The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 122

Sixteen: Tobias

Tobias's P.O.V.

This was the last place I wanted to be, but it was where I needed to be. The music was too loud, and
the smell of alcohol and body odor was offensive. Still, I was here, watching and waiting.

Joselin hadn't agreed to be mine yet. We weren't together, but I would be damned before [ let her go on
a date with another man.

I hadn't felt threatened when she had been sleeping with random people. But her going out on a date
with a man who looked at her the way that only I should was not going to stand.

I took a sip of my water, my eyes on the door as I waited for her to enter. If they were going dancing,
this was where she would be. It was her favorite place because it was right by the bunkhouse, so it was
filled with guards who were used to her, and very rarely would anyone care if she was among them.

It was the town's people who didn't know her that had a problem.

Several of my pack members nodded at me in greeting but didn't bother approaching me. They knew I
wouldn't talk to them unless I had to. They didn't mind. I had risked my life for many of them in the past,
and they knew my silence was nothing personal. I used to talk. I used to talk a lot.

My father hated it.

He beat me, telling me to keep my mouth shut. He said it made me a good warrior to know my place,
respect my superiors and not waste my breath on those below me. It wasn't until I was older that I
realized he wanted me to keep silent so no one would know he would torture me at home despite
knowing our neighbors could hear it.

They knew about my home life and did nothing to help me or stop him, and I would heal before anyone
could see it.

But then he got his hands on Ana. I was just a young teenager, practically a kid still. Those words
would haunt me forever. ‘You sound just like your father.'

Just like that, his life-long lesson finally stuck with me. I didn't want to sound like my father.

Joselin was my escape.

Joselin was a fucking angel in the hell that was my life. She was the only one it was safe to talk to, and
she loved when I spoke. She would listen to everything I had to say like it was the more important thing
in the world, even when it was nonsense.

It was impossible to miss Joselin as she entered the bar. Her long white hair was in a high ponytail, and
I felt my eyes burn to the black of my beast. She rarely wore her hair up, and I fucking loved it. The way
it emphasized her neck and where my mark would one day be placed was like a beacon, calling me to

I could do a lot with a ponytail and knew she would enjoy every second of it.

The man, Holden, was right behind her. This time, he kept his hands to himself, and I grunted in
approval. He leaned in, whispering by her ear. The music drowned out his words from reaching me,
and I watched closely as she perked up with a confident smirk, her head moving as she scanned the

That's right, baby. I'm right here.

When she didn't turn in my direction, I leaned back in my chair.

She wanted a night out, but I had laid the rules down very clearly, and I was a man of my word.

I watched them closely, waiting for him to slip up, but he stiffened as she leaned toward him, inching
away. Her smile fell as she noticed the distance he placed between them, and guilt suddenly
overshadowed my jealousy.

Joselin pursed her lips, facing the bar and away from me as she ordered a drink. The bartender, Joey,
glanced up at me as she did so, and I nodded once, confirming that I would be the one paying for it.

I was relieved when I saw her turn again, trying to find me in the crowd but failing. Knowing that I had
just made her happy with such a small gesture reminded me of how perfect she was and that she
deserved more. I would give her more.

Her head dropped back, and she laughed as her date ordered his drink and was forced to pay. They
stayed at the bar for a while, talking and sipping their drinks while I sat back and waited.

Eventually, Joselin stood. I felt my pulse rise as she gestured with her head to the dancefloor, staring at
the queen's brother expectantly. He was hesitant, and my teeth ground together as I waited for him to
choose between life and death.

Joselin shook her head, her ponytail swaying behind her. Her lips and cheeks puffed out slightly as she
let out a breath of disappointment, walking away from him and toward the dance floor.

Her hips swayed side to side as she matched the beat, her hands running up her hips to her neck
before holding them above her head briefly. As I watched her move, I couldn't stop the purr of pride and
pleasure. With her arms up, it was like she was a beacon of light. She called me to her, begging me to
watch as she lost herself in the music.

I growled as my eyes were forced away to the man moving up next to her, seeming to have moved past
his reservation. Joselin's tensed at the sound as she saw Holden approaching, but she still didn't turn
to me. She knew I was here. She had heard me vocalize my anger but stayed where she was. Her

body began to move more seductively as she stepped toward Holden, and he stepped back but danced
next to her stiffly.

My mouth dried as I watched Joselin roll her hips with the beat, her ass perfectly in my line of sight.

I couldn't take it anymore. My woman wanted to dance, and I promised her I was the only one she
would be dancing with.

I stood from my seat, the chair sliding back against the flooring with a noise of protest that was muffled
by the music. The wolf looked up at me, watching me cautiously as he moved further away from
Joselin, stiffly swaying.

Joselin paused, her confidence wavering as one of the female guards stepped between them. Holden
smiled, grabbing her hand and spinning the woman out. The kid knew how to dance. I would give him

Her hair was soft as I picked up a piece, wrapping it around my finger before pulling on it lightly, making
her look up.

Goosebumps rose along her skin as I dipped my head down, my lips brushing her ear as I growled out
my demand. "My turn, sweetheart."

I knew no one would hear me over the speakers, but she did. She heard me loud and clear as I kissed
her neck and grabbed her hips.

Her body trembled in my hold as she leaned back against my chest.

"Can you keep up with me?"

It didn't take long before she was grinding on me, rubbing her perfect ass against my body. I swayed
with her, refusing to lose contact. Even when she spun around to face me, my fingers trailed across her

I was angry that she had the nerve to come out tonight with another man still. Yet, I was also the
happiest I had ever been as my pack watched as I publicly made my interest known. There was no
doubt that most of them knew of my attraction to Joselin, but I wanted every last one of them to know. I
didn't want anyone else touching her ever again if I could help it.

One of Joselin's legs pressed between mine, and I pushed her closer to me with my hand on her lower
back. She took my other hand off her hip, guiding it up her side, over the swell of her breast, and to her
chest. Her heart was thumping as quickly as mine, and I licked my lips as I pressed my palm more
firmly against her warm skin. I wanted to take her away from here, to show her how good we would feel
together with less clothing, but I promised her she could dance. So, I let her dance.

Song after song, she ground and rubbed against me, touching me as often as possible. My hands had
moved down to her thighs, feeling the soft skin at the bottom of her tight, little black dress. I didn't care
who was around us or how many people saw. I wanted them to.

Joselin spun around, rolling her hips against mine as she dipped to the floor before coming back up. I
reached down, adjusting myself in my pants as my painfully hard erection strained against my jeans.

She glanced over her shoulder at me, smirking as she raised one eyebrow in a challenge.

My woman wanted me to break first. She was intentionally trying to drive me crazy, and it was working.

If it wasn't going to be our first time together, I would have already bent her over and slammed into her
for all to see that she was mine. One day, I would.

But our first time wasn't going to be in a packed bar or a dirty bathroom.

Joselin laughed as I spun her back around to face me, grabbing her jaw and letting my lips hover over
hers. Her tongue gently touched my bottom lip as she licked her own, and I growled in pleasure.

I needed her. I needed her back at my house, in my bed, and to wake up in my arms.

A few people whistled as I grabbed Joselin's hand, intertwining our fingers before quickly pulling her off
the dancefloor and out of the bar.

I would pay my tab later.

She shivered, pressing her breasts against my arm as she cuddled closer, but she didn't slow as I
pulled her toward my home.

It didn't take long, and she took a deep breath when I turned and started walking up the front walkway
with her.

"This is really nice." She whispered in awe as I pushed the front door open. I hadn't realized that she
had never been here before. As kids, she was familiar with my old house and came over whenever my
father was out for work. But my new place had never had a visitor. n.ovelebook No one had ever
crossed the front doorway and into my home.

I swallowed, biting back the response I knew she wasn't ready for.

When I told her that it was hers if she wanted it, if she wanted me, it would have to be when she was
sober and preferably when we were already in a relationship.

Instead, I pressed my lips together and guided her up the stairs and to the master bedroom. Joselin
gasped as I spun around, pressing her against the wall.

"You did so well tonight, Sweetheart. So fucking good, following the rules." I ran my tongue up her
neck, tasting the light layer of sweat that only made me want her more. She was addicting. "Do you
know why I brought you here?"

Joselin moaned as I nibbled on her flesh, where my mark would go, before shaking her head.
"Because you need a hand?"

She smirked, her hand running down my chest to the bulge in my pants, cupping me through the fabric.

"Not this time." My hands tightened on her hips as I pulled my head back to look at her, admiring her
parted lips and flushed cheeks. "To reward you."

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