Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Sweet Olive

Playing some more games would be a good option.

Aaron looked upward in thought for a moment then

suggested, “Simply playing video games isn’t much fun. Why don’t we play a more exciting game?”

I knew he was trying to trick me, but I took the bait anyway. “Well, what sort of game is it?”

His impish smile grew larger. “If you get first place in four races, then I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

“Really?” Why would he give me such a simple challenge? I hadn’t played at my best in the race with
Aaron, so he didn’t know my true strength.

I never told him that I’d been playing this game since I was a kid. I could win all the tracks handily, and I
could even do some with my eyes closed.

With a devilish tw*nkle in his eyes, he nodded and said, “When have I ever lied to you?”

It was true that Aaron always kept his word. I cracked my knuckles and decided to beat the challenge
quickly. After that, I’d have to think about how I would punish Aaron.

I instantly accepted his offer. The thought that he had set me up didn’t even cross my mind. It wasn’t
until the first race began that I realized Aaron’s true plan.

Aaron kneeled directly in front of me and ripped my robe open, leaning down to cup my breasts and lick

I was caught off guard and screeched, “What are you doing?”

A tingling sensation spread throughout my body, and I dropped the controller. The screen instantly
showed a glaring “12th place”. It was the first race out of four, and I’d already lost!

Aaron stifled a laugh when I glared down at him. “You cheater, you didn’t say you would do something
like this!”

“Oh, I didn’t?” He wrapped his other arm around my waist and pulled me into his arms, kissing me until
I was completely out of breath. “Wouldn’t it be way more exciting to play the game

like this?”

He buried his head in my chest and continued to lick and nip at it. I was clearly annoyed at him, but
Aaron was all smiles.

He teased my nipple with his tongue and winked at me. “Well, if you really don’t want to play video
games anymore, we can play something else.”

I held back a groan of pleasure and grabbed the controller again in defiance.

But I could barely even hold on to it.

Aaron knew exactly where I was sensitive, and hit those spots over and over again until I grew dizzy
with pleasure. How could I possibly play like this?

“Seems like we’ll need some special exercise to jog your memory,” Aaron smiled evilly and shoved the
controller back in my hand. He once again started attacking and licking my chest. “I’m gonna have to
sacrifice my body to help you

remember more details.”

I’d never met a man as articulate as Aaron. He’s so well- spoken that he could become a lawyer.

Aaron’s finger hovered over my p*ssy for a moment before suddenly thrusting in. “Looks like I haven’t
done enough to make you forget your troubles yet.”

I gave a quiet whimper as his lips kissed down my breasts and stomach, his tongue tracing circles on
my skin.

I already felt my worries fading away, but the small hint of resistance left in my mind made me clench
my legs. Aaron’s fingers were already so deep inside me that they didn’t budge.

“Looks like my Olive wants this, too.” He sweetly kissed my belly. “Be a good girl and open your legs for
me; I’ll give them kisses for you.”

“Don’t.” I shook my head since I knew what was coming next. This position always made me feel
ashamed, especially with Aaron. He would definitely stare at my expression while he was licking me;
he always claimed that he wanted to see my ‘feedback.’

“Really?” Aaron didn’t force my legs open, but his fingers. began to push even deeper into me,
thrusting rhythmically.

“You b*stard!” I lightly smacked the controller against his head.

At this moment, he suddenly spread my legs wide and buried his head in my p*ssy. When his tongue
flicked my cl*t, I

couldn’t help but moan.

Aaron’s voice was a little m*ffled. “You’re so sweet, Olive. Do you want a taste?”

I pushed his head away. “No. Back off.”

The thought that he was staring at me while teasing my cl*t with his tongue made my whole body flush


He held my legs in place with his hands while his tongue licked me up and down, focusing on my cl*t.

I felt my arousal flowing out of me, and I soon heard Aaron gagging. He swallowed any fluids that
dripped out!

He continued licking and teasing me for ten minutes before he finally let me go.

“Go on, taste it! It’s sweet.” He leaned forward and kissed me while his hands parted my thighs. I had
no idea he had undone his robe until I felt his hard c*ck lightly thrust into me.

He always got what he wanted in the end. I stared at the ceiling above me, moaning loudly. I thought
about how I ended up like this. I was just trying to play a game, and Aaron just had to cheat!

After an hour, I was exhausted but Aaron was still full of energy and wanted to go again. But I was so
sweaty and tired and I didn’t even want to move a muscle.

Aaron picked me up and took me to the bathroom for a relaxing shower, but this time he behaved
himself. He was gentle and caring, making sure to not overstep.

When I got out of the shower, I immediately threw my clothes on and wrapped myself tightly in a
blanket, staring at Aaron warily. “Don’t you dare touch me again tonight.”

He rolled his eyes at me and rested his head on my shoulder as he asked, “Do you want to play a
couple more rounds?”

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