Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 66

In my pocket, my phone vibrates. I take it out, already knowing that it’s Allison.
“Grant there?”
Nosy damn woman, I think fondly. I type a message back quickly.
“Yeah. He’s weird, though. Don’t know what’s going on.”
There’s a pause, and then I get another message.
“Kyle said he phoned him yesterday, and he seemed strange then.”
I suddenly imagine Allison sitting on the couch, Kyle watching the message come through behind her. I never asked Allison to keep secrets from Kyle, and it doesn’t surprise me that she’s asking him for advice after what I just said. I’m strangely not as upset with Kyle knowing my business as I could be.
I shake my head.
‘Sorry, I didn’t notice if he was acting strange,’ I sent.
There’s no other reply, so I slip my phone back into my pocket. I had half hoped that I could ask Kyle or another of Grant’s friends what was up with him, but, if Kyle didn’t know, then no one would. So what was going on? It’s starting to frustrate me now.
Owen’s voice jerks me out of my thoughts, and I smile at the little boy as he waves frantically at me.
“It’s a racing track!” he exclaims.
It’s nothing more than a track of blocks pushed together, but I smile anyway. The most impressive feature is the bridge Grant has built, using several blocks and DVD cases to keep it propped up. I think I even see the thin paperback romance novel I was reading in there.
“Looks great,” I say with a light laugh. “Now what?”
“We race on it,” Grant points out, as though I’m being deliberately obtuse. “Hurry up.”
I blink. “What?”
“Daddy says Mommy has to race too!” Owen exclaims.
I stare at Grant. He looks up at me and gives me a small quirk of the lips.
“It’ll be fun,” he offers.
Not only is he being surprisingly welcoming, but he’s now set up a game that requires me to participate. I step over the block road carefully and crouch down beside Grant.
“You don’t have to do this,” I murmur. “This is your day with Owen.”
He gives me another half-smile. “Well, I’m in your apartment, and Owen insisted.” He holds up a small yellow car, the one Owen always gives me. “Here.”
“Grant…” I try; it doesn’t feel right to interfere with Grant’s day with Owen.
Grant’s eyes flash and then he smirks,
“Afraid of losing to the two of us?” he asks.
I blink. He did not just say that.
“Give me that,” I say, narrowing my eyes and snatching the yellow car off Grant. Where do we start?”
“Here,” Grant says, unable to quite hide a triumphant smile.
I huff. “Prepare to lose, boys.”