Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 49

I reach out with one hand, sliding it up the smooth skin of her thighs. Then I tangle my fingers in her pubic hair, tracing her quivering entrance as I do. Moisture slicks along my fingers. Her body is begging for me to thrust into her, but I’m not prepared to give her what she wants just yet.
Her body tenses as I slip one finger inside her body. I wait as she slowly relaxes, unable to help her reaction at the sudden intrusion, and then I wiggle the digit further in. I start shallowly thrusting with my hand and her hips jerk as she tries, unsuccessfully, to meet my movements.
“More,” she begs.
“I’ll give you more,” I promise.
I slip another finger into her and she gasps. I move the two fingers back and forth a few times, scissoring them slightly as I do, caressing the inner walls of her body, which shudder at my touch. I can almost feel the waves of pleasure that are rushing through her body. I grin. She’s completely under my spell.
Before she can say anything, I push a third finger into her body. She groans and I push the three fingers in deeply, crooking them slightly to search for her g-spot.
Suddenly, her back arches off the couch, and I know I’ve found it. I pull my fingers back and thrust them hard into her, striking that sweet spot as she chokes on a strangled scream, her legs twitching.
“Please, please, more,” she begs.
I could just keep going, dragging her closer and closer to the edge, but my pants are uncomfortably tight and I need release too. I pull my fingers out of her and drag my shirt over my head before shuffling out of my pants and boxers. Then I scoot in closer to her and her legs fall open even further, inviting me in. I blow a small breeze over her entrance, and her body twitches.
“I’m going to taste you,” I tell her. “Then I’m going to kiss you so you can taste yourself, too.”
I duck in before she can reply, and prod the entrance with my tongue. She groans, deep and guttural, somewhere above me. Then, slowly, I put my mouth on her and suckle lightly, lapping at the gathering moisture there.
She’s gasping and choking, her hands grabbing at the couch beneath her, and, encouraged, I keep going, lifting my hands to hold her hips in place so that she doesn’t move too much. She’s so responsive to my touch, and something in me finds pleasure
in managing to get such a strong reaction out of her. She’s putty under my hands, and no one else has ever or will ever be able to make her feel quite the same way I do.
I suck again, and Jessica cries out, her hips jerking in my hold, her legs twitching badly now. I’ve drawn her so close to the edge, much like she did. She forced me over, though, and then made my body able to respond again. I’m not going to be so kind. I want Jessica to feel every part of what I’m doing to her, and I want her to beg me for release before the end, before I drag her over and under with me.
So I swirl my tongue around one more time and then pull back, licking my lips. Jessica’s body relaxes slightly as it realizes that I’m not trying to pull an orgasm from her anymore, and she blearily opens her eyes as I pull myself up beside her. She barely has time to see me coming toward her before my lips are on hers, my tongue slipping into her mouth and tangling with hers. I hear a moan that’s rising in her throat, and I run my hand up her side, feeling the goosebumps that rise all over her skin as I touch her.
I ravage her mouth and she lies beneath me, gasping and breathing into the kiss, clutching onto my arms as though they are anchors while she’s lost in the storm. I remember how it felt to be swept away in the passion she was giving me. I hope she’s feeling as overwhelmed as I did before. I want her to be dragged so far under that she’ll never forget.
Though, maybe it would be better if she forgot. If she forgot, then she wouldn’t keep coming back to me. Then I would be able to start finally getting over her without her face and her body and her lips and her sinful curves distracting me any time I allow my mind to wander even for a minute.
It’s pleasurable thinking of her in moments like this, when she’s right here with me and I can at least try and forget how angry I am at her. But it’s not so great after, when I remember all the reasons why something like this wasn’t a good idea.
I pause and pull back, panting harshly. Jessica’s eyes are closed, so she doesn’t notice as I straighten. Fuck, what am I doing? I’m still so angry. At her for everything she’s done. At myself for being so damn weak.
I need to get it together. Can I stop this? Should I stop this? Yes, of course I should. It’s whether I can that’s the problem.
I look at Jessica. I see the way she’s spread out in front of me, her body twitching, waiting for my next move. And I know the answer to that one is no, there’s no way I can walk away from this. I’m too weak to resist.
“Grant?” Jessica groans, opening her eyes slightly.
“Come on,” I say, my voice deep. “I promised you a mattress.”
Jessica opens her eyes to blink them hazily, and then a smile spreads on her lips. It’s a beautiful smile, and it makes a warmth spread through me that has nothing to do with the fiery passion burning between us and everything to do with the relationship we shared three years ago.
The relationship that Jessica has just opened up as a possibility and which I’m ignoring, despite how my mind began whirling from the moment she said it.
But I’m not going to think about it. I’m not going to think about how mad I was when she said those words. I’m not going to tell her how, for a moment, I was tempted to say, “yes, let’s ignore the past and try again.”
No. I don’t need to say that. I don’t even need to think about it, because a relationship between us is not going to happen, especially while she is still keeping her secrets close.
I pull Jessica to her feet. I can’t pull away from her, I can’t stop touching her, so I’ll just focus on this for now and forget everything else. I don’t know what’s going to happen next between us, but I do know that I need to be inside her, I need to feel her body clenching around mine. I’m so hard that it hurts, so I’m going to chase this lustful feeling, no matter how wrong it is right now while I’m this confused and angry.
“Bedroom,” I grunt at Jessica, pulling her along on shaky legs.
“Fuck, yes,” she breathes.