Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 57

You Will Regret it

Nick and I stared at the unresponsive liquid in the flask in front of me.

We’d been working on this experiment for almost half a year. All of my materials came directly from the
lab’s budget, and I had just poured the reagent from my test tube into the wrong flask…

“Olive,” Nick swallowed. His voice was incredibly low. “You just poured the Z solvent into it, didn’t you?

“I did…” My mouth was dry, and I glanced at the tube in my hand labeled ‘Z! There was still some of the
light blue liquid left inside.

“And it’s not reacting?” Nick’s voice grew even quieter like he was about to evaporate on the spot.

“It’s not…” I stared at the flask, expecting it to explode in the next second, but nothing happened. There
were no bubbles, no discoloration, nothing. “It’s stable… It… Oh my g*d!”

“You did it!” Nick screamed, “You found it! You’re amazing! A literal angel!”

Nick’s mouth was overflowing with compliments, and I never realized there were so many positive
words in the dictionary. Every bit of his praise was absorbed into my skin like fine wine.

I made it.

I found it.

Nick threw his arms around me and we both squealed like children.

People were inevitably drawn to the noise we were making. I’d never seen this many people in the lab
before, and their

combined enthusiasm made me feel like I just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Maybe they all just needed a dose of excitement to break up their monotonous research projects.

“Congratulations, Dr. Woods.”

“Dr. Julian!” I was shocked. Even my mentor, the head of the lab, was here to congratulate me. He was
a jolly old man who was as kind as a teddy bear, but today, his smile was especially sweet.

Thugged him. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“And I’m glad to have you on my team, Olive.” He laughed. “I s*atched you up from a million other
competitors. I’ve never been more sure of my decision.”

Nick, now holding a can of beer, came over and stuck out his tongue. “You’re not the only one with a
good eye, Julian! Another lucky man picked our Olive!”

Wait. What was he talking about?

My heart sank.

I gave Nick a desperate look, silently telling him to shut up, but the drunken man ignored me. He
clinked a test tube on the table as if he was ready to give a speech.

‘Attention, everyone.” Nick cleared his throat, satisfied once all eyes were on him.

“I’d like us to gather to celebrate this woman, Dr. Olive Woods, for her incredible breakthrough. She’s
solved a puzzle that our lab has been working on for months.”

A group of my fellow researchers w*ooped and cheered.

But my smile didn’t come easily. There was more, wasn’t there?

“And in her personal life, she’s also reached a wonderful milestone. She just got engaged!”

The cheers grew louder.

That was when I saw the big projector screen in the lab start playing a video of my proposal. Vincent’s
face looked so different on the screen. The moment he got down on one knee, the small crowd roared
and streamers flew across the room.

Everyone was screaming and clapping like they were the ones who’d just gotten engaged.

“You like the surprise?” Nick was breathing heavily when he spoke to me. “Congratulations again,

“Oh… haha, thank you. What a surprise… How did you know?” I smiled through clenched teeth. With
the video looping on the screen, I had no way to deny it now.

“Vincent posted it online!”

D*mn it… Of course he did…

Dr. Julian made his way over. “I’m so happy for you, Olive. This is amazing!”

“Dr. Julian! Yes… Thanks…”

“So you and Mr. Morris know each other quite well?” He asked.

“What?” My heart ached at the mention of his name. I hadn’t heard anything about him in a long time.

“He’s in the video,” he gestured at the screen. “He was at your proposal.”

“Oh… Um, yes. He’s Vincent’s friend.”

“That’s great,” Dr. Julian smiled. “Then you can be the one to present our progress report to Mr. Morris.
You were the one who made the major breakthrough, after all!”

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