Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 194

David Is Gay!

Since breaking up with Aaron, I had not looked in the mirror for a long time. When I subconsciously
looked at myself in the mirror,

I found my red hair dry like straw and my face pale like ashes. And there were dark circles under my
eyes. So, I reached out to touch my dry cheek. It had only been a few days, but I had become so

I also wanted to pull myself together. But as long as I thought of Aaron, I felt as if there were a void in
my heart. I had lost interest in everything. If I had known dating him would make me so heartbroken, I
would not have...

I wanted to say something tough. But I knew that even if I had known dating him would make me feel
distressed like dying, I would still be with him. After all, he was so nice.

"Come on! Cheer up!"

Nick shook my arms and asked with a gossiping face, "Why have you been so depressed recently?
What happened?"

During the holiday. I had hung out with Aaron every day. My life had been so happy and fulfilling that I
had not even thought of posting an update on Facebook. When chatting with Nick, I had always hung
up in a hurry. So, he didn’t know what had happened to me

I did not want to talk about Aaron with him. We had broken up, and I did not want Nick to worry about
me. So, I forced a smile and said. "Come on! I must go on the experiment."

Nick sighed, put the mirror on the desk, turned to look at me, and asked, "I heard you are dating Aaron.
Why are you so preoccupied? Did you quarrel with him?"

I shook my head and denied, "No."

I did not want to continue this topic, so I picked up the test tube, intending to resume the experiment.
The reason for the quarrel was too ridiculous and stupid, so I did not want others to know.

"Are you denying dating or quarreling with him?" Nick asked curiously.

I paused my hands, gave him a perfunctory nod, and changed the subject, asking, "Long time no see.
How are you doing?"

After finishing speaking, I found his face ruddy and radiant. So, I asked in surprise, "Have you divorced

"Yes! I have not only divorced Tim but also found my soulmate."

Nick patted me on the shoulder with a smile and said mysteriously, "Guess who I'm dating now?"

Seeing him stop asking about Aaron, I breathed a sigh of relief. But after racking my brain, I still
couldn't guess who his boyfriend was. So, I shook my head and asked, "Who?"

"I knew you could never guess who he is!" Nick smiled smugly, "I’m dating David."


I covered my mouth in shock because I had never expected David to be gay.

Nick smiled to his ears and said, "You don’t need to feel so shocked. It is David who helped me divorce
Tim. After having more dealings with each other, we fell in love."

When he was recalling the happy memories, he smiled smugly

Seeing him so delighted, I thought of Aaron again. He always had an aversion to David. I couldn't
figure out why he disliked such a respected professor before. But now......

Since David was gay, maybe he had chased after Aaron before.

I subconsciously fumbled for my phone, intending to ask Aaron for confirmation. But when I found my
pocket empty, I suddenly realized we had broken up. Nick had cheered me up a little just now, but I felt
blue again.

I felt my stomach knot with depression, so I could not congratulate him as usual.

Seeing my bitter smile, Nick patted my shoulder sympathetically and said, "There is a new bar nearby,
and the bartender is manly. Would you like to have a drink with me tonight? My treat."

I was in no mood for such things now, so I said, "No, thanks. I'll continue the experiment tonight. After
all, I am behind schedule now."

I was still worried about Aaron, so I had no energy to go to see a manly bartender.

"Fine!" Nick shrugged.

He fiddled with his phone for a while and suddenly asked, "Olive, have you ever thought about what to
do after graduation? Will you continue doing scientific research or go to work in a company?"

I froze for a moment and then shook my head blankly, "I have no idea."

Now, my mind was completely occupied by Aaron, so I had no time to think about other things. If it
were in the past, I would choose to continue doing scientific research. After all, I loved it. But now, I was
not sure.

This city was full of the vibes of Aaron and Vincent, and they constantly reminded me of what had
happened during this period. If I failed to get back together with Aaron, staying in this city would
probably make me live in hell. I might bump into him and his girlfriend on the street, and he would walk
past me as if I were a stranger. I felt heartbroken merely at the thought of it. So, I might flee the city if
he refused to get back together with me. After all, I could not accept the fact that he had a new

After letting out a sigh, I shook all the nonsense out of my mind and said with a shrug, "Give my phone
back. I'm going to continue the experiment."


Nick glanced at me, handed me the phone, and said before leaving.


But I knew I probably could not concentrate on doing the experiment today. A short while after he left,
my phone suddenly rang.

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