Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 138

Chapter 138. Going Surfing

That night, Aaron and I let loose. From the bedroom to the couch, from the carpet to the bathtub-there
was evidence of our lovemaking everywhere.

I had so much fun, and I was so exhausted, that I didn’t wake up until noon the next day.

Aaron had already finished showering, and he was sitting on the couch, playing with his phone.

When he saw me staring at him, he put his phone down, came to my side, leaned down, and gave me
a passionate kiss. “Get up. I’m taking you surfing today.”

After going at it all night last night, I was so tired that I could feel it in my bones. Upon hearing Aaron’s
words, I

subconsciously shook my head. “No, I don’t know how to


“I can teach you.” Aaron sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me thoughtfully. “Or do you
want to waste time here in the hotel?”

The word “waste” nearly made my head explode. What Aaron had done to me in the days we’d
“wasted” at the hotel was firmly impressed in my mind!

I didn’t need Aaron to persuade me further. I sprang out of bed as if I’d been injected with a stimulant,
dashed into the bathroom, and began taking a shower.

Half an hour later, I finished washing up and walked out of the bathroom.

Aaron was waiting for me right outside the door. “Wear this.”

His fingertips were wrapped around a s*xy leopard-print bikini. It had so little fabric that I wondered if it
could even contain my breasts.

I cupped my breasts under my robe. “Are you sure they won’t be exposed?”

“They won’t,” he replied confidently. I’ve measured your breasts countless times with my own hands.”

While I was examining the bikini, Aaron’s hands were already reaching toward me. He gently pulled off
my thick bathrobe. “I’ll help you change.”

I felt a little uncomfortable as I tugged on the cups that only half-covered my breasts.

Aaron was all over me. “Beautiful, baby. Today, you’re the s*xiest Victoria’s Secret Angel.”

Well… since he liked me in this bikini so much, I decided to reluctantly wear it for the day, to satisfy his
little desire.

After going to the restaurant and having dinner, we went straight to the beach.

Aaron paid for the surfboard and dragged me to the bay with it.

“The wind is perfect today. Just right for surfing.” Aaron

placed his hands on his hips, let out an excited “oh,” took me by the hand, and let me to the beach. “I’ll
show you how to do this.”

There were waves rolling up against the shore, and I felt a little scared as I watched all the people
weaving in and out of

the ocean like fish. “No, no… I’m not ready for this.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Are you unsure about my skills? I have a three-star L6 certificate. I won’t let
you fall.”

I could tell that he was extremely confident about all this. I furrowed my brow and hesitated for a while
before I finally forced myself to nod. “Make sure to protect me, then.”

“Of course.” Aaron nodded back. I was gazing out worriedly at the sea, so I missed the brief,
calculating look that flickered past Aaron’s eyes.

He squatted down next to the board and shared some of his knowledge about surfing, and I listened
intently, hanging on to every word.

After heading out to the water, I wobbled my way onto the surfboard as Aaron guided me.

At this point, I had a lot of knowledge, but no actual experience. With the tense atmosphere, my head
felt extra empty.

Aaron, standing at the water’s edge, reminded me:

“Straighten your back. Keep your eyes pointed forward, and bend your knees a little more.”

I hurried to follow his directions, but at that moment, Aaron got into the water and swam towards me.
Seeing the sleazy smile on his face, an alarm went off in my head. “What are you

He grabbed the surfboard with his hands and shook it vigorously. I immediately lost my balance, and I
screamed as I

fell into the water with a “plop.” But a hand grabbed my waist faster than the waves could, and he
pulled me towards his strong chest.

“B*stard!” I slapped water at Aaron’s face, but he didn’t care. He just tightened his grip around my

The two of us bobbed in the water, floating in the direction of the waves. He asked, “Do you want to try
tandem surfing?”

I immediately shot him down. “Not at all!”

He pinched my soft waist and offered, “Do you want to try having sex underwater, then? I’ve always
wanted to do it. Why don’t we make it happen tonight?”

Was this guy crazy? Sex was all we’d been doing for the past few days! I reached out and closed his
mouth, “No, absolutely not!”

Meanwhile, an impressive silhouette brushed past my vision. The woman’s skin was pale and radiant,
contrasting with her bright red bikini. Her breasts bounced violently, rippling even more than the
crashing waves beneath her.

It was Emily.

She looked at me disdainfully and then performed a difficult surfing maneuver by swiveling her butt
around and sailing


Her s*xy, hot body shone even among the other bikini chicks. I couldn’t help but wonder why Vincent
chose to give up such a beauty.

“Have you seen enough?” Aaron’s voice darkened as he

whispered in my ear. He turned me around to face him. “Olive, since when did you fall for Emily’s

“Who doesn’t like big boobs?” My reply was casual and appreciative.

Immediately, Aaron’s firm torso crashed into my chest. “Isn’t my chest big enough? You shouldn’t need
anything else.”

His pecs were finely toned from his training, and his masculine hormones were practically diffusing
from his skin.

But there were so many people on the beach! I blushed and pushed him away, then turned to see that
Emily had already headed for the shore

I hesitated to think for a brief moment before I caught up to


“Emily, we need to talk.”

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