stay..

I immediately walked towards the box area.

“Oh yeah! Umm…give me more! Harder…”

“Fuck! You’re one hell of a whore!”

What the hell? What did I hear?

Subconsciously looking in the direction of the sound, I noticed that the door of a box was not fully
closed with a gap of about three inches.

From this angle, I could just look through that gap and see the passionate scene inside!


There were two men and a woman having sex inside!

In an instant, I fully understood the purpose of these boxes. They were dirty rooms for love-making!

Suddenly a whistle not far away attracted my attention.

I turned around and saw a man approaching me with his face flushed from drinking. He was staring at
me with lust and excitement in his eyes.


A person in the dirty room area would be assumed to be looking for excitement by default. He


I really shouldn’t stay here. I couldn’t bear to stay for another second.

I ran away.

I went out for some fresh air before I came to my sense after a while. I sent Charlotte a message and
told her I was going back first, and that I would see her in the lab tomorrow.

Looking at the time, I realized that I had only been in this nightclub for less than half an hour.

What a long half hour!

I took the night train back to Ulm from the central station, and I was a little upset along the way. I
wanted to start a new life in Germany, have a new social life, and meet new men because I hoped I
could get over him completely and maybe have some dates. But obviously, the nightclubs here were
not suitable for me.

On the way home from the station, I kept thinking about what other hobbies I should take to distract

At this moment, I was attracted by two black shadows in front of

It was already one o’clock in the morning, and there were still people walking their dogs!

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