Secrets & Lies (Roughshod Rollers MC 3)

Page 9

“I intend to,” I say, my voice full of promise.
Her lithe body moves against mine, every brush of her skin sending electrified sparks through me. My whole body is heaving with need and I can barely hold myself back from touching her, or just entering her, desperate to re-experience the feel of her body clenching around mine.
I don’t want to draw this out. But at the same time, I don’t want it to finish quickly, either. The part of me that isn’t taken over by half-crazed lust is well aware that this can only be a one-time thing. Jessica doesn’t want me; she made that clear three years ago. And I only want the memory I’ve been chasing all this time.
But maybe that’s okay. Maybe we’ll both get this out of our system and go our separate ways, finally done with one another. Maybe I’ll finally be able to live my life without constantly regretting everything that went wrong.
I rub my fingers between her legs again, and her whole body jerks at the sensations that are running through her. I circle the rough pads of my fingers around her entrance, which twitches while she pants, her chest heaving.
“Ready?” I ask.
I don’t wait for her answer. I plunge one finger into her body. She cries out, her muscles tensing around my finger, and I suck in a sharp breath. After a long moment, she relaxes and I wriggle another finger inside her.
“You should feel how tight your walls feel around my fingers,” I say to her. “It’s so fucking hot in here.”
I wait until she’s relaxed enough that I know she’s gotten used to the intrusion, and then I begin to thrust my fingers shallowly, dragging them in and out of her body until her hips begin thrusting down, trying to take more of me. Then I add a finger and thrust them in even deeper, curving them as I search for the spot that will make Jessica see stars.
“Shit!” she cries when I find it, her body arching off the couch. “Shit, fuck… Oh my god, Grant!”
I chuckle, pleased at her reaction, and her breath hitches at the sound.
“I’ve got more than that for you,” I tell her.
I thrust my fingers in a few more times before pulling them out of her body entirely. She trembles, throwing her head back, panting, as her legs fall apart when I move forward, inviting me in closer. My penis throbbing painfully, desperate for release.
There’s a part of me that thinks I still have time to stop this. But I know we’re both already too far gone now for that. I line myself up against her, trembling as much as she is, and slowly begin sinking into my body.
The heat is almost overwhelming. It’s been too long since I’ve had anything like this, and my heart clenches at the overwhelming sensations of being surrounded by Jessica’s tight, wet heat. I have to pause several times just to take a deep breath, not wanting to release too early.
Finally, I’m sitting deeply inside Jessica, and she’s breathing heavily beneath me, her eyes tightly shut. My entire body is tense and I force myself to relax, taking in several measured breaths. We’re both so close to the edge that it isn’t going to take much for us to tip over.
Then, after several long seconds, Jessica opens her eyes and looks up at me.
“Fuck me,” she says.
I jerk at her word
s, and then I pull out, thrusting back in hard. Her hands find my shoulders and she clutches them, nails scoring my skin as she clings to me. My hands wrap around her hips, and I wonder if we’re both going to carry marks come tomorrow, marks that will take ages to fade but will eventually become as much a memory as everything else we have ever done together.
“Grant…” Jessica moans as I thrust into her over and over.
I wish that this was three years ago. I wish we could just skip the years that we’ve spent apart so that we could just pick up where we left off and pretend it never happened. It’s my deepest wish, the one that I won’t even dare voice to my best friends, because it can never happen like that. Even if Jessica told me that she still loved me and that she wanted to still be with me when we wake up in the morning, it’s never going to be the same. Those years still happened, and I can’t just sweep them away.
Jessica cries out at a particularly hard thrust, and I know I’ve found her g-spot. I angle myself to hit it. Heat is washing over me, and I know I’m close. I want to bring Jessica down with me, and her fingers tighten and my thrusts speed up, chasing the wave of lust that is slowly spilling over us both.
Then, finally, my vision whitens, and my body shudders as I gasp, thrusting in deeply one last time. I can feel Jessica trembling beneath me, her back arching as her own orgasm hits, and we ride it out together, clinging to each other until the wave slowly begins to subside.
When it’s gone, I’m left feeling weak and shaky. I pull limply out of Jessica and crash down beside her when she helpfully shifts sideways.
We should talk. We need to talk about why we broke up three years ago and why this has happened between us now… Why we allowed this to happen between us after everything else. But I’m too exhausted to think about any of it right now.
So, instead, I drag a thin blanket off the back of the couch and throw it over the two of us. Jessica gives me a small smile, her eyes already closing, and I settle in beside her.
The morning… I’ll get some answers in the morning.
I open my eyes slowly. There’s a spear of sunlight coming in through the window at just the wrong angle, making it fall across my eyes. I’m covered in a thin blanket on a soft couch and, for a moment, I’m confused about where I am. I look around blearily, noticing my clothes in a pile next to me, which reminds me that I’m totally naked under the blanket.
I glance up at the clock. That’s when I realize that I’m in the Anchor Bar’s breakroom. It’s early. Too early for Fiona to be arriving to open the bar for the day shift. Then I remember it’s Saturday; the bar is open later and I have no need to be here.