Dirty Daddies

Page 79

I recoil instinctively as my dick touches another dick, jerking back my hips as though I’ve been burned.
“Please,” she breathes. “I want you both inside me, both at once…”
Understanding doesn’t ease the frantic beat of my heart.
Understanding that she’ll want the length of my dick thrusting tight against another man’s inside her doesn’t make me any less hesitant as she coaxes me back into position.
I focus on the warmth of her pussy around my fingers, holding my breath as I know the point of dick on dick is just moments away.
I flinch at the contact when she touches us together, but this time I don’t pull away. The head of him is hard against mine, surprisingly slippery as she grinds us together, tip against swollen tip.
I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t believe my dick is still hard, but it is.
It’s only when I hear Jack grunt that I realise he’s not nearly so hesitant as I am. But Jack never is.
Jack doesn’t have limits like I have. Jack goes all in for the pursuit of pleasure, and right now his pleasure is in Carrie’s hand as she rubs his dick against mine.
“Fuck,” he says. “Peen on fucking peen. This has never been on my fucking agenda.”
But he doesn’t stop and neither do I.
And it occurs to me, right at the back of my mind, that maybe he wants this. Maybe he’s not nearly so hung up on what all this means as I am.
The thought that he might even enjoy these blurry boundaries takes me aback, but makes my dick throb. It makes me shunt closer, giving Carrie all the leeway she needs to press us length to length and move us as one.
Oh fuck, it feels good. It feels so filthily good.
“You like it,” she whispers, “I can feel it.”
I don’t argue and neither does he. It would be pointless if we did, since she can feel it clear as day in her dirty little hands.
Her pussy is so wet, and so are our dicks. The sound of squelching fingers is loud, even under the covers, and the sound of breath is loud above them.
I’m going to come against Jack’s dick, spraying my load all over Carrie’s pretty little pussy underneath, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to come against mine and do the same.
“Kiss me,” she whispers. “Both of you, kiss me.”
Jack kisses her first. She moans for him, and the sound of wet mouths makes mine water. So tentatively I press my lips to her cheek, not caring that my face is right against his, not caring that when she turns her head and offers me her mouth, it’s with his tongue still lapping at hers.
I feel the last thread of resistance snap and fall away, because there’s no point holding onto something which is inevitably doomed to break anyway.
We’re sharing one girl. One hungry girl who’s desperate for two.
Two mouths.
Two big cocks.
Two men making her feel as dirty as I’m sure we’re making her feel right now.
Two men to love her no matter what.
I kiss Carrie with everything I’ve got, tongues twisting with tongues, not really giving a fuck anymore. Not really giving a fuck that Jack is about to come all over my dick as Carrie comes over two sets of fingers in her pussy.
“I knew you had it in you,” Jack groans. “I always knew you’d lose that stick in your ass one day.”
An interesting choice of words, but I feel strangely proud at the sentiment.
I’m still kissing Carrie as she comes for us, and so is Jack.
I’m still thrusting my dick against his as he shoots his load soon after, and I do too.
And then we’re a mess.
A sticky, wet, slippery fucking mess of bodies.
But I’m smiling.
No matter how fucking fucked up it feels to have had my best friend’s tongue in my mouth, I’m still fucking smiling.Chapter Twenty-SixCarrieAfter all those years of feeling I had nothing to live for but a disgusting excuse for a brother who made me do things that no girl should ever do, I suddenly have a whole world in front of me.
I love wandering through the fields every day – especially today.
Especially since there was a knock at the front door this morning and I had to sign for a parcel with my name on it. I had to ask three times to make sure the courier was sure, but there it was in print – Carrie Wells – my name right over the address. I stared at it for ten whole minutes before I opened it, and when I finally tore into the box it took my breath.
A new pair of boots in just the right size. The delivery note said from Jack and Mike, you earned them with a string of kisses underneath. I still have it in my pocket. I don’t think I’ll ever take it out.