Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 196

| Miss You!

When I gritted my teeth and tried to get up, I saw two clear tears on the ivory floor.

Hah! Emily had finally seen what she wanted to see. Was she satisfied now?

I turned around and yelled, “What qualifications do you have to accuse me of two-timing Aaron? Do
you think I like Vincent? If he had not trapped me, Aaron and I would not have broken up. It is Vincent’s
conspiracy! If you want to vent your anger, you should go to argue with him. Why are you making
trouble for me? Why do you think I asked for all this? I am also an innocent victim!”

I had suppressed my emotions for too long, so they flooded out now. I just wanted to vent my anger, no
longer caring about whether I would lose face.

Emily had never seen me lose my temper like this, so she stood still in a daze without any reaction.

After a long silence, she smiled sarcastically, “So what? If you hadn’t cooperated, you and Vincent
would not have gotten married. Admit it! You are a filthy b*tch!”

Her every word accurately hit my pain points.

Was Aaron thinking the same? He did not think I was a victim but believed I had willingly cooperated
with Vincent, right?

Emily rolled her eyes, slowly approached me, and squatted down. Then, she stared into my eyes,
narrowed her eyes, and smiled happily, “Cry, Olive! This trip is worth it. Seeing you cry so badly, I
regained mental balance.”

After finishing speaking, she walked away on her high heels while happily humming a song.

After she left, I leaned against the corner of the wall, curled up, and cried heartily.

I thought I would feel much better after venting my emotions, but I was wrong. After crying, I felt worse
instead of getting a better mood.

I did not want to go home because I would think of Aaron when I was alone. So, I decided to get myself
drunk. As long as I was drunk, I would not think about anything.

I wiped off my tears and sent a message to Nick to ask him where the newly opened bar he had
mentioned this afternoon was.

He quickly sent the address to me and asked, “What happened? Why do you suddenly want to get
drunk? Do you want me to accompany you?”

“No,” I replied, turned off my phone, and went to the bar.

After entering the bar, I went straight to the bar counter and said, “I’d like a jug of beer.”

When the waiter brought me the beer, I mechanically poured it into my mouth like an alcoholic. Then, I
felt dizzy. It was good! I thought I was probably drunk.

Leaning on the bar counter, I widened my eyes, trying to see if Aaron was among the people passing
by. It was annoying. Even when I was drunk, I could not see the man I missed the most.

When the alcohol affected my brain, my mind was no longer as clear as before. Then, I discovered
another benefit of getting drunk besides making me less heartbroken. It also reduced my sense of

During the day, I had desperately suppressed my desire to go to meet Aaron. But now, I found it hard to
control myself.

I missed him and wanted him by my side now! So, I took out my phone, opened the address book with
difficulty, and called him.


Miraculously, the call was answered quickly.

I carefully pressed my phone to my ear and said, “Aaron…”

“Oh my God, Olive! How much alcohol have you drunk? Tell me where you are! I’ll be there right away.”

“I’m in a newly opened bar near my college. Aaron, I miss you very much.”

“I’ll be there soon. Stop drinking.”

After hanging up, I realized it was Cinder instead of Aaron that had answered the phone. I had drunk
too much, so I had dialed the wrong number. I rubbed my eyes hard and made another call.

When I looked at Aaron’s name on the screen, my heart was racing. I clenched the phone and pressed
it to my ear carefully, not even wanting to miss the beeping.

Maybe God had heard my sincere prayer. After a while, Aaron picked up the phone.

He had finally answered my call after so many days, so I felt excited, and tears suddenly flowed out of
my eyes. Then, I bit my lower lip to swallow the sobs back.

“What’s up?” Aaron asked.

Although he sounded cold and heartless, I still thought his voice was pleasing to the ear.

I sniffed and said aggrievedly, “Aaron, I’m drunk.”

In the past, when I had gotten drunk, I had always willfully leaned against his chest because I had
known he would take care of me. The next morning, I had always woken up in his warm bed.

Recently, I could not fall asleep without alcohol. But when I woke up every morning. I could not see his
face. He had completely disappeared from my world, so I had felt as if I were dreaming when he had
answered the phone.

After a long silence, Aaron said in a mocking voice, “You should have called Vincent instead of me if
you’re drunk.”

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