Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 77

Technically Married

It was a new day, and I went to the laboratory with dark circles under my eyes.

Cinder’s bed was soft, but I spent the whole night tossing and turning, thinking about what she had told
me. When I arrived at the lab with coffee in hand and yawning, I saw David already changed into his
lab coat and working.

I froze. I didn’t know how to face David after the embarrassing events of last night. I had told him that
Aaron and I weren’t a couple. But him knowing that Vincent proposed and seeing me and Aaron
walking off together was the most awkward moment of my life.

I was expecting a torturous meeting with David today, but I was just overthinking it. David barely
noticed me at all.

He wore a white lab coat with disposable medical gloves and held various reagents in his hands for his
experiments. His medium-length hair was tied at the back of his head, and his grey eyes were focused
on the test tubes. His seriousness was charming. I’ll give him that. But he wasn’t as funny or as
easygoing as he had been last night.

I spent too much time looking at him and then realized what I was doing. Focus, Olive.

“Pass me tube number two.” I yawned and held out my hand.

Nick put a test tube in my hand, and I was about to pour it into a beaker when I saw the bright red color
of the tube.

It should’ve been colorless. When I turned it around, the bright red test tube was clearly labeled “No.

“Nick, this is the wrong…” I turned my head to reprimand my partner, but I made eye contact with him
and stopped.

Nick was pale, his eyes were red and swollen, and he looked even more miserable than I did after a
night without sleep. He’d definitely been crying all night.

“What’s wrong, Olive?” Nick said quietly. I wiggled the test tube in my hand at him and waited for his

“Oh, did I get the wrong one? Sorry.”

I watched as he set the bright red test tube down, then picked up a tube of solvent. My eyes widened in
fear, and I hurriedly stopped him. If he had poured the reagent into the tube, it would’ve caught fire and
killed him with the fumes.

“Nick… do you want to go out for a cup of coffee? “I pulled him out of the lab carefully and forced a
smile. Today was not the work day.

It was just too dangerous to have him at the lab like this. And I didn’t intend to die in pieces in the lab.
That’s so pathetic.

“Want to talk about it?” I handed my coffee to Nick as he sat in the chair, seething.

It was nearing Christmas, and holiday decorations were all over campus. Everybody who passed us
seemed to be in a festive mood.

Nick’s eyes shifted from the little kids playing soccer on the grass to the “Joy” sign plastered onto the
wall. He looked at me, and his lips parted.

“It’s ok. Olive. I’m just too tired…” Nick shivered.

“Nick.” I held his head “We have known each other for years. Ok. You know who I am. And you can rely
on me.”

“Olive, l-I’m so sorry,” He croaked. Then, he rested his head on my shoulder and started to s*b.

I’d never seen Nick like that. He had a great personality, and he was usually so funny. Every day he
was happy, and this was the first time I’d seen him cry out loud.

Nick was the first friend I made in this lab, also the best one. He went to this lab one year earlier than
me, and he really helped me a lot.

“Nick, what’s wrong? Talk to me. Let me help you.” I patted Nick’s shoulder and tried to coax him to

“I broke up with Tim! Olive, it’s horrible.” Nick sobbed.

My eyes widened, and I took his hand. “Why?”

Nick and Tim were in a great relationship, and I even thought they would be able to grow old together.

“Tim h-he cheated on me,” Nick sobbed. “He… he’s bisexual.”

I raised my brows as I suddenly understood. To be honest, I didn’t think Tim, a German guy who was
studying philosophy, would ever cheat on his boyfriend. They were such a stable couple. And I have
witnessed how sticky this two could be.

At the first year, I had lunch with Nick. But ever since he h*oked up with Tim, I had never had meal with
these two love birds ever after. They never stopped kissing each other during the break!! I mean, they
were the worst couple as a friend.

They ruined everything since they could only see each other.

55 195

I did not understand how couple like that would end in cheating.

And honestly speaking, I always thought Nick would be the one cheat first.

After I calmed him down, he finally managed to speak in full sentences and composed himself.

The story was really simple: Nick came home last night to find Tim, who was supposed to be in
Germany visiting his parents, in bed, naked, with another woman.

“It’s ok, Nick.” I hugged him. “Men will always cheat. Relationships fail, and that’s normal.”

“But…” Nick looked up at me with red, puffy eyes. “He’s not just my boyfriend.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We went to Vegas last Christmas and…”

“No way!”

Nick’s voice trailed off as I listened in shock.

“We got drunk one day and went to a church together…so, legally speaking, we’re married.”

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