Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Aaron can be aroused anytime, anywhere

Aaron raised his eyebrows and looked surprised. “You’re so cute when you get competitive.”

“Catch me if you can!” I replied triumphantly.

I slid out onto the slope first, and Aaron followed behind me. He called out, asking me to wait for him
while he chased


“Is there any reward for catching up with you?” Aaron shouted.

“Yeah, I’ll let you do whatever you want!” I replied casually before accelerating down the hill.

I was confident in my abilities, so I didn’t worry too much about the ‘reward’. But just a second later,
Aaron had nearly caught up with me! Even though I didn’t turn around, I could hear the sound of
Aaron’s skis getting closer and closer.

I internally let out a shout of frustration. I frantically pushed myself forward with my ski poles as I slid
down the slope faster than before.

“Olive, slow down!” Aaron’s worried voice called out be- hind me, m*ffled by the blustering winds. I felt
like I had turned into a gust of wind myself, rushing down the hill at breakneck speed.

“No! I can’t let you catch up!” I shouted to him as I sped forward.

“You’d better not let me catch you, or else I’ll make you re- gret it!”

I listened to Aaron’s angry shouting and smiled. No mat-

ter what he said, I just continued forward.

Eventually, I skidded over to a remote area of the hill and came to a stop. Immediately, I felt Aaron hug
me from behind.

“Aaron, I’m tired!” I complained as I collapsed into his


“Then you can take a break.” Aaron helped me take off my skis and leaned them up against a tree
before doing the same for his. The moment his eyes met mine, I saw a deep, feral look in his gaze; he
looked ready to pounce.

“Aaron, what do you want?” I wasn’t sure why, but I in- stinctually wanted to run away. Aaron’s lips
curled into a smirk before tackling me like a hungry wolf. We both tumbled onto the fresh snow.

“You promised that if I caught up with you, I could do any- thing I wanted!” Aaron looked down at me
and I could hear his exhausted panting. His eyes were filled with an enchanting, warm light, and I felt
myself being drawn in by them.

He simply admired me for a while, then reached out to carefully brush the sn*wflakes off of my cheeks.
He then low- ered his body, and I felt his hot breath on my lips before he captured them in a searing

I gasped and my eyes widened in surprise. I thought that Aaron would pull back after a bit, but he
didn’t. He continued the kiss and pried apart my lips with his tongue, shoving it into my mouth.

I felt like I couldn’t control my body anymore; I was com- pletely enchanted by desire.

Aaron finally ended the kiss with a dissatisfied grunt. He suddenly stood up and helped me up as well.

“Aaron!” I looked at him in confusion, but Aaron instantly pinned me to a tree trunk. A hand reached up
and cupped my jaw, tilting my head up before he kissed me again.

This time the kiss felt desperate, like he couldn’t get enough of me. Aaron’s hands wandered across
my ski suit, groping my breasts, waist, and hips aggressively. It felt like he wanted to rip through my
clothes and caress my skin.

After a while, he gave up because of the obstruction. He settled for sucking two h*ckeys onto my neck
before pulling back. I leaned against the tree and panted heavily, trying to catch my breath.

“If it weren’t for this f*cking ski suit, I’d strip you naked and f*ck you right here on this slope!” Aaron
grumbled. He once again tried to grab my breasts in frustration.

I couldn’t help but laugh at Aaron’s annoyed expression. “Blame yourself! You’re the one who gets
aroused anytime, anywhere!”

Aaron nodded in response, looking into the distance. Then, he suddenly raised his eyebrows. “Babe, I
just thought of a way for you to help me with that!”

“Well, what is it?” I asked out of curiosity.

“You really want to know?” Aaron gave a triumphant smile as he reached out and grabbed my hand.

I could guess what his idea was.

Sure enough, he unzipped the lower half of his ski suit and shoved my hand inside. I could feel his hot,
hard d*ck poking at my palm.

When I stroked it, I couldn’t help but wonder how it got so big in a situation like this!

As I was marveling at it, Aaron dipped down and kissed me before he whispered, “Olive, please help
me… It’s so un- comfortable!”

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