Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 101

I raised up on all fours and gripped down on the covers as he pushed inside of me again. His hand slid up my back and he leaned forward, wrapping the other around me and sliding it over my clit. His fingers rubbed hard on my nub as he thrust into me with heat, our skin slapping hard against each other. I moaned out, feeling the fire in my belly beginning to rise as he grunted deeply, turning me on even more.
“God,” he groaned. “Rub your pussy for me.”
I reached back with one hand and replaced his fingers, rubbing circles around my clit as he sat up, grabbed my hips, and slammed into me over and over again. My moans reached a fevered pitch, and I could feel the fire begin to explode. I screamed out, rubbing faster between my legs before shuddering wildly. I came hard, my body lurching in ecstasy as he thrust deep inside of me and growled, his body pulsing as he came, too. His hot seed filled the condom as my pussy vibrated against his shaft.
When we both had felt the entire course of our pleasure, he pulled out and walked into the bathroom to clean up. When he returned, he climbed in my bed and pulled me close to him, wrapping his big arms around me and letting out a deep sigh. Normally, I didn’t have my one-night stands fall asleep in my bed, but as his eyes shut and his breathing deepened, I found myself too comfortable to move. I let go, falling into a dreamless sleep, wrapped in the arms of this interesting, sexy man.
I opened my eyes slowly, remembering before I did that I was in Amanda’s house and not my own. I looked down at the beautiful girl sleeping on my chest, her long, dark hair wildly strewn around her. I rubbed my hand down her side, feeling the warmth of her smooth skin under my fingers. She moaned slightly and tilted her head up, smiling sweetly, her eyelashes batting over her big blue eyes. She was breathtaking. She yawned and scooted over next to me, stretching her arms over her head.
“Good morning,” I said with a smile. “How did you sleep?”
“Like a baby,” she groaned. “How about you?”
“I don’t think I moved an inch all night,” I said, looking up at the fan and then back at her. “Do you have plans this morning?”
“No,” she said, pulling the sheet up over her. “You?”
“I have a meeting later but nothing this morning,” I replied. “Let me take you to breakfast.”
“Alright,” she said after a moment of contemplation. “I suppose I could use some breakfast after all that liquor I drank last night.”
“Me too,” I said, climbing out of the bed. “Come on, let’s get dressed and go. I know a nice quiet place.”
She smiled and leapt out of bed, exposing the perfect curves of her petite little body. We got dressed, and she gave me a toothbrush to use. When we were ready, we met the car downstairs and headed out to a little diner on the other side of the city. We spent breakfast getting to know each other a little better.
“So, what company do you own?” she asked.
“I own iTech,” I said.
She swallowed hard. “What?”
“Yeah, I wanted to wait to give out that little gem.” I laughed.
“I could see how that might be intimidating to someone.” She laughed.
“Not so much intimidating as finding out that people are only interested in my friendship for my money,” I said.
“Oh,” she replied, scrunching her nose. “I’m sorry about that.”
“And you want to open your own mental health clinic for children,” I stated.
“Yep,” she replied, nodding. “Eventually. I only graduated two semesters ago, so I am still testing the waters.”
I watched her intently as she passionately spoke about her future plans. I found that I really enjoyed being around her. She was interesting and enlightening in certain ways. Sure, she was hotter than hell, with that adorable nose and big pouty smile, but inside, she was driven and wanted to help others, something that you didn’t find in many people the
se days. She wasn’t the typical LA beach bunny that I found out here. She was a real woman with real aspirations. Listening to her talk gave me that tingle of excitement I had when I first started my own company.
It wasn’t often that I met a girl that made me feel that way. In fact, I hadn’t enjoyed being around a woman like that since before my fiancée and I broke things off. We had been together for years, and she had been there for the money and after it. I thought the relationship was solid, but then I found out that she was cheating on me. Worse than that, she’d been telling her boyfriend how rich the two of them were going to be once she had finished with me. It was heartbreaking and shocking, to say the least, and after I broke things off with her, I had a hard time trusting any woman. I felt like the sanctity of trust had been altered, and I wouldn’t ever be able to trust another woman again.
With Amanda, though, I could feel the excitement and nervousness that I had felt before. I didn’t think it was actually possible for me to feel that way again, and I almost trusted that she was being honest with her thoughts toward me. I had to keep it in the back of my head that she was a woman, though, and that the first period of time with someone was the most dangerous. Hormones were raging, emotions were heightened, and it was easy to make choices surrounded by wants and not the facts right in front of your face. I wanted to stay grounded, but I was finding it difficult to do so.
There was something about this girl that drew me in. I felt like we were magnetic, and I was disappointed when I looked down at my watch and saw that the time had passed by so quickly. I didn’t want to leave this girl. I felt like the separation would be painful. Visions of her sensual body rolling over mine flooded through my head as she talked, and I could feel the heat in my stomach begin to rise once again. Usually if I slept with a girl, it was over that night. No breakfasts, no flirting, and definitely no more lustful thoughts. This was different, though. I wanted to spend the entire day with her, listening to her talk about her dreams and dragging her back into that warm, comfortable bed of hers.
In my mind, I wanted to ask her if she was feeling the same way, but I didn’t want to be too forward and scare her off. She seemed like a level-headed girl, and although I usually was the same way, I was floating on cloud nine. I kept my mouth shut anyway and watched her as she moved from subject to subject, spilling her story over pancakes and eggs. From the sound of her voice and the way she looked at me across the table, I could tell her feelings were similar to mine. I wondered if this would be our only breakfast or if I would be able to pull her away once again. My thoughts were interrupted at the sound of my phone alarm, letting me know it was time for me to head to my meeting.
I paid the tab and slowly walked Amanda outside. She held tightly to my arm as we strolled toward the car, still talking about the future. She was so sweet, and I was having a hard time not ignoring the texts coming through on my phone.