Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 100

I smiled and stood to the side as he turned and headed into the back. I shook my head, slightly embarrassed about having to cancel a table like that, but the last thing I wanted to do was sit alone at a table and eat. I walked over to the bar and smiled, hanging my bag over the back of the chair and climbing up to sit down. I placed my clutch on the bar and looked down, doing a double take at the really handsome man sitting two chairs down. He smiled at me, and I blushed, looking back at the bartender as he handed me a menu. As I skimmed down the list of entrees and placed my order, I could see the hot guy moving over beside me.
“Do you mind if I sit down?” he asked.
“Not at all,” I replied, feeling the instant attraction between the two of us.
“I’m Nathan,” he said, reaching his hand out.
“Amanda,” I replied with a smile.
“What brings you here all alone today, Amanda?”
“I was supposed to meet my best friend, but work kept her away,” I said.
“Her loss, my gain,” he replied with a charming smile.
“How about you?”
“Drinking my problems away,” he said with a laugh. “I’m just kidding. I wanted to get away from the crowds, I guess.”
“I can understand that,” I said, laughing.
We sat, ate, drank, and talked through the whole evening. He was really charming, and he happened to own his own tech company, though I wasn’t sure which one. From the look of the Rolex on his wrist and the Louis Vuitton suit he was wearing, I suspected he didn’t do too bad for himself. The drinks were starting to go to my head, but I didn’t mind at all. I was enjoying this unexpected meeting.
“I had to talk her out of floral print for the bridesmaids.” I laughed. “It’s been a nightmare.”
“It sounds like it.” He chuckled, finishing up his drink and looking around the emptying restaurant. “Seems like we might have overstayed our welcome.”
“Oh, gosh,” I said, looking at the time. “Would you like to come back to my place for another drink?”
“I thought you’d never ask,” he said, flagging down the bartender. “I’ll take both our checks.”
“You don’t have to do that,” I said, shaking my head.
“Please, it would make me feel like I was a gentleman.” He smiled.
I laughed and picked up my stuff while he paid the tabs. We went outside, and he waved to a black sedan parked down the block. The car drove forward and stopped in front of us, the driver getting out and opening the door.
“Shall we?” he asked.
“Well, sure,” I said, impressed.
When we got to my house, Nathan instructed the driver that he would call when he was ready. I unlocked the front door and walked inside with him trailing behind. I made my way to the kitchen where I kept the liquor and reached for the whiskey on the top shelf. I froze, though, feeling Nathan’s hands slide around my waist, and his crotch rub against my ass. I closed my eyes as he ran his lips over my neck before turning me around to face him. He cradled my face in his hand and pressed his lips passionately to mine, wasting no time. We both knew this was why I’d invited him back to my place, and I knew I wanted to get him out of those clothes and run my hands through his dark hair.
He picked me up, and I straddled him, my arms wrapped around his neck and my lips still glued to his. He pulled back and looked at me with his big brown eyes, a flicker of a smile crossing his lips. He rested my ass on the edge of the counter and ran his hand up my thigh, pausing after crossing over and lingering under the edge of my short skirt.
“Where is the bedroom?” he asked.
I smiled and kissed his lips. Then I hopped down, grabbed his hand, and pulled him through the living room and down the hall to my bedroom. He kicked the door shut as we walked in. I backed up toward the bed, smiling coyly and pulling my top over my head, and he looked at me with lust.
He walked forward, removing his suit jacket and tie and reached down, unzipping my skirt. I slid it off and sat down on the bed, sliding myself up until my back rested against the headboard. I watched as he undressed, pulling off his shirt and revealing his hard, tanned muscles underneath. He was absolutely gorgeous, and I wanted to fuck the hell out of him.
When he was down to his tight, black boxer briefs, he crawled toward me, grabbing my ankles and yanking me closer to him. I laughed as I slid down and laid my head on the pillows. He slowly pulled my panties off and tossed them to the side. I reached behind me and unclasped my bra, allowing my breasts to bounce out. He smiled and laid down on his stomach, hooking my legs over his shoulders. I ran my hand through his dark hair and closed my eyes as his tongue began to flick against my clit. He pulled my folds apart and licked up through my juices, driving me absolutely wild.
“Turn around,” I moaned.
He turned his body and stopped next to me. I reached up and pulled his boxers down to his knees, taking his big, hard cock out and wrapping my lips around it. He groaned as I twisted to the side, feeling his face dive back between my legs, my head bobbing up and down his pulsing shaft. The feeling of his mouth against my pussy was too much for me to bear, and I sucked hard on his cock before pulling my head back and screaming in ecstasy. My entire body went rigid, my orgasm flowing through every vein and every muscle. He pulled his head up, smiling, and took his boxers the rest of the way off, leaning over the bed and grabbing a condom. I writhed on the covers, my body beginning to relax just as he slid the rubber down his erection and spread my legs apart. He pushed his cock deep inside of me.
I screamed out, feeling him completely fill me with his enormous shaft, pushing and pulling through the flood of juices. He reached up and grabbed my tits, pounding his cock into me over and over, sweat beading up on his firm chest. I bit my lip and pulled him down, swirling my tongue through his mouth and moaning down his throat. He gripped my shoulders and pumped his hips over and over, his eyes dark with passion. He pulled his body up and pumped several more times before pulling out and flipping me over.