Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 65

Unlike last time Grant and I were stuck, briefly, in the kitchen together, it isn’t awkward. We move around each other, making toast and drinks. It suddenly strikes me that this is what mornings should have been like.
Is he doing this to torture me? Give me a taste of what I could have had? No, that isn’t like Grant, he’s not that cruel. But I really don’t understand. After his reaction to everything on Thursday night, I didn’t even dream that the next time I saw Grant he would smile at me.
What happened between then and now?
“Grant…” I start.
“Coffee’s ready,” Grant announces at the same time, unintentionally drowning out my soft voice. “How’s the toast?”
I rouse myself. Now isn’t the time to ask, not while my little boy is waiting for his breakfast.”
“Coming right up,” I say,
Owen stuffs himself full of toast while Grant and I eat more sedately. I remember being worried about sitting down at the table with Grant alone the other day, feeling grateful that Allison was there to act as a buffer. But, now that it is just the three of us, I can’t help but wonder what I was ever worried about.
This is lovely.
“Done!” Owen says through a mouthful of food.
“Owen,” I scold. “Swallow first. Don’t be rude.”
Owen chews the toast in his mouth as best as he can before finally swallowing it. He grins at me and then turns to Grant.
“I want a road!” he announces.
Grant stares at him, confused. Then his expression clears.
“Ah,” he says, rolling his eyes. “Sounds great, Owen. If you can ask me properly.”
Owen looks suitably abashed.
“Please?” he tries.
Grant chuckles. I didn’t really think much of it while he was on the phone, but it’s a deep, pleasant sound, like a warm hug after coming in from the cold.
“Sure,” he says.
It’s all the confirmation Owen needs before he’s racing off. Grant and I grin.
“Go play,” I tell Grant. “I’ll be out in a minute. I better see a damn awesome road.”
“I’ve got some bridge plans in the works,” Grant grins.
I can’t help but laugh. I wonder who is having more fun with the blocks; Grant or Owen.
It doesn’t take me long to clean up after breakfast, but I linger for a few moments longer, making another cup of coffee. I can hear Owen shrieking with laughter, and I want to give him a few extra minutes alone with his father. They both deserve it, after all.
When I have my coffee, I wander into the small living room and lean against the doorway. Neither of them notice me, and I use that to my advantage for now, observing them.
They’re good together. Grant is kind but firm and he isn’t afraid to get on his hands and knees to play with Owen. Owen has already fallen in love with the man, though I don’t doubt the bribery has helped. Grant is going to be a good father.
p; I just wish I had seen it before now. I don’t know how Grant will ever forgive me for messing up so badly.
And yet…
I eye Grant. True to his word, he’s currently building a bridge out of the blocks while Owen stares in wonder at the structure. I still haven’t figured out what’s going on with him.