Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 192

After that, he pushed me away coldly. As he let go of me, I fell to the floor with a thud as if I had lost my
strength. He looked at me just like he looked at a dump. Seeing that, I was so embarrassed. I regretted
it. I shouldn’t have returned to New York today.

Looking down at me, Aaron said sarcastically, “Why not go? Want to watch us have sex?”

Seeing the ridicule in his eyes, I didn’t have the courage tonfront him anymore. I stood up with difficulty
and staggered down the stairs, and I heard Aaron slam the door behind him.

When I reached downstairs, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I squatted on the roadside and began weeping
like crazy.

Aaron’s attitude made me feel like my heart had been taken away. I couldn’t deceive myself anymore.
True, he didn’t want me.

This was something I had used to think about occasionally. But when it happened, I finally realized that
I couldn’t be as carefree as I had imagined. Instead, I felt like I was going to die in agony.

After weeping, I still felt like something was stuck in my heart. I staggered up and went to hail a taxi.

Suddenly, I perceived a burning gaze at me. Is it Aaron? I felt some hope without knowing why. I
subconsciously turned and looked in the direction of the gaze.

I searched for him at his apartment window for a long time, but I didn’t see him. Hah, I might have had
an illusion, right?

Aaron is probably having sex with his fiancée in bed now. Just remembering that he had intercourse
with another woman, I felt I had lost half of my life.

I didn’t think I should keep staying here. The air here felt so thin that I almost couldn’t breathe. A taxi
happened to come by, and I got in hurriedly. “Go to the nearest bar.”

After fastening my seat belt, I turned to look at Aaron’s apartment window with a fluke. Not knowing if it
was my illusion, I seemed to see a person there. I rubbed my eyes, about to look more attentively.

But the taxi driver had stepped on the accelerator, and the car raced off.

The view I saw rushed past. I looked back but saw no trace of Aaron. I thought something must be
wrong with my eyes. Aaron is now making love with his fiancée. How could he spare time to think about

When I was at the bar, I felt emptier because of the lively atmosphere.

I sat down at the bar counter and drained two glasses of liquor, but my mind became clearer.

If I calmed down for a brief moment, the life experiences with Aaron would keep flashing across my
mind. He had once been etched into my life, so how could I forget him after we broke up?

All the prattle he had said had turned into daggers, which were all stabbing my heart. I stubbornly
wiped away the tears running down my cheek, took out my phone, and called Cinder. I was unable to
go through the difficult night alone. I badly needed to tell my grievances to someone.

My call was soon answered. Holding the phone firmly, I said with red eyes, “Cinder, come out to drink.”

“Sweetie, how could you know I’ve returned to New York?” Cinder asked in surprise and then giggled.
“I almost forgot Aaron is so resourceful. He can find my whereabouts in a few seconds. But I’m busy
today! I’m

working overtime on design drawings. When I get it done, I’ll go drink with you.”

Aaron! Even my friend mentioned him. Can I really forget him? I licked my lips and smiled wryly, “Then
next time.”

I was about to hang up when Cinder stopped me, “Wait! Olive, you cried? Your voice sounds so
hoarse. Aaron bullied you?”

Ho, ho, I thought without self-respect, bullying me is even better than ignoring me. Thinking of Aaron’s
cold look, I shed the tears I had been trying so hard to hold.

I poured myself a full glass of liquor. After draining it in one gulp, I finally had the courage to tell Cinder
the truth. “I broke up… Aaron has dumped me.”

“What?!” Cinder’s shock almost went through the mouthpiece. Then I

heard her sorting out things. “Send me the bar address. I’m going right now!”

Half an hour later, Cinder walked into the bar in a hurry.

She sat from across me and looked at the table in disbelief. “My goodness, you’ve poured so much
down!” She snatched the glass from my hand and snapped her fingers, signaling the bartender to clean
the table.

Dispirited, I slowly looked up at the pile of bottles in front of me. It’s strange! I’ve drunk so much, but
why don’t I feel drunk at all?

Cinder took my arm and shook it. “Olive, what happened? What’s wrong with you and Aaron?”

“Aaron, he…” I had kept telling myself to be strong for a whole day. Yet, when it came to this topic, I still
had a heavy heart. “Aaron has a fiancée, and they’ve moved in.”

“What?” Cinder stood up in shock. She realized that she overreacted, so she immediately covered her
mouth. Then she frowned and said, “What a scum! How could he treat you like this? Damn, I misread

She rummaged through her handbag for her mobile phone and took it out, going to dial Aaron’s
number. “Olive, I’ll shout at him right away.”

With my hand at the corner of the table, I was to unsteadily get up to stop Cinder. “It’s not Aaron’s fault.
It’s all my fault…” Maybe because I had drunk too much, I couldn’t immediately stand up. Instead, with
… legs giving way, I fell to the floor with a thud.

On the floor, I didn’t realize what was going on. Cinder had come over in a hurry to help me up. “Does it
hurt? Which part hit the floor?”

I feel the pain. Of course, I do! Remembering that Aaron didn’t want me, I felt great pain in my heart.

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