Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Why are you investing in my research project?

After dinner, we chatted for a while on the balcony while enjoying a bottle of fine wine.

Eliott, who was usually a bit shy, started talking up a storm. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was
drunk or because he finally felt comfortable around us.

“So, Aaron… can I call you Aaron? My father agrees with your investment in the future of technology.
You’ve already invested in a few unicorn companies that he’s very optimistic about.”

“Oh, really? The fact that your father follows news about these companies means that he’s got a
discerning eye. Most older folks think that my investments won’t yield much return; they focus more on
traditional businesses, like oil and power.”

“Those businesses were divided up long ago, and these new technological businesses are just entering
the field.” Cin- der joined the conversation as well.

I was totally confused by everything they were talking about. Even though two of the people in the
conversation were my lover and my best friend, I still felt distant from them at this moment.

I felt that the three of them were in some kind of special circle. Of course the circle was unseen and
untouchable, but still very real.

“…but I’m a bit puzzled about your investment in neuro- science, which you’ve never invested in
before. According to your company’s financial report, you invested in a lab at Co- lumbia University. Are
you optimistic about the future of this field?” Eliott inquired.

“Yes, I believe the neuroscience industry is bullish.”/Aaron glanced at me.

“But the applications of neuroscience are far into the fu- ture; I don’t think it’s wise to invest in it right
now…” Eliott con-


As he spoke, my face grew pale and I looked at the ground.

“Eliott,” Cinder interrupted, “I’m feeling really drunk, can you take me back to our room?”



“…Fine.” Eliott compromised for the stubborn Cinder.

I was still thinking about the conversion when I got back to my room.

“What are you thinking about? You’re so focused that you didn’t even notice when I kissed your cheek.”
Aaron held my face in his hands and planted gentle kisses on my eyelids and lips.

I pushed him away and crossed my arms over my chest. I asked the question that had been gnawing at
my mind: “Aaron, be honest with me. Why did you invest in my research project?”

He rested his chin on my head for a moment, then I no- ticed that his lips were curled in a relaxed
smile. “Because your project has a lot of promise.”


This project is my life’s work, so of course I think my re-

search will have a lot of applications in the future, but…

Eliott is right. The main value of the project right now is academic, so it may be a while before the
technology has commercial value.

I used to think that Aaron was a smart businessman who

would not mix his emotions into his work, but now I’m a bit unsure. Before this, I was a bit full of myself
and thought Aaron invested in my research because he truly believed in it. When I thought about it, I
knew that was impossible. Also, when he invested, our relationship was a bit complicated. I was still
Vincent’s girlfriend back then…

When Aaron moved to kiss the corners of my lips again, I placed a hand over his mouth. “I don’t
believe you.”

“Okay.” He shrugged and nipped my hand before giving my fingers erotic kisses and languid licks. “It
really is be- cause…”

“I invested millions of dollars because it was for you. Are you touched?”

“Quit messing around and tell me the truth.” I shoved his face away.

“Well, that’s the truth. I invested in your project because of you.” He wore an innocent expression, even
though he knew I was angry. “But you’re only one factor. Our family do- nates a lot of money every
year, and you know that donations have always been a great way to avoid taxes.”

“I merely invested the money that I planned to invest into an Antarctica penguin conservation into your
lab instead.” He gave my finger one more gentle bite and slowly got up off the


bed to wrap me in a warm embrace. He let go of my hand and gave me a loving kiss. “Is that truth

A penguin conservation in Antarctica?

That probably meant that my parents would need to live off of instant ramen for a year, but I was

It was a relief to find out that Aaron wasn’t investing in my research only because I was the one doing
it. I’m not one of those squeaky-clean girls who doesn’t care about money. In fact, I’ve been short on
cash before, so I love money. But I don’t want to bear such a heavy burden at the start of a rela-
tionship with my boyfriend as my main investor.

It makes me feel like Aaron is my ‘sugar daddy.’

“Yes, I’m satisfied. I’m glad that I don’t have to call you sugar daddy.” Me opening my mouth to tell
Aaron the truth about how I felt just provided a gateway for his tongue to slide past my lips.

Aaron stifled a laugh as his big hands grabbed at my a*s and his tongue probed dominantly into the
depths of my mouth. My lips were forced to open wider, and I felt saliva dribble out from the edges of
my lip.

“Well, I don’t mind being your sugar daddy…”

The trail of saliva slid down my cheek, tickling a little. I was about to wipe it off with my hand, but Aaron
was one step ahead of me. He used his index finger to wipe away the spit.

The atmosphere was getting pretty steamy, and I realized that tonight would just be a repeat of last
night, so I shoved


Aaron away. “Stop that. You need to get up early tomorrow, so no fooling around tonight.”

“Oh, are you disobeying me? How is daddy going to pun- ish his bad girl for her behavior?”

I rolled my eyes. “Daddy’ should get some sleep. You need to take good care of yourself, especially at
your age.”

“If you talk to daddy like that, aren’t you worried that dad- dy won’t give you any more money for your
tuition?” Aaron was having fun with this little ‘game’. I opened my mouth to taunt him and point out that
my scholarship was more than enough to cover my tuition, but I was cut off by a harsh slap on my ass.
I instantly let out a loud moan, changing my tone.

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