Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 120

Chapter 120. Fancy Meal And Unexpected Guest

Aaron was caressing my cheek. When he heard that, he suddenly paused. I could tell that he was a
little bit disappointed.

But he quickly replied and gently pinched my cheek, “Well, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t push you too hard”

I tended to get lost in the tenderness. It was really weird that he could always release that
unintentionally. I took his hand which was still caressing my face and slowly interlocked my fingers with
his. “No, it’s not your fault.”

As if a fuse was lit, without saying anything, he already lowered his head lightly looking at me. We were
so close to each other now.

His long lashes swept across my face. It was tingling. Then he kissed me on the lips. His lips were
slightly cool. As his tongue deftly dug in, the fresh air instantly filled my mouth. He was licking every
inch of my lips.

The waves were rolled up by the sea breeze. They kept hitting the top of the black reef. At this
moment, his skillful kisses also made my heart beat violently.

Aaron suddenly reached around my waist and pulled me into his arms. I sat on my knees on his lap
panting. I could feel his d*ck erect. It was fierce against my belly.

He unsuspectingly heaved his little brother upwards. I instantly screamed in terror.

Suddenly, I heard some footsteps getting closer to us. I glared at him, stopping him in hurry.

He m*ffled, buried his head in my boobs, and kissed it, “Baby, if it wasn’t these annoying people, I’d
love to have a good experience with you on the beach, it would be so much fun.”

He was such a real p*rvert. I did suspect that his mind would emerge these words all day long, like
“sex”, “make love”, etc.

“Just kidding…” When he noticed that I was a little bit

nervous, he smiled and let go of my hand. After I stood up, he also got up from the beach, grabbed my
waist from behind, and kissed me passionately on my neck, “Are you feeling better now? Do you want
to try sea fishing?”

I was a little bit hesitant. Aaron wanted to have a talk with me…he just brought it up slightly, but I
instantly got worried. Sometimes, I felt like I should ask him about his feelings to me directly. But I
couldn’t tell how much Aaron liked me. And if he didn’t like me as I expected, would I still stay by his
side as I did now?

This thought made me really confused. Even if I chose to go fishing with Aaron, I was afraid that it
would bother me all the time. If so, that would be terrible. After a while, I turned Aaron down, “I’m tired, I
want to go back and have a rest first.”

I thought Aaron would be upset, but he just kissed me tenderly, took my hand, and walked off the deck,
“Then, let’s get something to eat.”

He was always so considerate and thoughtful. I could tell that I should leave him as fast as I could,
otherwise, I might get lost in his love and couldn’t escape anymore. But I had to say I was quite happy
since his tenderness at the moment was all for me and it was only for me!


But I soon got a little bit angry because just as we were going to the restaurant, I saw Emily in a s*xy
bikini there.

Emily was wearing a s*xy black bikini. It was so low you could almost see her red areola. She sat at
another table, which was less than a meter across from us. Most importantly, she was staring straight
at us without saying anything. This b*tch! What did she want?

I didn’t like the way Emily looked at Aaron. I could tell her passion towards Aaron, which was so hot
that even could burn out. It was weird. I hadn’t been as angry as I was before when she and Vincent
were more intimate.

I couldn’t help but took Aaron’s hands hard, while staring at Emily, as if I was warning her, “Let’s go to
another table.”

Aaron frowned unpleasantly at Emily. When he heard that, he didn’t look at Emily anymore but followed
me to a table by the window.

Compared to the table just now, we could see the sea view outside the window. The sunset golden light
s*attered into the cabin inside. It was so beautiful that no one would want to miss it.

Just now, I was quite upset being affected by Emily. But I was instantly healed by this amazing scenery.

Aaron sat against the light. Half of his face was hidden in the shadow. I had to say his face was more
attractive than the scenery. I couldn’t help but be fascinated. It’s really unfair…why did G*d create him
so perfectly.

He leaned over and asked me softly, “What would you like to


I glanced up toward the buffet table and propped my chin, “Pan-seared salmon, I think…”

The salmon looked so fleshy and sweet. It must be delicious. Just now Aaron sliced some salmon on
the deck,

unfortunately, I was not in the mood to eat. G*d, I didn’t mean to waste it…forgive me.

Aaron got up and helped me get food.

Emily, on the other hand, came over at this moment.

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