Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 111

Chapter 111: We Need to Talk

When Aaron saw me tense up, he glanced in the direction I was looking.

“Vincent…” I muttered, voice cold. I thought I’d finally gotten away from that s*umbag-if for just a short
time-but he haunted me everywhere I went.

Shouldn’t he be on vacation with Emily? That’s what we all agreed on, right?

Why was he here? Did he crave the thrill of cheating right under my nose? Or did he want to beg for my

The moment Aaron saw Vincent, he looked even more irritated than I did. Neither of us expected this.

I pursed my lips and reached out to pull Aaron along by the arm. “Why don’t we… wait a while before
we go in.”

I didn’t want to have any contact with Vincent, but Aaron gave me a reassuring look before he pulled
me to his side.

Aaron always had an aura about him that made me feel at ease, so I couldn’t help but trust him.

The moment we walked past him, Vincent shamelessly called

out to me.

“Olive! Didn’t expect to see you here!” Vincent called as he walked toward me. He reached out to try to
pull me in for a hug, but when he saw me shrouded in Aaron’s suit jacket, his expression turned grim.

I subconsciously flinched away from his touch, and Aaron held me by the shoulders and glared at
Vincent forcefully. Silently, he claimed me as his.

“Where’s Emily?” I looked at Vincent indifferently. “Isn’t she supposed to be your ‘girlfriend’ for

Pain flashed in Vincent’s eyes, and he tried to explain himself. “Olive, you don’t understand. It’s not like
that with Emily…”

“You’re still trying to convince me? After everything that’s happened? You must think I’m really st*pid.” I
snickered as my heart flooded with disgust. If Vincent would just outright admit to cheating, I might be
able to respect him as a man at the very least.

Too bad he was just another coward.


“Stay away from my girl,” Aaron raised his voice, stopping Vincent in his tracks. “You’re not welcome
here. Leave us alone-leave HER alone-or I’ll call security.”

“You really…” All of Vincent’s confidence evaporated under Aaron’s stare. Despite how harshly Vincent
glared at him, he couldn’t find the words to argue.

Emily suddenly walked over from the front desk with a room card in her hand. She held her chin up
proudly as she glanced over at me and Aaron. “You can’t just kick Vincent out, Aaron. My family has
also invested in this property. You have no right.”

Aaron’s eyebrows furrowed as he realized he had less power here than he initially thought.

Once Vincent heard this, his bravado returned. He looked at Aaron smugly, and his expression made
my stomach turn.


glanced at Vincent coldly, cursing him from the very bottom of my heart. He won’t admit to having a
relationship with

Emily, yet he has no problem relying on her when he’s in a tight spot. How shameless could he be?

Regardless, if Emily’s family was a large shareholder, it wouldn’t be so easy to drive them away.

I didn’t want to make things difficult for Aaron, and I didn’t our vacation to be ruined on the first day, so I
took the initiative and said, “Let’s go.”

But Aaron didn’t move. He held me by the waist and sneered at Vincent. “If there’s nothing between
you and Emily, then why are you two here together?”

Vincent’s expression cracked for a moment, but he was quick to recover. “Because I’m staying true to
my word. This is what we agreed on, right? You basically forced me to spend time with her.”

Aaron nodded. “That’s exactly what we agreed on, and Olive and I are holding up our end of the

As soon as Aaron mentioned me, Vincent’s expression soured and he glanced down at Aaron’s arm
around my waist.

This was ridiculous. Did he still feel possessive over me? Aaron didn’t force him into this! He agreed

I’d had enough of seeing them together again, so I turned my head and let Aaron take me back to our
room. Once I put my things away, he brought me to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

The atmosphere was a little awkward since meeting Vincent

and Emily swept away our good mood from before.

Aaron pinched my face and teased, “Don’t be upset. I’ll take you out tomorrow.”

I raised my eyebrows and winked at him. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Then he c*cked his head. “Why don’t you repay me in advance tonight?”

“What do you want?” I asked, but I already knew the answer. There was nothing he wanted more than
me in his bed.

“A kiss. Maybe more.” He grinned, flashing his pearly white teeth.

I hadn’t had anything to drink tonight, but one look at his dazzling smile was enough to make me feel
intoxicated. No matter what he asked, I wanted to say yes to him.

Was I going crazy?

After dinner, Aaron couldn’t wait to drag me back to our hotel.

The two of us had just stepped into the lobby when Vincent suddenly stepped in front of us, blocking
the way to the elevator.

“Olive, listen. We need to talk. I don’t think you have the full story…”

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