Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 88

Homy Stut

“What took you so long? We’re gonna be late.” The moment i opened the door, Vincent put his phone
away and

complained impatiently.

It was obvious he was just texting Emily. I cursed internally. Vincent knew that by irritating me and
calling me slow, I wouldn’t bother asking who he was texting.

Maybe all men were this manipulative.

The moment Vincent looked up and saw me, his expression changed, and his jaw dropped in disbelief.

“Wow… You’re beautiful.” Vincent came up to me, his eyes glancing down to my lips. “Too beautiful. I
almost don’t wanna take you to that party now.”

“It’s been so long since I’ve gone out with you… I don’t want you staring at other women while we’re
there.” I saw Vincent’s expression falter for a moment.

But he was back to normal in a split second. “And I’m worried one of the guys might try something with
you dressed like that.”

I raised an eyebrow, pretending to be surprised. “Wouldn’t you feel good knowing you’re making all
your friends jealous? After all, I’m your…”

Vincent’s face twisted with smugness. “But what if you fall for one of them? You know how Aaron is.”

“Hm… about that…”

“Aren’t I enough for you, babe?” He lowered his head and moved slightly closer to me.

My stomach lurched as I scrambled to avoid his kiss. “Stop! We’re already late! I don’t wanna make
everyone wait for us.”

Regret flashed in Vincent’s eyes, and I snickered internally. I couldn’t care less how he felt. I simply
turned around and went downstairs. Within a few seconds, Vincent caught up with me. When we
reached his car, I smelled the familiar scent of perfume. Emily was here not too long ago. They must’ve
planned to go straight to the party after I said I wouldn’t be going.

I couldn’t help but grimace. The smell grew more revolting by the second. “Why does it smell like
another woman in here?”

Vincent’s grip on the steering wheel tightened, and he cleared his throat nervously. “It’s… my coworker.
Karen. I gave her a ride on her way from work. You know her, right?

I hummed thoughtfully. I wasn’t going to call him out for that


I wondered how Emily would react to Vincent saying she was Karen. The woman was over 50 years

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the party, and Aaron wasn’t there.

He wasn’t coming, was he?

I suddenly lost interest in the party. Just as I was about to let go of Vincent’s arm to get something to
eat, I saw Emily walking toward us.

She was wearing a pale pink, ultra-short minidress. The neckline was even lower than mine, so half of
her breasts were

exposed. And… Christ, they were big. Those couldn’t be natural.

I glanced at Vincent, who noticed me looking at him and hurriedly averted his gaze from Emily.

Emily approached me, and her eyes lingered for a few seconds on my hand holding Vincent’s arm. I
deliberately pulled his arm tighter around me and smiled at her. “Emily! You look great!”

“Thanks, you too.” Emily’s gaze rested on my breasts for a second longer before she gave a winning

“I’m so jealous of your date. With a beauty like you, he must be the happiest person in the room!” I

“My boyfriend is actually busy tonight, so he couldn’t come with me.” Emily’s smile turned stiff. “Maybe
he has more important girls to be with…” Emily gave Vincent a subtle glare.

My eyes narrowed. These two were eyeballing each other right in front of me! Did they think I was that

I waved one hand. “I was kidding, but are things alright now? Did you make up with your boyfriend?”

I was referring to her tantrum during Vincent’s proposal party. Her face had looked so ugly that day…
Emily looked at Vincent, then back at me, and her smile became more natural. “Yeah, we made up.
He’s been spending a lot more time with me lately.”

No wonder Vincent’s been busier lately. He seeing her much more often.

S*n of a b*tch…

I cursed internally, but my face stayed friendly. “So when are you going to get married, hm? Don’t forget
to invite me.”

Again, her smile became brittle.

I pretended to be surprised. “Ah, he’s not ready to marry you, is he?”

“He… We just don’t have any plans to get married yet. I was gonna talk to him about it later anyway.”

“Aw, cheer up. Just keep an eye on him, okay? You know how men are.”

Vincent held my hand and assured me. “I don’t know how you see other men, babe, but I’m all yours,
alright?” His hands felt clammy.

I snickered to myself, but I wore a tender expression. “I know, baby. And I’m yours.”

Vincent happily lowered his head and kissed the corner of my lips. I originally wanted to push him
away, but when I saw Emily clenching her fists, I let him continue out of spite. “Vincent! Not in front of
Emily! I don’t want her to feel like a third wheel.”

After a moment, I gently pushed Vincent away and thoughtfully wiped my lipstick off his lips. Then I
looked at Emily again. “Make sure you invite your boyfriend next time!”

Emily pursed her lips. “He usually doesn’t have time for me when it comes to these thing…” Again, she
glared at Vincent with eyes full of bitterness.

“That’s a shame.” I shrugged and looked away, bored. That was when I saw Aaron sitting on the couch
across the room

from me.

He wore a black shirt today, with the two top buttons undone. It left his pecs exposed, and he looked so
effortlessly s*xy. Seriously, he didn’t even have to do anything! He just naturally exuded masculinity.

But my heart s*ipped a beat. When did he get here? I was so focused on Emily that I didn’t even notice!
Did he see me kiss


I locked eyes with Aaron, and he met my gaze. He leaned back with a c*cktail in his hand and legs
crossed, and his eyes were filled with disappointment. I was sure he saw Vincent kiss me, and the look
in his eyes said that he couldn’t wait to strangle


I glanced away, embarrassed. Then I realized that Vincent was still my boyfriend. It was perfectly
normal for him to kiss me. What was there for me to be embarrassed about?

took advantage of Vincent walking away to chat with one of his buddies, and I walked up to Aaron with
pursed lips.

“We need to talk, Aaron.”

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