Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 92

“It’s definitely okay,” she purrs.
A switch seems to flick in my mind. I laugh roughly and pull her in for another kiss, this one fierce as our tongues battle, curling around one another and mapping out each other’s mouths. Jessica’s hand tugs my hair free and, in retaliation, I tug a rough hand through her hair, messing it up and pulling lightly on the thick strands. She laughs into the kiss and pulls back.
“I love it when you play with my hair,” she says huskily.
“I know,” I chuckle. I push her back a step. “You’re wearing way too many clothes.”
“So are you,” she points out. Then she grins and pushes me back. My knees hit the chair and I sit, surprised at the sudden change in my position. “Sit there.”
I wonder what she’s up to as she takes another step back. Then all the breath whooshes out of me as she grabs the bottom of her shirt in both hands, winks at me, and then slowly shimmies it up over her body.
She’s stripping for me.
“Fuck,” I say, my mouth falling open as, bit by bit, her smooth stomach is revealed. I shudder and ache to get up and touch her, but I don’t want her to stop. My penis tightens uncomfortably in my hands as she finally pulls the shirt over her head.
Then, swaying slightly to a beat that only she can hear, Jessica reaches behind her. The click of her bra unclasping sounds startlingly loud in the otherwise quiet room. I can’t breathe as I watch her, my hands clenched on my knees. She’s grinning as though she knows how I’m feeling and is using it to her complete advantage. Her bra falls to the floor, her breasts bouncing free, and she kicks it away before stretching her arms over her head, giving me a full view.
Seeing my eyes on her, she slowly turns and then winks at me again.
“Like what you see?” she teases.
“Yeah,” I croak.
Her thumbs hook into the hem of her jeans and her fingers scrape along her own skin, her eyes fluttering at the sensations she’s causing herself. It’s incredibly hot to watch her touch herself like this, and I make a note that I want to see it more.
Then she flicks open the button on her pants. She pulls the zipper down, agonizingly slow, and I watch every movement hungrily, stuck in place as she shows off. She wriggles the pants over her hips and slides them down her legs. My breath catches as she turns around and bends over, her panties pulling tight over her behind, which she wriggles at me as she takes her time pulling her feet free of each leg.
“You’re going to be the death of me,” I tell her with a breathless laugh.
“At least it’ll be pleasurable,” she winks.
She straightens up, clad only in her panties now. They’re already wet, and I realize just how ready for me she is. She’s drawing this out and teasing me, but she’s just as desperate as I am. I admire her self control as she turns around, her hips sashaying obviously as she goes. She rubs the elastic band of her panties and I watch her hands.
“Take them off,” I say hoarsely.
She grins at me, and then slowly pulls them down over her hips. Her eyes meet mine, and she barely seems to be breathing either, as she watches me. She doesn’t bend over this time. She allows the panties to drop and she steps out of them, nudging them to the side with her foot.
Then, slowly, like a predator stalking her prey, Jessica walks toward me, all lithe grace and smooth skin that makes my mouth run dry. I reach out as soon as she’s close enough, my hands closing over her hips, and she swings a leg over my lap. Then she cups my face in her hands and kisses me deeply, dragging a moan from me as she sucks my tongue into her mouth, her teeth lightly scraping against it.
Everything is so hot and overwhelming, and I want her now more than ever. She wriggles on my lap, and my hips thrust upward as my fingers dig into her hips, frustrated by the barrier of clothes between us. When it gets too much, I push her back.
“I’m still wearing too many clothes,” I say, and my voice is deep and rough with the need I feel. “Want to do me next?”
When she grins back, I shudder. I’m not going to deny this anymore. I want her. Somehow, I’m going to make sure to keep her in my arms this time.
Chapter Thirty-One
When Grants asks me to undress him, I can’t help but shiver at the thought as sparks run down my spine. His strong hands are holding my hips, and all I can focus on is the fiery trails that he leaves on my skin and the heated look in eyes his as he gazes at me. I curl a hand around the back of his neck and pull him into a kiss, fingering the collar of his shirt as I do so. He’s still in his work clothes, and the stiff black clothes rub sensually against me. Every one of my nerves is on fire, and I never want this to end.
But I want to feel his naked skin more than anything. My questing fingers find the first button and I pop it open before going to down to the next one. I scrape my nails over his chest as more and more of it is revealed. His skin is hot and sweaty, dampening the shirt that he’s wearing and making his scent turn musky.
I take in a deep breath. The smell of him makes me feel dizzy and just heightens the arousal I feel as I sit on his lap. I see his Adam’s apple bob up and down when he swallows heavily, his face flushed and his pupils blown wide with desire.
Part of me wonders if this is a good idea. Are we just responding to the deep, overwhelming emotions we felt as we finally cleared the air? Will everything go back to normal tomorrow, when the clear air and the daylight will remind Grant of everything that has already gone wrong between us. Maybe I shouldn’t have come around tonight. If I’d waited until tomorrow, our heads would have been clearer and we could have made our decisions with logic rather than with our fickle hearts.
But even as I think that, I know it would never have worked that way. Maybe we wouldn’t have been as honest in the day;ight hours. Only time will tell whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.