Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Do you still want to take off my panties or not?

I pushed him away and immediately refused. “No way, you’re just gonna cheat again.”

“I won’t cheat this time, I promise! Let’s just play normally.”

I threw his clothes in his face. “Then hurry up and put these back on.”

“Alright.” Aaron obediently got dressed, then looked at me expectantly.

Something stirred in my heart when he immediately fol- lowed my command. He didn’t seem like the
type who would compromise so easily.

After Aaron repeatedly assured me that he wouldn’t mess up again, I tied my hair in a ponytail and
grabbed a controller. I looked up at him tauntingly and said, “Come on, let’s play.”

Playing Mario Kart with Aaron in that hotel suite was like a childhood dream come true. G*d only knows
how much I wanted someone to play video games with as a kid.

We played more than a dozen races in a row, and Aaron lost every one.

His knuckles turned white as he gripped his controller in frustration. “I thought you were a good girl who
concentrated on her studies, so I didn’t expect you to be so good at video games,”

I shrugged. “When I was a kid, my parents were out of the house a lot; they didn’t even stop by for
holidays like Christ- mas. When I was home alone on days like that, I would just play video games
alone while everyone else was celebrating.”

Before I spoke about it, I didn’t think my childhood was too miserable. But now, I always longed to have
him beside me. I didn’t want to be alone again.

Aaron had a sad look in his eyes. He held onto his con- troller with one hand and crouched beside me,
pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead. He sounded guilty as he said, “Oh, I’m sorry that I
reminded you of such a bad memo- ry.”

I sighed and wrapped my arms around his waist. I looked up into his eyes and asked, “What about
you? What sort of stuff did you do when you were a kid?”

He peppered kisses on my brow and eyelids before an- swering. “You know, just the normal stuff.”

I nodded and teased him. “Yes, I know. The ‘normal stuff,’ like cruises in the Mediterranean and skiing
in the Alps.”

He holds me tighter as the guilt in his expression grows stronger. “I didn’t mean to rub it in your face.”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “You don’t need to feel guilty about being born into a rich family!”

He looked down at me very seriously before giving me a slow kiss. I melted in his arms, kissing him
back with the little energy I had left.

Just as I was about to push him away, he pulled back first and shouted, “Yeah, I won!”

I stared in disbelief at the screen as he pridefully waved his controller in my face. “You were focused on
the game the whole time?!”

He shrugged in response, a smug smile on his face. “What can I say? I always want to win, even when
I’m competing with the girl I love.”

“You b*stard!” I balled my hand into a fist and gave him a light punch. “I wasn’t paying attention! You
won’t win another round after this!”

He grabbed my fist and pushed it away from him. “Really? What would happen if I won again?”

“Ugh, what do you mean?”

“How about making a bet?”

This piqued my curiosity. “What sort of bet?”

Aaron stroked his chin, his eyes looking up and down my body. “When someone loses a race, they
have to take off a piece of clothing.”

With the way he was staring at me, it felt like I was already undressed in his imagination.

But my competitive spirit won out in the end. As long as he didn’t cheat again, there’s no way I would

“Bring it on!”

After just a few more races, my spirit was thoroughly bro- ken. I collapsed and stared at the screen. I
couldn’t believe that Aaron beat me fair and square!

I glared at the ‘1st Place’ next to Aaron’s name. No matter how much anger I felt, I knew the result
would stay the same.


I thought that Aaron was a noob compared to me! How

could he have improved so quickly?

Since when did Aaron become a better gamer than me?

“Babe, staring at the screen won’t change anything. You accepted my bet, so now it’s time to fulfill your
promise.” When I looked back at Aaron, I was met with a gaze filled with hunger and passion.

After his reminder, I remembered that I was already down to just my bra and panties. Aaron’s intentions
were clear.

I couldn’t help but call myself an idiot for going along with Aaron’s plan. Why did I agree to take off my
clothes in the first place?! Sitting there mostly naked, I realized that it was too late to regret my

“Olive, are you scared?” Aaron stared at me and raised his eyebrows, impatiently waiting for me to
fulfill my end of the bargain.

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