Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 210

Different Nightclubs

Charlotte sounded a little surprised on the other end of the phone, “Now?”

I heard the hesitation in her voice and suddenly felt that this idea might be impulsive.

Oh, God forgive me! My emotions are really out of control tonight.

“Is this request too presumptuous? Oh, well, forget it. I’m sorry to disturb you at this time.” I was about
to hang up, but Charlotte stopped me.

“No no no! Dear Dr. Woods, you’re not bothering me at all. On the contrary, I am very glad that you
made this call. I was considering whether to invite you to the nightclub or not.” Charlotte sounded

Thanks to her for soothing my uneasiness.

I quipped lightly, “Why not?”

Charlotte immediately gave the time, “Then I will drive over now, and it will take about ten minutes.”

After hanging up the phone, I put away the “gift” on the floor. While Charlotte was driving on the road
for ten minutes, I changed into a new set of clothes and then put on some makeup.

I wanted to do a nightclub look. But when I picked up my makeup

Dividing into pages for products, I realized that I hadn’t seriously put on makeup for a long time, and I
didn’t even know what was trending now…

After I awkwardly put on some lipstick, the doorbell rang.

“Coming.” I tossed the lipstick into my tote bag, my go-to bag, weather-resistant and big enough to hold
all the things I needed, and rushed to open the door to greet Charlotte.

“Hey, Miss Charlotte, I’m ready. Let’s go straight away.” I turned around and was about to lock the door.

But Charlotte stopped me, “Wait.”

I turned to look at her and noticed that she was looking at my clothes in surprise, “Are you sure you’re
going to a nightclub in such a dress?”

“Is there anything wrong with it?” I lowered my head to confirm my attire. I was wearing a Chanel black
slip dress from several years ago. This was a very suitable dress for many occasions.

But Charlotte’s expression didn’t look very good, “I have to say, you might be turned away when you go
to a nightclub dressed like this.”

What? I found it ridiculous. I was completely shocked, “Are you kidding? In New York, I’ve never been
turned down by nightclubs when I was dressed like this, no matter what the theme of the party was.”

“Oh, dear Dr. Woods, nightclubs in Germany are different.” Charlotte’s expression made it clear to me
that she wasn’t joking. She thought that my little black dress was not suitable for a nightclub!

She looked at me nervously, and quickly explained to me, “The whole world thinks that Germans are
rigid and rigorous especially when the several well-known nightclubs in Berlin are famous for their
industrial style. But in fact, there is a huge misunderstanding!”

“What misunderstanding?”

“That is, Germans are also human beings. As long as they are human beings, they need to be
entertained and vent their emotions. The more self-repressed, rigid, and rigorous people usually are,

the greater the contrast in indulgence. In Germany, people’s most common daily indulgence is

I vaguely understood it a little more, but I still found it weird. This broke my stereotypes about Germans,
yet made me feel a little more realistic about the people here.

What Charlotte said was right. No matter which country or what kind of cultural customs a person was
from, he had emotions.

“So, in Germany, especially in Munich, when girls go to nightclubs, the more avant-garde they look, the
more popular they are.” Charlotte looked at my clothes again and shook her head slightly, “A slip dress
like yours only shows your shoulders, and the rest of your body is all covered up. You will likely be
rejected in Munich because it is too businesslike.”

“All right.” I reluctantly accepted this explanation, but I was shocked, “So, what should I wear to fit into
the nightclubs here?”

Charlotte thought for a moment and said, “May I ask, are you going to dance or mainly have a drink?”

I was confused, “What’s the difference?”

“The night entertainment venues in Munich are mainly concentrated in Glockenbach, Schwabing
Street, and the old town. But reservations are required for some top-level nightclubs, and it is too late
now. But if you just want to drink a beer and dance, and nothing else, I know a good place and there is
a DJ I know there. I can contact him and take us indirectly.” She explained.

Hearing what she said, I nodded.

I immediately made a choice, “That’s it.”

Apart from the reason that I didn’t want to make things difficult for Charlotte, I didn’t forget my original
intention. I wanted to go to a nightclub on a whim to vent my emotions and be distracted. I needed
alcohol and music to make me forget the bad memories.

“Charlotte, could you do me a favor?” I looked at Charlotte, “I’m not quite sure how German-style
‘avant-garde’ is. So could you help me pick out a dress in my cloakroom?”

Charlotte’s eyes lit up, and she said happily, “Of course.”

I took her to the cloakroom, opened my closet, and showed her all the summer clothes I had brought.

I had come in a hurry, so I didn’t bring many clothes. But I could guarantee that every piece here was a

“Well…I think…”Charlotte didn’t go on, but her expression seemed to say it all.

I was stunned, “Isn’t there anything avant-garde? Are you serious?”

She shrugged and looked at me very helplessly, “You don’t even have a dress with punk elements!
Your body is so perfect. You shouldn’t wrap it in these clothes and hide your charm!”

She was a good scientific research assistant, and she was so sweet.

I shrugged, “So, tonight’s plan is falling through?”

In Germany, most malls closed very early after all. I couldn’t conjure up a sexy and hot dress out of thin
air right now.

Charlotte glanced at the time, “Not necessarily.”

I looked up at her, “What do you mean?”

She picked up her phone and looked at me with firm eyes, “I have a friend who owns a private clothing
store nearby. She can’t be asleep at this hour. We can go to her store to buy a dress!TM

It could be seen that Charlotte’s fighting spirit had been kindled at the moment. She seemed
determined to get me into a nightclub in Munich tonight!

I was still a little worried, “Are you sure you won’t disturb her?”

Charlotte said to me in a high-pitched and firm voice, “Don’t worry. Germans will never create any
hindrance for your entertainment. needs.”

She immediately called the clothing store owner.

A minute later, she hung up the phone and winked at me with a confident smile, “Let’s go.”

That was it!

I grabbed my phone and my all-purpose messenger bag and followed Charlotte out of the house and
into her car.

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