Dirty Daddies

Page 87

“Harder,” I hiss. “Please, I want this.”
“On his dick,” Jack tells me. “Now.”
It’s a beautiful pleasure to drop myself onto Michael’s big hard cock. I ride him like a desperate whore, because that’s how I feel inside. Desperate for dick, but only theirs. Desperate to be taken by men who really do want me.
Men who’d do anything to keep me.
Jack’s fingers keep ploughing my ass and it hurts, but I don’t care.
“Relax,” he growls and nips the back of my neck, and I know he’s getting ready. I know he’s really going to do this.
I hear him spitting. I hear him rubbing it around his dick.
And then he pushes both me and Michael down flat onto the sofa and pins us underneath him.
I love how tightly I’m sandwiched. I love how my cheek is tight to Michael’s shoulder as Jack’s big dick presses against my asshole.
“Both of us at once,” he rasps, and pushes the head inside.
Oh fuck, the stretch. It burns like white heat.
“Take us,” Michael whispers in my ear. “Take us like only our good girl can.”
“I’ll be your good girl,” I whimper as Jack pushes deeper. “I’ll always be your good girl.”
And I am a good girl as Jack slams home. I’m a good girl as I grit my teeth and beg for more. A good girl as I push back onto Jack’s big dick and milk them both at once.
“I want you to come inside me,” I tell them. “I want you both to fill me up.”
“We’ll fill you up with more than our fucking cum if you’re not careful,” Jack barks, and the thought sends me over the edge.
I come between two dicks. I come between two men I love.
And they’re right there after me, grunting and thrusting and spurting inside me.
They keep me pinned when they’re done. I love the warmth and the weight as we all catch our breath together.
And finally, when we’ve gathered up our clothes and wiped down the mess we left on the wrecked sofa, Jack calls the police.
It’s the first time they’ve ever really listened to me.
But then again, it’s the first time I’ve ever really told them the truth.EpilogueJackIt took me a few days before I sat Carrie and Michael down and talked them through my great new vision for the future.
I waited until the police visits stopped with such frequency and all Carrie’s statements were taken. I didn’t take the file out of my car until we heard that Kevin Baker was in custody and the evidence was stacking up nicely.
Fingerprints, text messages, a load of druggy mates who sold him out at the first sign of a police car at the door.
He’s going down for it, that’s a certainty. He’d better hope it’s a long sentence – I’ll still be tempted to choke the life out of him if he’s ever unlucky enough to cross my path.
So, there we had it. An arrest, a new furniture delivery and Michael’s official acceptance of his resignation, all in one day.
It that’s not a good day to make life plans, I don’t know when else would be.
They’d been nervous as I sat them down at the new dining table. Glancing at each other as I cleared my throat and flipped open the file.
A charity initiative, right here on our property. Goats and sheep and chickens galore, even a couple of ponies, if Carrie wants them.
An opportunity for disadvantaged youngsters to find connection in the land. To be given responsibility and trust in an environment where they can express themselves.
“You mean a farm?!” Carrie asked. “A real farm?!”
“A real farm,” I said. “And no stupid tick boxes or budget restrictions,” I’d said to Michael. “Just you two and the outdoors with whoever you feel can benefit from it.”
“I don’t know what to say,” Michael told me as he eyed up my initial proposals.
“Yes would be nice,” I replied. “Yes, and when can we get started?”
“When can we get started?” he asked, and I smiled.
Oh, how I smiled.
And then I got the two Labrador pups from the crate in my car.
Carrie’s face was a picture I’ll remember forever, hugging them like they were the greatest treasure on earth.
“Now,” I said. “We get started now, so you’d better get busy on that chicken coop, Carrie. The poultry auction is next week, and the sheep are arriving two days after Michael’s finishing date.”
“Fuck,” Michael said as a smile spread across his face.
And Carrie didn’t say anything other than a whole load of thank yous muffled by puppy fur.
It was more than enough for me.CarrieThe farm completes me in ways I never knew I could be completed. Helping others going through similar to the things I went through growing up makes my heart burst every day.
Michael’s too.
He’s good at this stuff, much better than he was ever allowed to be in the office on someone else’s payroll.