Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 202

News of Aaron’s Engagement

Olive’s POV,

After returning from Wall Street, I chose to use work to completely numb myself.

Every day I did experiments in the laboratory until midnight, and I went to the laboratory early in the
morning. I found that after keeping myself busy, I didn’t have as much time to think about Aaron.

Nick looked at me like I was a madman, and grabbed the data in my hand, “Olive, you've only slept two
or three hours a day. Are you not afraid of sudden death?”

I smiled faintly, “I’m not afraid!” Then I snatched back the data. What was sudden death compared to
dying of grief? I thought to myself a little mockingly. At least I had made a contribution to the country,
and my death would be regarded as a reasonable one, right?

For half a month, I stayed in the laboratory.

One day, Vincent sent me a message asking me to attend a friend’s gathering. After reading Vincent’s
message, I realized that Ihad forgotten to block his contact information.

I took off the disposable gloves and was about to block his contact information when he sent me
another message. [Aaron will be here too. I think you will go, right? Olive.]

A smiley face was attached at the back. It seemed that he had read my mind.

Then, he sent me an address. I looked at the three messages from Vincent blankly and then blocked
Vincent. Why was he so sure that I would go? Because of Aaron?

Vincent was well-informed and I believed he had known that Aaron and I had completely broken up!

I had adjusted my mentality for half a month and there was a slight crack because of this message.

Aaron... I hadn’t seen Aaron for a long time.

I sat at the desk with my face in one hand and looked at the dense data on the computer. The data that
I could have easily understood seemed like a mystery to me now.

I had to admit that Aaron had a great influence on me. Like now, just hearing his name, I was back to
my old ways. I found myself ten thousand reasons to persuade myself to calm down, but in the end, I
walked to the bar whose address Vincent had sent me.

I was soft!

“Olive!” Vincent called my name loudly beside me and stepped forward with a look of surprise. He
smiled and whispered in my ear, “I knew you would come.”

Then he pushed open the door of the box and led me in.


As soon as I entered the box, I saw Aaron. He had always been the center of attention. Even if he was
only wearing a white shirt and black trousers, he could still attract the attention of most of the people

I couldn't help but fix my eyes on him, but he just glanced at me indifferently and quickly looked away.
He was whispering something to the woman beside him, and I noticed that he was holding hands with
that woman. The woman’s fingers were painted with bright red nail polish. Her fingers were fair and
slender, as beautiful and bright as herself.

Oh, it was Aaron's fiancée. Seeing him being so intimate with his fiancée, I felt extremely
uncomfortable, but I didn’t even have the right to step forward to complain. I could only silently watch
them show off their affection in front of everyone.

At this moment, my hand was suddenly held by Vincent and he deliberately walked in the direction of
Aaron. I resisted a little.Just being close to Aaron would make me feel very uncomfortable.

At that moment, I seemed to see Aaron’s eyes suddenly darken. Looking at his cold eyes, I suddenly
realized that my hand was being held tightly by Vincent. I frowned, feeling disgusted to be touched by
Vincent. I would never forget the scene where Vincent used despicable means to win my sympathy. So
I struggled and tried to shake off his hand.

Vincent, however, squeezed my hand tightly and pulled me towards Aaron quickly, “Congratulations!
You're getting engaged soon and I wish you a happy wedding in advance.”

What? I was so shocked by what Vincent said that I forgot to struggle. So, Aaron hadn't lied to me?
Was he getting engaged? I looked up in a daze to see Aaron's expression, and I didn’t even know what
I wanted to confirm. He had said this woman was his fiancée. It was normal for them to get married.

As early as half a month ago, I had been already mentally prepared that Aaron would marry someone
else, but why did I still find it difficult to accept the news that he was going to get engaged?

“Honey, are you surprised?” Vincent gently held my slightly trembling shoulders, “When Aaron gets
engaged, can we go to the party together?”

My whole body was trembling uncontrollably, and I didn’t even notice how Vincent addressed me. I
stared stubbornly at Aaron’s face, wanting to hear from him that he was getting engaged.

Aaron narrowed his eyes slightly and cast his gloomy eyes on my shoulders held by Vincent.

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