Dirty Daddies

Page 86

His tongue feels so good against my tender skin.
Mike tugs at my hair enough to tip my head back, and his mouth finds mine and kisses deep.
His fingers slip inside my top and his strokes across my nipples drive me crazy.
More crazy.
Jack pulls off his tie and unbuttons his shirt. He kisses my fingers and guides them to his belt, and I help him unbuckle himself, before he helps me out of my jeans.
Michael tugs my top over my head and pulls my bra off with it. I’m naked in a heartbeat with my legs around Jack’s waist. His cock is big against my belly and it’s a relief.
To know he still wants me like this is a relief.
I twist to help Michael out of his suit, but he’s already mostly there. He sits back on the wrecked sofa and guides me half on top of him, and then tugs at Jack’s arm to beckon him closer.
Jack shuffles next to Michael and I straddle the middle of them. A thigh against each dick as I rise to my knees.
It’s the most natural thing in the world to present my tits to two hungry mouths. I pull my shoulders back proud, as proud as I’ll ever be, offering myself up exactly as I am to the two men who mean so much.
I love the way they suck and nip. I love the way the sounds of their mouths match the squelches from their dicks as they take themselves in hand.
Tonight’s the night I want them both inside me. Tonight’s the night I need to feel them both make me theirs at the same time.
“Let us see you,” Mike whispers and I don’t understand at first. He stares up at me through hooded eyes and gestures me to stand for them.
I’m so nervous as I get to my feet. So naked in my vulnerability as I stand tall for two pairs of hungry eyes.
“Beautiful,” Jack whispers, and picks up pace on his dick.
“Perfect,” Michael adds and my cheeks burn.
It’s amazing to watch them there, watching me.
I shift my thighs apart and dip my fingers between them. I’ve never felt so exposed in my dirtiness as I do right now, standing all alone as their eyes rove all over me, from the wetness they’ve left on my tits, to the wetness I’m dribbling between my legs.
But they love me.
I can see it in their gaze, in their expressions, in the way they work their dicks as though just the sight of me is everything.
“We’re really doing this,” Michael rasps. “The three of us, forever.”
It sounds like more of a question than a statement.
Jack answers it.
“We’re really doing this,” he says. “The three of us. Always the three of us.”
A look passes between them that I can’t read, but hope one day I will. A look that reminds me how these guys have known each other their whole entire lives, how they’ve shared decades before I was even born.
“Just bodies,” Michael rasps, and my breath hitches.
He lifts his hand from his thigh and hovers it between them, and I can’t breathe, can’t even think.
“Just fucking bodies,” Jack growls and takes his hand from his dick.
“Fuck,” I whimper as Michael takes Jack in his hand. My own fingers frantic on my clit as he grips another guy’s dick and works him up and down.
Jack tips his head back and grunts, and then he does it.
He really does it.
He reaches out for Michael’s cock and swears under his breath as he takes it.
Two men work each other’s dicks as they stare at me. They work each other’s dicks as I play with my needy little clit for them.
I’ve never been as horny as I feel as they touch each other. I’ve never been so in awe of the way two people can give so much.
“You’d better get back fucking over here before he makes me shoot my fucking load,” Jack growls, and I do.
“I want both of you inside me,” I whisper as I clamber back on top. “I want to feel both of you at once. I want you to both love me at once.”
I spread my legs wide across their laps as fingers push inside and open me up. “You need to be ready,” Jack grunts. “Nice and wet. Stretched ready for two.”
“Stretch me, then,” I moan, and they do.
Oh fuck, they do.
Wet fingers slip back to my asshole and it burns as they push their way inside.
Three fingers turn to four in my hungry pussy and I groan at the stretch, bouncing up and down to open myself up for more.
I’m gonna take them. I have to fucking take them.
It’s all I want.
“Tight,” Jack growls, “so fucking tight.”
I hear the noises I’m making and I know they can do it. I know they can open me up enough to take them both.