Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 186

I Do

That was a ruby ring. Just by looking at it, you would know it was something from the past. I knew the
ring was their heirloom. Kaitlyn had told me that when Vincent and I got married, she would pass the
family ring to me.

Remembering that this was their family ring, of course, I wanted to refuse it. My marriage to Vincent
was a sham. I never expected anything like this to happen today.

This ring was for Vincent’s wife. I had no excuse to accept it, but…

Kaitlyn was beaming with joy. Her smile was so sincere I had no courage to tell her that our marriage
was just a sham. A little embarrassed, I

clenched my fists, not knowing what to do.

The minutes ticked by, but I still had no mind to take the ring. The atmosphere looked embarrassing

“Sorry, she’s too nervous,” Vincent smiled. He took the ruby ring and held my left hand, going to put it
on my finger.

Kaitlyn suddenly wowed, looking in great surprise at the pink diamond ring in my hand. “Olive, is this
Vincent’s proposal ring for you? It’s really beautiful!”

The moment she finished that, not only my smile but Vincent’s expression became embarrassed. He
gave my fingers a hard squeeze but smiled at his mother, “Yes, mom, this is the ring I gave Olive when
I proposed to her.”

Before I could ask him to stop, he slipped the ring off my finger and put the ruby ring on it.

In a panic, I took back my ring from his hand. When I was about to reproach him, he leaned close with
a broad smile but said with an imploring look, “Could you please cooperate with me to finish the play?
My mother is so happy. You can’t bear to watch her disappointed, can you?”

I did want to refuse him, but his mother’s smile was sincere and beautiful. Then I couldn’t say a word to
refuse him.

Will I also have to attend the wedding ceremony with him in the church to please his mother after the
sham marriage? I haven’t even done such things for Aaron.

But his mother had gathered up all her own energy to look spirited. When I saw that, the courage I had
just summoned up was all gone. If I exposes Vincent’s lie at this moment, his mother will be so sad,
won’t she?

I didn’t dare to imagine if anything would happen to her under the huge shock. If something happened,
I would be responsible for part of it.

Once again, Vincent took my wrist, making it hook his arm. After that, he explained to his mother with a
smile, “This is Olive’s first marriage. She’s so nervous. You people don’t have to mind it.”

“Why do we have to mind it? I’m so happy to see you two get married.” His mother’s eyes were smiling.
She wiped away her tears and said, “Since I can see you and Olive get married at this time, even if I
had to die on the spot, I would be willing.”

“Mom!” Vincent shouted to stop her. He let go of my hand, walked to his mother, and hugged her.
“You’ll also see Olive and I bear a child. We’ll have a smart, beautiful child, just like Olive.”

His mother laughed heartily, “That’s so great. I really want that day to come soon.”

“You will.” Vincent sobbed a bit. Then he looked back and beckoned me. “Is that right, Olive?”

His mother looked at me expectantly, and the people around us looked at me with joy.

I pursed my lips, so afraid. Everyone is happy but me. Can I really withdraw from the play that has
reached this point?

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, but I finally decided to keep playing this game with Vincent until we
finished it. Holding the pink diamond ring firmly in my hand, I smiled, “Yeah!”

The smile in Vincent’s eyes was more obvious. He came over, pinched my cheek intimately, and said,
“Are you ready? We’ll hold the ceremony now.”

Since he has pushed me to this point, is it useful to say I’m not ready? When the onlookers didn’t
notice us, I glared at him with hatred.

His expression stiffened for a second. But after that, he laughed more happily, “The priest has come.
Let’s go.”

The moment the solemn, romantic wedding march song started, I was a little nervous. On both sides of
the red carpet were blooming flowers. On the benches, Vincent’s relatives all looked at us with their
best wishes

I was standing beside Vincent, but my mind once again began wandering. If the one beside me were
Aaron, would I also be so uneasy and uncomfortable? I thought uncontrollably.

The priest barely nodded to us from the platform. Then he opened the vow book and read the marriage
vow seriously.

Standing there like a piece of wood, I saw him open and close his mouth repeatedly, but didn’t know
what he was reading. All my mind was filled with Aaron. When things had come to this point, I was
even a little afraid to see him, and I didn’t dare to tell him everything I had experienced today.

No doubt, he would be unhappy! Aaron had a problem with me keeping in touch with Vincent, but I was
now already Vincent’s “bride” wearing a snow-white wedding dress in the church.

Feeling a sudden pinch on my arm, I came back to earth and heard Vincent whisper in my ear, “Say I

Not realizing what was going on, I subconsciously said “I do” as he told

After I said that, my heart suddenly thumped. I felt that something was wrong. What did I say?

Before I could figure it out, I felt a harsh gaze from the place opposite. I was panicky, but I intuitively
knew something bad would happen. With this intuition, I looked up.

And I saw Aaron, who was dozens of meters away from me.

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