Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 184

Getting a license with Vincent

As soon as I’d agreed to Vincent, I started to regret it. But he kept excitedly repeating how his mother
would be so happy to see us getting married, and I dismissed my hesitation again.

It was all fake anyway, and if I could help his mother die peacefully with no regrets, then it would be
worth it.

The next morning, Vincent knocked on my door. He was dressed in a sleek black suit and tie, and his
hair was neatly slicked back with hairspray.

Compared to Vincent’s fancy attire, I looked quite plain and

definitely not like his girlfriend at all. It was surprising to hear a compliment from Vincent despite my
appearance, “You look very beautiful today.”

He was practically glowing, his face transformed by a charming smile that struck a sharp contrast with
the Vincent I had seen crying against the steering wheel yesterday. This version of Vincent was
undeniably handsome, but his overly polished appearance gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach,
and I knew that something was wrong.

This feeling reached its breaking point when Vincent handed me a bright red rose. I didn’t accept it, but
frowned and looked at Vincent with some hesitation. “Vincent, aren’t you forgetting that our marriage is

The smile on Vincent’s face tightened slightly. He grabbed my hand and stuffed the rose into it a little
forcefully, then nodded. “Of course I know that. I just wanted to make the scene a little more realistic,
Olive. I’m not so shameless that I would lie to you about something like this.”

Even if he was a s*umbag, I didn’t think Vincent would use his mother’s illness to trick me into spending
time with him.

But I still didn’t accept the rose in the end. My fake marriage with Vincent was already making me feel
sorry for Aaron, but I’d been justifying it by reminding myself that I just wanted to make Mrs. Jones

Knowing that Vincent still had feelings for me, there was no way I could accept such a romantic

“Okay, I’m sorry, I guess I overstepped.” Vincent smiled slightly as he shoved the rose into the nearest
trash can. “Are you ready? Let’ s go now.”

“Yes, I’m ready.” I nodded. I still had a bad feeling about this entire situation, but Vincent quickly
changed the subject, leaving me no time to think about it.

When we arrived at the city hall, Vincent glanced at me, then headed over to the kiosk to start our
registration. Seeing Vincent hurriedly typing in his personal information, I still felt that inexplicable
heaviness in my heart.

I didn’t want to think about how Aaron would react if he knew I was marrying Vincent.

He was probably… going crazy right now.

I couldn’t help but think of Aaron’s dim, lifeless eyes when I rejected him before, and the fake smile he
put on despite being disappointed. For some reason, at that moment, I missed Aaron so much I could
hardly breathe. I wanted to explain all of this to him, and I figured if I just talked things over with Aaron,
he would understand.

I left without saying goodbye, and now I was getting a marriage license with Vincent. If Aaron found out
about this, I couldn’t imagine how devastated he would be. My heart suddenly swelled up with guilt and
sorrow, and I couldn’t think about anything but

Aaron’s sad face.

I turned around to leave. I wanted to go back to Switzerland, so I could see Aaron and explain the
situation to him. At the very least, I owed Aaron an explanation before I finalized my fake marriage.

I had only taken a couple of steps when someone grabbed my wrist forcefully. It might have been my
imagination, but I thought I saw something dark and sinister flash across Vincent’s face.

When I looked again, though, he was gazing at me with a desperate, pleading expression. He held my
wrist tightly. “Olive, where are you going?”

Vincent’s smile was increasingly forced as he pulled me over to the registration desk. “I’m done
entering my information, Olive. Now it’s your turn.”

He pursed his lips and smiled bitterly. “Help me, please? You’re the only person who can help me now.”

I had already come all the way to the city hall. I was doing this for a good cause, and I had to commit to
it until the end. I clenched my fist to m*ntally prepare myself.

It took a while before I finally gathered the courage to walk up to the kiosk..

The digital registration form was simple enough to fill out, and soon Vincent held the printed marriage
certificate, his hands shaking with excitement.

Looking at his expression, I felt a little overwhelmed again. If I’d done this with Aaron, would he have
been even more excited than Vincent after we registered our marriage?

While I was lost in thought, Vincent patted my arm lightly. “My mother is going to be thrilled when she
sees this certificate, Olive. Let’s go see her now.”

“Okay.” Hearing Vincent’s words, I breathed a sigh of relief. After I visited Vincent’s mother, I could
finally go back to Aaron.

Vincent and I left the marriage licensing bureau and headed back to his car.

Vincent took a long look at our marriage certificate and carefully put it into the glove box. Once the form
was put away, Vincent straightened his cufflinks, then opened a carton of milk and handed it over to
me. “Are you thirsty? Do you want some milk?”

I got up early that morning, and I hadn’t had time to eat before Vincent and I came straight to the
registration office. Vincent’s offer reminded me that I was really hungry and thirsty, so I accepted the
carton and took a sip.

I swear, I only took a single sip.

But after raising the can to my lips, my head suddenly started to spin. Vincent’s face in front of me
blurred and separated into three different images. I shook my head vigorously, wanting to ask Vincent
what was going on.

But Vincent was looking at me with a blank expression, and before I could question him, my vision
faded to black.

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Chapter 184

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