Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 181

He Will Always Conquer My Body

Aaron pushed my bra up so he could cup one of my breasts in his hand. He nuzzled and nibbled at it
nonchalantly. I couldn’t help but grunt softly, but I bit my lower lip to prevent any more sounds from
escaping. I couldn’t let Aaron get his way.

He lifted his head and glanced up at me knowingly. He laughed lightly and slid his long fingers down
my belly while he buried his head in my chest. He increased his teasing, licking and nibbling at the tip
of my breast.

“You…” My eyes widened as I felt two of his fingers dip into my p*ssy, pushing in as his thumb pressed
and swirled my cl*t. I curled my toes, trying my best to stay composed.

But my o*gasm kept building, and before I knew it my legs were wrapped around his waist. One of my
arms was slung around his neck as I tilted my head back to grant his mouth access to my neck.

I should’ve pushed him away, but my body always submitted to him.

Aaron lifted his head and paused his kisses. He stared down lovingly at me with such passion that I felt
the heat of his gaze. He murmured softly, “Olive, let’s not fight, okay? And don’t leave me.”

My breathing was rapid, but I pursed my lips and refused to answer him.

The next moment, I felt Aaron’s heavy breath on my ear before he gave it a nibble. His hot tongue
licked a trail from my earlobe all the way down my neck, leaving spots of warm saliva.

“Do you want it or not?”

His voice resonated like a cello in my ears, and I struggled to keep my sanity. Eventually, I stiffly said
that I didn’t want it.

“Then I’ll think of something else to do.” Aaron bit down hard on my collarbone, then knelt down in front
of me. I was caught off guard, so I didn’t resist as he pulled my legs open and buried his face in my

“Ah!” I clenched my legs around him in vain as his strong hands held my thighs open and his tongue
licked up and down my wet


Right then I felt my mind turn to mush.

He just continued to lick slowly like a simmering pot. The pleasure continued to pile up deep inside me
and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled his head closer with my free hand and panted heavily.

I longed in my heart for Aaron to make it hurt, but Aaron only paused his movements. Instead of
thrusting in the thing I craved most as I hoped he would, he sucked gently on my labia before returning
to teasing my cl*t with his tongue.

As soon as he felt me shiver, he began to move more aggressively, constantly licking and sucking at
my cl*t.

I felt my core tighten and uncontrollably thrust myself down onto Aaron’s tongue. “Aaron, you b*stard!”

“I’m only a b*stard to you,” he replied. He pushed my thighs even further apart, then plunged his tongue
deep into my hole.

“Ah!” The pleasure was so overwhelming that my mind went blank. I felt like I was going to burst.

The next second, I felt a huge stream of liquid squirt out of me.

Aaron lifted his head, my fluids dripping down his chin, and his lips red and shiny.

I stared at his face in disbelief, and I felt a sudden flash of warmth between my legs. My heart tensed
and I had just come back to my senses when Aaron shoved inside of me.

“Mm!” The sensitive flesh inside me shivered as his d*ck ground against it, and a surge of pleasure ran
down my spine. I winced as my entire body shuttered.

After he was deep inside of me, he stopped moving. My desire was still not released, so I twisted my
waist in an attempt to get him to move. I heard a soft laugh from above me.

“Babe, I feel like when you’re underneath me you love me the most.” Aaron leaned down to pepper
gentle kisses on my forehead, brow, and eyelids.

His kisses traveled lower before pausing at my chest to nibble delicately on it. His hips finally moved as
he began thrusting into me. It felt like he was so deep that he would thrust right through me.

I craned my neck and let out a long sigh. My cuffed hand trembled as the chain thunked against the
headboard. My other hand gripped the sheets, showing how good I really felt.

Aaron didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath as he grabbed me by the waist and pounded into me
faster. My hand moved to clutch his arm. I had no strength left to resist, and I shuddered as he brought
me to o*gasm. It felt like my soul was leaving my body.

It was very late at night by the time we were done.

Aaron carried me to the shower with the handcuffs still around my wrists. Yes, at one point he cuffed
my hands together to stop me from wriggling about.

I hated myself a little for my lack of will. Things shouldn’t have

But even with my mind resisting, my body listened to him. I leaned my head onto his shoulder and
pitifully raised my hands. My voice was h*arse as I said, “Uncuff me. Now.

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