Dirty Daddies

Page 88

My pups are older now, and our furniture is finally safe from puppy teeth. Our chickens are laying nicely and our sheep are on a decent rotation through our fields.
It’s easy work when you have so many people to help you, and we have a lot. More of them turning up each month.
I finally have a wagon in the field behind the house, and a couple of gypsy cobs to pull it if I ever needed to go anywhere. But I don’t. I have everything right here.
Well, almost everything.
We’ve been watching my cycle, Jack, Michael and me. Timing our dates so they can come inside me without any risk of additional family members on the way before we’re ready.
But I’m ready now.
It turns out I have more than enough love for Jack, Michael, two pups, a herd of sheep, ten chickens, two ponies and the random collection of kids who need our help.
I know I’ve more than enough love for some of our own, too.
And that’s what I want next.
A baby of our own.
It’s Jack who broaches the subject as he sees me flipping through the wall chart and marking out another month right on schedule.
He slaps Michael on the back as he hands out our evening beers from the fridge, and then he comes right out with it, typical Jack style.
“I think it’s about time we put a baby in that pretty little girl of ours.”
I feel the blush on my cheeks before I’ve even turned to face him.
“What?” I ask and he tips his head.
“You heard me. Pregnant would be a good look on you. It’s not as though we haven’t got the room.”
I’m almost touching twenty, but they’re not getting any younger. I can’t hide the smile as I nod my head.
“I think I’d like pregnant.” I take a breath. “I think I’d like pregnant a lot.”
Michael is the last to speak. He’s always so considered.
“I’m ready whenever you guys are,” he says. “I’ve been ready since the day we met.”
So have I. I just didn’t know it then.
I’ve thought about the question of paternity a lot these past few months, and in truth I don’t care at all whose baby I have first. I’m planning on having so many of them that I’m sure it’ll even out one way or another.
There’s more than enough love in this house for all of them.
“Three days,” I say. “The calendar says three days until I’m ovulating.”
And those three days crawl by so slowly I feel like I’m trapped in a time warp, but all the best things come to those who wait.
I kick off my boots the moment we’re done for the day, ditching my muddy clothes and jumping in the shower to freshen up.
I don’t need to remind them what night it is, the guys are already stark bollock naked on our sofa when I head back down wearing the old t-shirt of Jack’s I still walk around the house in.
Jack’s dick is in Mike’s hand, and Mike’s dick is in Jack’s, and they haven’t jerked each other off in a while, but I’m glad it’s a special occasion all for me.
“Come here,” Jack orders and I do.
I hitch myself up between them and press my tender tits to their open mouths through the fabric, knowing full well the calendar’s right. I feel it right through my body.
“You’re going to have to share these with more than just each other soon,” I whisper, holding them tight as they feast on me. I love how it makes them suck me harder. I love how they work each other’s dicks that little bit faster.
“Let’s do it,” Mike moans around my tit. “Please, let’s do it now. I don’t want to waste any…”
It makes me smile.
They’re going to fuck me all night long, until they haven’t got anything left to give me, and hopefully, if fate be willing, they’ll give me a baby.
A beautiful baby for my dirty daddies.
I’m already soaking wet for them. Already desperate to take them both.
Mike’s guiding me over to Jack quite happily when Jack stops him. He twists me around and tells me to lay on my back with my knees up high.
I do it. Expecting him to take position between my spread thighs, but he doesn’t.
He takes position at my head instead and angles my face for his swollen cock.
“You saw her first,” he growls, and pushes his dick in my mouth as it drops wide open.
“Sorry?” Mike questions, pausing with the head of his dick so teasingly against my clit.
But Jack doesn’t answer him, he speaks to me instead.
“Be a good girl and take it nice and deep, sweetheart. Daddy Michael’s gonna put a baby in your belly.”
I groan around his dick. Oh fuck, how I groan around his dick.
“…And when you’ve pushed it out of that sweet little pussy of yours, Daddy Jack’s gonna give you one of his own.”