Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 191

Why not go? Want to watch us have sex?

I didn’t know if Aaron was at home, but now, I could only try my luck.

Yet, after I just knocked twice, someone pulled the door open. Surprised to see the door open so soon,
I had a lurch in my heart and subconsciously put a smile on my face, “Aaron…”

But the one who opened the door was not Aaron, but the woman he called fiancée I had just met

The woman leaned against the door frame, fiddling with her hair in an indolent manner. With some
hostility in her green eyes, she looked me up and down. Then she arched her brows and said casually,
“Aaron is taking a shower. You want to meet him for something?”

I felt like my brain exploded with a boom, and my train of thought was broken. I stood there just like an
idiot, watching her study me with dislike from head to toe.

A chill rushed from my feet all the way up. I held my fingers firmly. True, I didn’t know what expression I
should apply to face her.

At this point, I heard a clatter of footsteps coming from the room.

Wearing a washcloth, Aaron was drying his wet hair with a towel. He came slowly to the door, held the
woman’s waist, and looked at me. “Who is it?”

If I had just seen this woman alone, I could have comforted myself by thinking, Maybe Aaron just lent
this apartment to the woman for a temporary stay. Bu. now, when I saw him wet with a washcloth round
his waist, I couldn’t deceive myself anymore.

It was as if a boulder had fallen on me, making my head dizzy and my limbs numb. I was in a daze, not
knowing what I should do.

Aaron turned to look at me and seemed to arch his brows in surprise. “Why not go to the husband
you’ve just married and stay with him? What did you come here for?”

His tone was so indifferent with some playfulness. Seeing this cold face, I couldn’t believe he had ever
said he loved me. Could love really disappear so easily without a trace?

I felt a sudden throbbing pain, and I was dizzy. I almost couldn’t breathe, which gave me so much pain
that I felt like I would suffocate.

Aaron’s fiancée leaned against his chest intimately and said with some curiosity, “Honey, who’s this?”

“A friend, not so close. Don’t think too much.” Aaron pinched her arm with a chuckle. “You also want to
take a shower, right? Go now.”

“Okay then.” His fiancée shrugged. “Wait for me!”

Aaron raised his brows. After his fiancée left, he finally stopped smiling.

I clearly saw that the love and softness in his eyes were all gone in an instant. After seeing that, I finally
knew how cold his look at me was.

Ho, ho… we used to be so close. He had wished to set me into his life numerous times. But now, when
he introduced our relationship to another one, he simply said, “A friend, not so close.”

I put my hand weakly on the wall to support myself. Only by relying on the wall could I avoid falling in
Aaron’s presence.

Aaron pursed his lips and stared at me impatiently. “What did you come here for?”

What did I come here for? I came to explain, explain to my boyfriend the detail of the farce. But is it
necessary to explain it now? I felt a throbbing pain in my heart. After a long while, I heard myself ask
him with difficulty, “You two moved in so soon?”

After that, my heart began thumping. I seemed to have returned to the days when my parents had
abandoned me. Fear, anxiety, sadness, and despair filled my chest.

I grabbed the door frame with my right hand and held my breath, looking at Aaron seriously. I didn’t
want to miss even the slightest expression on his face.

His hand, which was drying his hair, paused for a brief moment. He looked up at me and said with a
dissolute smile, “What? You want to join us?”

I felt like my heart broke apart. I shivered, breathing hard. “You two have…”

The rest of the words were too embarrassing to say. Thinking that they might have had sex, I felt I
couldn’t bear it at all!

“Vincent can’t satisfy you, and you begin thinking of me, your ex- boyfriend. Is that right?” Aaron went
up, held my waist, pulled me into his arms, held my chin, and looked down at me scornfully. “Olive,
listen. It was I who dumped you. Don’t ever come to me in the future. Hear?”

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