Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 189

Why did this happen? We had been fine with each other earlier. It’d just been a few days. How could
we have come to this point? I couldn’t even see from Aaron’s face if he said this out of anger or if he
really wanted to break up with me.

A wind came, and I trembled So cold! How could the winter in Las Vegas be so cold?

I shrank my shoulders. It was so cold I couldn’t stand still. But I couldn’t tell if it was my body or my
heart that felt more coldness.

Aaron glanced at my shivering shoulders and ridiculed, “Go back to attend your wedding ceremony. I
don’t want to be the one who ruins it.”

His ironic smile was imprinted in my eyes, and I clenched my fists. I was just a poor wretch at the
moment. I begged Aaron to hear my explanation, but he wanted to give up on our relationship without
hesitation. I gradually stopped begging and asked him seriously, “Do you really want to break up with

If this was what he really wanted, I would agree.

“You’ve been the one who wants to break up, haven’t you?” Aaron raised his brows with disbelief. “You
left without telling me, and I thought I was wrong, so I flew to Alaska. When I got here, I finally learned
that you left, not because you were angry with me, but because you wanted to marry Vincent.”

I didn’t know how to defend myself. “That’s not true…” So he flew to Alaska because of me?

He raised my hand impatiently, stopping me from explaining. “If you want to marry Vincent, you should
have told me. Olive, you shouldn’t have given me hope but then turned to Vincent. You know, I’ll think
I’m an idiot.”

“The current situation is good for us, isn’t it? Each of us has one to marry. No doubt, you can love your
Vincent until the end of your days!” He narrowed his eyes a bit and approached me. “I won’t be as
mean as you. You held your wedding ceremony secretly, but if I get engaged, I’ll tell you.”

Engaged? He has decided to get engaged to that woman? Hearing these words, I felt unbearable pain
in my heart. But Aaron was smiling, not showing the slightest pain.

Is Aaron already fed up with me? Thinking of the woman with big breasts and wide hips, I seemed to
feel something bigger stuck in my throat.

I took a deep breath, slipped out the pink diamond, and said to Aaron seriously, “Oh, really? If you’re
truly to be engaged, I’ll return this ring to you.”

This ring was quite valuable. If Aaron wanted to break up with me, I would have no excuse to keep it.

Aaron knitted his brows, staring at the ring seriously for a long while. Then he said coldl, “If you don’t
want this ring, just throw it way. I’ll give my fiancée a better one.” After that, he stopped looking at me
and turned to leave without looking back.

His handsome figure soon disappeared from my view. I stood there in a daze, watching him stride

Now I can still remember Aaron’s sad, painful expression when I wanted

to slip off this ring to end our relationship that night. He was so sad and painful, but just now, he said, ‘If
you don’t want this ring, just throw it away. I’ll give my fiancée a better one.’

This time we are truly over. Our relationship ends in such an absurd way!

Vincent had come to me at some point.

He took out a white handkerchief from his pocket, wiped away my tears, and said, “Olive, this is your
last chance to shed tears for another man. I hope you remember that I’ll be your husband from now on,
and that you should keep a distance from the other men, especially Aaron. Got it?”

Vincent was like the final winner. The air of assuming superiority made me burn with anger. I even
wished to tear the hypocritical face apart! If not for him, Aaron and I wouldn’t have ended up like this.
He was responsible for everything! He was the culprit!

I suddenly realized that all this was Vincent’s plan. Aaron got the news of our marriage because
Vincent had spread it.

He planned everything, including letting Aaron see me walk into the church with him.

My heart was burning with anger. Seeing Vincent was so excited, I slapped him hard. “You’re

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