Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 52

Do You Still Want To Break Up Now?

My heart skipped a beat the moment I heard Vincent’s voice.

I’d told Aaron he could be back any minute, but now I wanted to smack myself
in the mouth. Who would’ve thought he’d be back this soon?!

My eyes were glued to the door. Despite it being locked,
I was still worried that Vincent would burst into the room.

Even if Aaron hid, it’d be useless. The whole bedroom smelled like sex. As soon as
Vincent came in, he would understand what was happening.

On top of that, I can’t let him see me like this. I didn’t need a mirror to know my body was covered
in marks.

I was naked in bed with another man, and just outside, my boyfriend was back from cheating.

Then I felt Aaron’s eyes on my face. When I turned to
face him, I found him looking at me like he was watching a good show. It was as if
all he wanted was to see how I would react

to the situation.

All I could do was stare back. He didn’t need to come here. I wouldn’t be in this mess if he just left me

“Olive, I’m home. Could you open the door?” Vincent knocked two more times.

Aaron looked at me with raised eyebrows. “Still wanna end things with me?”

I slapped my hand over his mouth and glared. “Keep your voice down.”

Aaron squinted at me deviously and kissed my palm. I knew he must have been proud of himself.

I shook my head helplessly and handed him his shirt. “Get up and put this on.”

After he took the shirt from me, he tossed it aside with a flourish.

I was so mad I couldn’t breathe. If it wasn’t for Vincent standing right outside,
I would’ve teasingly complimented him on how oh–so–graceful he was, but right now? I wanted
to scream at him.

“Are you asleep?” Vincent called.

I didn’t dare answer, and I didn’t even get to hear what else Vincent said because Aaron’s hands starte
d moving around my body!

I felt his dick harden
against my legs, and I looked at him incredulously. Why was he getting so worked up now?

He hooked my legs around his waist, and once I realized what he was about to do, I lowered my
voice to hiss at him. “You’re insane!”

“Darling… if he knew I was fucking you in his bed, I wonder how he’d react…”

“Aaron, stop…” My voice was pleading. No man can accept his woman cheating on
him, not even Vincent. If he knew, he’d probably kick down the door and beat me and Aaron to death.

“Since we’re chasing the thrill, we might as well follow

through.” Aaron had a mischievous grin on his face. In the next second, he thrust into me.

I was so caught off guard that I cried out, and
Aaron quickly covered my mouth with his to muffle my voice. Of course, it was too late for that.

Vincent knocked more eagerly this time. “Olive? I know you’re awake, I just heard you. Why are
you ignoring me?”

And on my side of the bedroom door, I was pinned between the bed and Aaron’s body. I
had to bite my cheek to keep from moaning while I gripped his shoulders with my hands.

I could see that Aaron
was thoroughly enjoying himself. His eyes glittered with happiness. A strand of hair hung down in front
of his forehead while he looked down at me, and he looked hypnotic. For a moment, I forgot where I wa
s and what was going on.

But Vincent’s annoying voice pulled me out of my daze.

“Honey, are you mad at me? I know it’s my fault,
but there was something really urgent at work. I had to leave, okay? Don’t be upset.”

Hearing Vincent’s explanation, I snickered inside. Whenever I had an emergency at work, he’d always a

“What’s got you so distracted?” Aaron suddenly stopped moving and looked at
me. He narrowed his eyes dangerously. “He just apologized. Didn’t you hear him?”

“What?” I frowned at him, confused. His blue eyes seemed to glow, and an ominous
feeling rose in my chest. He was about

to do something awful. I knew it.

Sure enough, he chuckled and said, “I’ll bring you closer so you can hear him properly.”

With that, he hoisted me up and rose from
the bed. My legs were still wrapped around his waist and his cock was
still buried inside me. Without pulling out, he carried me to the door.

“Are you crazy?!” I was horrified.

I pushed and shoved, but to no avail. I could only watch as we got closer and closer to the door.


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