Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 144

Chapter 144. Secret Behind The Key

Of course I remembered the story of Cinder’s obnoxious client, but I hadn’t expected her to bring it up

I remembered Cinder complaining nonstop about the client’s bad taste, and how her idiot young son
wanted to have penguins in Malibu.

I glanced between Cinder and Eliott, a little shocked. “I thought that guy was a little kid!”

Eliott seemed more than old enough to know that Malibu wasn’t exactly a penguin’s natural habitat.

I was starting to question everything at this point.

“Ahem,” Cinder interrupted my speculation. “What are you talking about? Yes, the penguin-watching
one was a little kid. And this is his older brother.”

“Wait, what? The family isn’t on vacation in Morocco? Did he stay in Switzerland just for you?” I
couldn’t believe Cinder’s ability to wrap men around her little finger.

Cinder didn’t say anything, just gave me a very mysterious smile.

I was even more shocked by this indirect admission. “Oh my g*d! I thought you weren’t supposed to fall
in love with your clients!”

Of course, Cinder was the type to break the rules for a hot guy, and this guy was undeniably hot. If I
didn’t have Aaron, I might have made a move on him myself.

Suddenly I felt my fingertips crushed in Aaron’s firm grip. He didn’t say anything as he continued to play
with my hands,

rubbing and massaging them and pinching my fingertips with rapt attention, like my hands were a
puzzle he was trying to solve.

What was so interesting about my fingers? I stared at him, speechless, as he played with my hands like

Not to be outdone, Cinder clutched my other hand and pulled me into her side. “What are you talking
about? Eliott’s not my client, it was his mother.”

Cinder was always slippery with words, and I was powerless to argue with her. “Fine, whatever you

“Now that we’ve talked about Eliott, should we talk about Aaron?” Cinder leaned in closer to my ear
and asked me in a low voice, “So, is he good in bed? Does he keep you on your toes every night?”

Not just that, he doesn’t let me close my legs in bed for even a second! I protested internally.

Aaron’s stamina was so impressive, just the thought of him rising and falling on top of me made me rub
my thighs subconsciously. It was impossible for anyone around me to know what I was thinking, but I
was still a little embarrassed.

“Um… He’s okay,” I nodded casually, not wanting Aaron to get a big head. I congratulated myself on
my great strategy.

But I’d forgotten that Aaron was still sitting right next to me, and even though Cinder and I were
whispering, he could still hear us.

I was a little confused when he suddenly let go of my hand,

but I didn’t take it to heart.

Cinder and I hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Compared to Aaron, of course Cinder was more
important right now.

Cinder gave that same mysterious, confident smile, then patted my head affectionately. “Poor Olive. I
probably won’t even be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning.”

After she reminded me, I felt a dull ache in my buttocks at the memory of having sex with Aaron. I
clamped my legs together and pretended not to hear Cinder. “Well, what about you? How’s Eliott?”

As soon as I asked, I felt like an idiot.

I knew that Cinder had high standards for her partners when it came to sex. If this new guy couldn’t
keep Cinder happy in bed, then it wouldn’t even matter if his c*ck was absolutely massive. Cinder
probably wouldn’t keep him around for more than a few days, much less bring him to meet me.

Sure enough, Cinder smirked and pushed her hair behind her shoulders, revealing the smooth curve of
her neck. “He’s the best, of course.”

She was wearing a dark green, skintight dress with a plunging neckline, and no coat, despite the cold
weather. The green dress made her pale skin stand out even more, and I could see that Cinder’s
collarbones and neck were covered in h*ckeys and bite marks.

Judging from the coloration of the marks, I figured they must have been made within the last hour.

Wait, how did I know that? I was a little shocked to realize I had such specific knowledge of h*ckeys,
like some sort of forensic scientist. Oh, right… It was Aaron’s fault. I couldn’t help but turn my head and
glare at him.

Aaron looked back at me with a calm expression, but there was an unmistakable darkness in his eyes,
and it sent a shiver down my spine. I realized that he had been staring at me ever since we got in the


After a long time apart, Cinder and I had a lot to talk about during the drive, and the time passed

Eliott drove us down a series of winding mountain roads until we reached a brightly illuminated house.
It was a huge villa that towered on top of a cliff, making a striking silhouette against the beautiful
landscape around us.

My jaw dropped, and I stood there staring at it, too stunned to speak.

Cinder walked over to me with her arms crossed, her head held high, and a smug expression on her
face. “Not bad, right? It’s built in the style of ‘Fallingwater’ by Frank Lloyd Wright.”

“When you told me it was a ‘small house,’ I thought you meant a little wooden hut with only one
bedroom! I thought we would all have to squeeze together around a fire to keep warm!” I exclaimed.
Cinder described the house to me vaguely while we were in the car, but I didn’t think this so-called
‘small house’ would have such a beautiful design.

Eliott laughed and said, “Well, we do have a stove in the living room, so you can have as many fires as
you want.”

I spent most of my childhood alone. Sometimes when I passed by other people’s houses, I would see a
family sitting together around the stove to keep warm, talking and laughing, and it always sent a pang
of jealousy and sadness through my heart.

Now maybe I could finally achieve that small, unfinished childhood goal. I hugged Cinder happily and
whispered in her ear, “Is this one of the perks of sleeping with a client’s son?”

Cinder snickered, pulled a key out of her pocket, and waggled it at me, quirking one eyebrow. “How
else do you think I got this key?”

I had to admit, that was a pretty nice perk.

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