Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 190

Going to Aaron

Vincent rubbed the red cheek I had slapped. He didn’t get angry but smiled. He held my arm and pulled
me into his arms. With a broad, proud smile, he said, “Keep slapping! As your legal husband, I’ll
tolerate and understand you.”

He smelled good and refreshing as if he had perfume on himself. But for me, the smell was so
disgusting! I broke free of his arms and hit his groin hard with my knee. “To hell with you!”

His scheme was great. With his mother as his excuse, he had pushed me all the way to this point with
various tricks. But I would make his wish end up in vain. Marrying him was no better than marrying a

In a rage, I hit him with all my might. The cold sweat that had instantly appeared on his forehead and
his ashen face both showed that he was in great pain.

He subconsciously let go of me, covered his underbelly, and bent down to moan, but I wouldn’t show
him mercy this time.

I took off my head veil, threw it hard to the ground, and spat at him, “Want me to marry you? Never
dream about it! Whenever I see your face, I want to throw up!” I lifted my thick dress and turned,
striding outside.

Vincent looked up and roared at me, “Do you think you can be with Aaron by doing this? Olive, believe
me, he won’t return to you!”/

Vincent’s words just hit my soft spot. The wrath in me was like a detonated atomic bomb. All this was
caused by Vincent, wasn’t it? How dare he mock me without feeling ashamed?

I said harshly, “Even if he and I won’t make peace with each other in this life, I won’t marry you
because you make me feel sick!” Not wishing to waste time on Vincent anymore, I turned to leave.

Not until now did I realize that I had been so wrong. Back then, I should have been selfish. Even if I
hurt Vincent’s mother. I should have refused all this bravely.

This was a farce anyway. Sooner or later, Vincent’s mother would find the real relationship between me
and Vincent.

And I found that I had not even thought about Aaron’s feelings when I was in this farce. I ignored him
completely. No wonder he was so angry.

If I saw Aaron hold a wedding ceremony with his ex-girlfriend in the church, I would also break down,

Lifting my dress, I returned to the church and secretly tore apart the certificate on which the priest had
signed his name. Then, I rushed back to the hotel behind the church, changed back into my own
clothes, and left the hotel with my phone.

On the street in Las Vega, I watched the people come and go in a hurry. But I didn’t know where I
should go.

I took out my phone, opened my contacts, and saw so many unanswered calls from Aaron. Why didn’t I
receive any one of his calls at that time?

I didn’t dare to imagine what kind of mood he was in when he made all these calls to me, and there
was another thing I was more afraid to think about. It was the scene where Aaron asked to break up
with me with a cold face. The scene was like a nightmare. Just thinking about it would pain me to the

Earlier, I had thought that Aaron and I might break up someday. For a few days in a row, I thought I
could let go of the love easily. But just now, when Aaron asked break up…

The intuitive resistance and fear in my heart told me that I was unwilling to break up with him! But now,
it was too late, for everything! Aaron wouldn’t believe in me. I had broken his heart, and he was not
willing to hear my explanation anymore.

Even so, I was unwilling to give up. I wanted to explain it to him. At least, I would tell him every detail of
the matter! I pursed my lips and

called him with summoned courage.

I heard a long ringtone until the call ended automatically. Right, Aaron didn’t answer the call.

He didn’t want to answer my call? Or he didn’t notice it? I subconsciously chose the latter for Aaron. If
he had noticed my phone call, he would have answered it.

Maybe I should return to New York. I would explain it to his face. I didn’t believe he would take another
woman as his fiancée in such a short time.

I tried another time but failed to reach him. Then I booked a flight back to New York the next day.

Today, I had been moving around all day and got a heavy blow. I didn’t want to meet Aaron when I was
in such a tired state.

Why did he get angry today? He must have been impulsive. After he calmed down, completely calmed
down, tomorrow, he would probably be willing to hear my explanation, right?

Then I had been so uneasy during the rest of the day.

Even when I got on the plane, I still felt uneasy.

When I arrived in New York, I went straight to Aaron’s home by taxi. Standing at his door with an
unclear mind, somehow I wanted to retreat. I wanted to see him, t was afraid to see him. Even at the
mont, when I recalled his cold eyes, I felt like they were my nightmare.

After hesitating for a long time, I finally got the nerve to knock on the door.

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