Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 142

Chapter 142. My Own Lover

Aaron’s lips were attracted to mine as if they were magnetic, and we only separated for a moment
before our lips crashed together again. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip, tracing the shape of my
mouth before he asked me distractedly, “What’s the surprise?”

I pushed his head away, blinking my eyes at him innocently. “You’ll know by tomorrow.”

I pulled off my mysterious plan without a hitch, but not without some effort.

From the moment Aaron found out I was going to surprise him, he started to pester me nonstop, trying
to get me to tell him what the surprise really was.

That evening, we were lying in bed together, having returned to our hotel room after dinner. Aaron
suddenly rolled over and grabbed me in a bear hug. “What kind of surprise is it, Olive?”

How could it be a surprise if I said it out loud? I had no choice but to shut him up with my lips. “You’ll
know tomorrow,” I told him between kisses.

His lips were almost glued to mine, and his hands roamed lower until they found my breasts and
squeezed. His thumbs swept over my nipples, pinching and kneading almost automatically. “Okay, fine.
Forget the mystery surprise tomorrow, maybe it’s time for a different surprise right now.”

His hands moved faster and faster, and before long I was screaming and o*gasming under Aaron’s
skillful attention.

The next day, after lunch, I dragged Aaron straight to the airport. It wasn’t until I picked up our tickets
that he realized what I was up to.

I handed Aaron the plane tickets, and he waved them in the air with a shocked expression on his face.
“This is the surprise you were talking about?”

“Well, aren’t you surprised?” Ignoring Aaron’s astonished face, I said without trying to disguise my
excitement, “We’re going on a ski trip to Switzerland.”

“I don’t understand.” Aaron narrowed his eyebrows.

Ha! Of course he didn’t understand. The only thing Aaron understood was half-naked, suntanned
babes in s*xy bikinis on the beach! Did he think I didn’t know him through and through?

I helped him straighten his clothes. “I appreciate the beach trip you arranged, but now it’s my turn to
take us on vacation.”

“Oh, babe, you’re so thoughtful.” He tilted my face toward him and gave me a firm peck on the lips.

I stood on tiptoe to kiss him back even harder. “You’re welcome.”

My kisses made Aaron’s mood visibly improve. After the kiss, I reached for his hand and checked our
boarding gate.

While we waited to board the plane, Aaron’s slightly gloomy expression transformed into full-on

On the plane, Aaron had to fold his long legs into the small

and cramped space. He gritted his teeth while staring at me in grief. Aaron was extremely tall, and
sitting in economy class didn’t give him much room to stretch out.

Oops. I’d completely forgotten about that while booking our flight.

I frowned, stroking my chin in embarrassment. “Aaron, you know I’m a broke college student, and I
don’t have the money to spring for first class. Economy class was all I could afford.”

He took a deep breath. “That’s fine. But, Olive, is this all part of your arrangement with Emily?”

“Huh?” I blinked my eyes, pretending to be innocent. I took out a sleep mask and put it over his head.
“The plane is about to take off. You go to sleep, sweetie, we’ll be there soon.”

He lifted the mask and turned his head, glancing around the cabin of the plane. Then he leaned over
and whispered furtively in my ear, “I’ve never had sex in the economy class of an airplane. Do you think
your p*ssy will be even tighter if we f*ck in such a small space?”

My fists balled up by my sides, and it took all my effort just to keep from swinging a punch at Aaron’s

This guy! Why was he always thinking about sex?

Aaron didn’t seem to notice my irritation. “Next time maybe we’ll charter a private plane. Then I can
shove you up against the seat and enter you from the back. That’ll really make you beg for mercy.”

I gritted my teeth angrily. “In your dreams!”

I was not having sex with Aaron in economy class!

I started to lose control of my temper. “From now on, you’d better keep your mouth shut!”

“Fine, I can shut up and you can open your mouth.” He gave me a coy smile. “You can do whatever
you want to me… with your upper mouth, your lower mouth, maybe even both.”

I grabbed the mask from his forehead and snapped it down over his eyes. “Sleep, Aaron!”

He seemed to enjoy teasing me, and when I had this little outburst, he laughed in satisfaction.

Luckily, after I put the blindfold on him, he didn’t make any other nasty comments and obediently shut
his mouth. I was relieved that he had finally calmed down.

I could still see the blue sky and fluffy white clouds through the small plane window, but the scenery
began to slowly roll past us. The plane was coasting down the runway, about to take off.

I pulled out my phone and texted Emily, “Just left the airport.”

“Okay, you’ll get what you want when you arrive,” Emily texted back almost immediately.

I suspected she had been waiting for my message. I quickly tapped on the screen. “No, I don’t want to
know his past, because it doesn’t matter at all to me. I’m leaving because of you. You deserve a
wonderful winter break. Enjoy Christmas with your lover.”

After sending this message, I blocked Emily’s number without

waiting for a reply.

Once I had turned off my phone, the world seemed to quiet down as we soared through the sky. I
stretched languidly and rested my head on Aaron’s shoulder.

In response, he automatically sank a little lower in his seat, making it easier for me to lean on him.

He was so kind and considerate. I didn’t need to know his past at all, because in that moment, Aaron
belonged to me.

All the tension left my body as I leaned against his broad shoulders and slowly closed my eyes,
thinking happily to myself: And I will enjoy my Christmas with my own lover.

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