Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 74

Then I saw the way she stretched as she walked away and the sway of her hips. I saw her open her mouth, and then I couldn’t help put turn her around and push her up against the door, because I needed to touch her so badly that it hurt.
We stumble toward the bedroom. Her naked skin is hot against mine and we’re both slick with sweat. Tomorrow, we’re both going to have to find where we’ve thrown our clothes, but I couldn’t care less about that right now. My entire world has narrowed to her and the touch of her skin.
I’m not oblivious to the fact that I started this. Is this how Jessica felt all those other times, overwhelmed with needing me until she couldn’t help but touch? I haven’t blamed her for any of those times, because I was a willing participant each time, and I could have stopped it before it went any further if I really wanted to. But she’s a drug that I just can’t stop wanting, no matter how mad at her I am.
She’s addictive. She’s going to destroy me with pleasure, I’m going to happily walk to that doom.
“Shit,” I groan as Jessica bites at my collar again.
I’m going to have so many marks tomorrow. The idea sends pleasure shooting right down to my groin, and I push her against her closed bedroom door, half surprised we made it without falling due to our drunken stumbling. Hilariously, neither of us have had a drop of alcohol all night; we’re drunk on the feel of each other’s skin.
Jessica’s hands fly over my skin. It feels like she’s trying to touch everywhere at once. Her harsh panting breaths are in my ear, the hot air from her mouth blowing over my skin and giving me goosebumps as I shudder at the feeling, every hair on my arms standing on end. One hand creeps upward, playing with the loose hairs at the nape of my neck.
Then she tugs my ponytail free, allowing my dark hair to fall around my face. Dimly, I realize that my hair is almost the same length as hers, something I might find funny later if I remember the thought.
“I can’t stop touching you,” I say, pressing my body along the length of hers. “I want you so badly. I want to take everything you’ll give me and feel every part of your body.”
“I want you in me,” she whispers huskily, lifting her head to nip at my earlobe, wriggling her body on mine. Her breath is hot and heavy in my ear. “I want to feel your entire length sliding into me, and I want you to feel my body tight around yours as you fuck me hard.”
I swallow, the heat so strong that it’s hard to breathe. My forehead meets the door and I pant for a moment, trying to regain some control over myself. There’s a tight feeling in my stomach, and I need to pause before I come just from the promise in her words alone.
When it doesn’t feel like I’m going to release just from taking a step, I breathe out harshly and kiss Jessica fiercely, sucking her tongue in my mouth. When I pull back, her lips are red and glistening with saliva.
“I’m going to fuck you hard enough that you’ll feel it all week,” I promise.
She moans, her eyes fluttering as they roll back, tipping her head back. I wrap an arm around her and reach for the door knob, fumbling around until I find it and twist it open. The door swings inward and, despite my steadying arm, Jessica still stumbles back slightly, not expecting the sudden change while she’s still processing my words. She laughs, grinning wildly at me. I can’t help but grin back.
This is what we were looking for tonight. The connect between us that reminds of us of why we came together in the first place and why we stayed together as long as we did. We might not have told each other much about ourselves, but we had truly loved each other and wanted to be together. It was only my secret and Jessica’s hardheadedness that caused our downfall.
Is this better or worse? I’m not sure yet. I like how open we’re being with each other. I like that I can touch Jessica and not have to wonder at the stranger I sometimes see in her face. And I like that we’re completely connected, if only because our son draws us back to each other again and again.
Except, it’s more than that. Hazily, I know that I need Jessica. She’s an addiction that part of me doesn’t want to walk away from. I want to feel like this forever.
Maybe this relationship between us can work out. I don’t know yet if I’m just being cautiously optimistic, but it’s been a good night, and those wonderful feelings have just made touching her and feeling her touch even better.
“Shit, Jessica,” I groan as we stumble back toward the bed as she writhes in my arms, dragging me forward.
I push her down onto the mattress and she scoots backward as I climb up after her, crawling between her legs. I run my hands up each leg as I do, feeling the smoothness of her skin, cupping my hands briefly on her behind before I slowly scrape my fingers up her sides and over her breasts. I place butterfly kisses on her stomach and her legs twitch because I’m so close to where she wants me to be, but I’m deliberately avoiding it.
“Fuck, Grant, touch me,” she moans.
“I am,” I tease.
She manages to collect her thoughts enough to glare at me, unimpressed by the quip. I laugh, amused, and she grins. Then, she captures one of my wandering hands and brings it up to her mouth. Her eyes on mine, she slowly curls her tongue around my pointer finger and then sucks it into her mouth.
All the air feels like it’s been sucked from the room. I didn’t think it was possible for my dick to get any harder, but it does. I stare at her, my hands and body freezing, and it feels like I’m barely breathing as I watch her tongue dance around my finger. I hadn’t even known touch on my finger like that could be so pleasurable.
My entire body shudders and she grins around the finger before sucking another one in. I pant, torn between wanting to rip my hand away from her and wanting her to keep going. My pants are impossibly tight, and, if I don’t stop her soon, I’m going to come before I manage to get inside her.
“Fuck, stop,” I say, my voice ragged. “I’m going to fuck you now.”
I can’t hold back anymore, even if I wanted to tease her a little more. Jessica drops my hand, looking pleased with herself, and I raise myself up to hover over her body. I line my penis up against her and then slide home.
Her legs wrap around my waist, urging me on until I’m fully inside her. Her hands have found my hair, and her fingers are wrapped around the long strands, tugging lightly at all the sensations. She wriggles beneath me almost immediately, her ankle pressing into the small of my back.
“Move,” she orders in a rasp.
I slowly pull out until only the tip remains. I want to tease her some more, but I can’t. I’m too close to the edge. So I slam back into her and set the pace. Her hips jerk upward to meet my thrusts, her hands tightening in my hair as she holds on, trying to anchor herself. The rest of the world fades around us. All I can see and feel is her. Everything I am has narrowed down to the feel of her body as she clenches around me.