Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 86

I look at the message again.
“I still love you. I would handle anything you need from me. Even if it is just friendship.”
I hit the send button before I can second guess it. Immediately, I panic. Shit, what am I thinking? What is Grant going to think? This is absolutely crazy, I can’t believe I just said that.
“Too late now,” Hayley says when she sees my panic, snorting. “It’s sent. No matter what he replies, you know you’ve said what you really want to.”
“Isn’t that what this is about?” Allison adds. “We started this because we wanted you tell Grant that you still love him, after all. You were going to tell him tomorrow. What does it matter that you tell him tonight? Now he has all night to process it.”
“Do you think he’ll reply?” I ask anxiously.
“Maybe not,” Hayley says with a shrug. “But you did dump something huge on him just now. He’s going to need to think it through before he responds.”
Hayley is proven wrong, however, by another incoming message. I thrust the phone at Allison.
“I can’t read it,” I say. “Can you at least tell me if it’s good or bad?”
Hayley and Allison look down at the phone. Together, they both swear.
“What?” I ask anxiously.
“Read it,” Allison says abruptly, giving me back my phone. “Quickly.”
“Can you get a sitter at short notice? If you can come to my apartment. I’ll be there around ten.”
I gape. Then I look at Allison and Hayley.
“What does this mean?” I ask.
I feel a little lightheaded. Things are moving way too quickly and I can’t keep up with it.
“It means he wants to talk to you tonight,” Allison says, sitting back. “He wants to talk to you as soon as he finishes work. He can’t wait until tomorrow.”
“But what do I do about it?” I ask, lost.
“You go, of course!” Hayley says, as though it’s obvious. “Are you seriously considering not going? Come on, don’t be an idiot! This is the chance you’ve been waiting for! You told him you loved him, and now he wants to see you. You have to go!”
“I agree,” Allison says with a nod. “I know you’re shocked right now, but don’t even think about passing this up. I’ll stay here with Owen tonight.”
“I’ll stay too, if you’re worried,” Hayley adds.
Allison nudges her with a grin. “You just want to hear the story tomorrow.”
“Guilty,” the woman admits. “So, you going to reply or not?”
I swallow. Then I slowly type three words.
“I’ll be there.”
“This is…” I shake my head. “I have no idea what’s happening, if I’m honest. Just this morning, Grant’s telling me he doesn’t want a relationship. Now he wants to see me because I told him I loved him? What does this mean?”
“Maybe he thought about it a bit more,” Allison says quietly. “No matter what he says, I think he’s decided to do what’s best for him. Maybe just have a bit of faith. Everything will turn out alright.”
“Maybe,” I say.
“It will,” Hayley says strongly. “Just go over there and give him everything you have. Even if you guys don’t end up dating, I think you’ll be able to figure something out so you’ll both be happy. This is Grant telling you that he wants to figure this out, too. Don’t let him slip through your fingers this time.”
“What if he just wants to be friends?” I ask.