Dirty Daddies

Page 78

“I don’t have my suits here,” he says and Jack answers before I do.
“Pack a case then,” he tells him.
“And move in?” Michael laughs, but Jack isn’t joking, and I’m not joking either as I nod.
“Please,” I say. “I want you with us. Provided it’s ok with Jack, of course.”
Michael shakes his head. “I think there’s a bit of a road ahead before we start talking plans like that.”
He waits for us to agree but we don’t.
Not me and not Jack.
Michael sighs into my neck. “Enough of my shitty day,” he says. “Tell me about yours.”
I do tell him. I tell him how the top paddock needed some serious fixes.. I tell him how I fixed it and how I’ll be done with all of the fences before the week’s out.
“Time for chickens then,” he says, and Jack smirks from across the table.
“She’ll need to build herself a hen house first.”
My heart soars at the thought. I can do it, I know I can. I just need some wood and nails and online videos.
“I’ll build it,” I say. “I’ll build the greatest hen house you’ve ever seen.”
“I don’t doubt it,” he says. “And when you have, we’ll get you some chickens to fill it with. We’ll go to Coleford poultry market and you can pick them out.”
“And then the sheep next,” Michael says and Jack raises an eyebrows.
“We’ll see how the chickens go first,” he says.
And I can’t stop smiling, even though I’m grinning my head off, because I know that the chickens are going to go really fucking fine.MichaelLoving Carrie Wells is everything I thought it would be. More than I thought it would be.
Because the Carrie Wells who snapped and sneered at me every week in my office has transformed into a girl who’s everything I knew she could be.
Even more than I knew she could be.
I know I said packing my clothes and bringing them here would be way too soon, but here, in bed, with Carrie snuggled into my side and Jack pressed up against the back of her, it feels anything but soon.
It feels like all roads led here, even if I didn’t know it before it happened.
The whole town undoubtedly knows Carrie is here, even if they didn’t even know where here was before now.
Jack’s house will have been discussed and pointed out, questions raised over just what’s going on between the man they know makes a shit ton of money out of insurance, and the mouthy little gypsy girl they shake their head at in the street.
But I don’t care.
My job is the only string left holding me to any of their unwanted opinions, and that string is fraying before my eyes with every budget cut.
I think this one will be the final one I can take. I’m going to hand in my notice to coincide with my existing case load winding down, and beyond that I have no idea yet.
I’m sure something will come up, even as an interim measure.
I shouldn’t respond to Carrie’s kisses, because we all have things to do in the morning.
I shouldn’t roll onto my side to press my cock against her belly because I’m dooming us all to a night of fucking and sucking until the dawn rises through the crack in Jack’s curtains, but I can’t stop.
She’s addictive.
She’s gentle as she takes me in her hand and squeezes. I hear Jack’s breathing quicken and I know she must be squeezing him too.
Carrie Wells is insatiable and I don’t recognise myself when I’m around her. I’m beginning to realise that’s no bad thing.
My life is changing in every way, my career catapulting into unknown waters alongside this new crazy setup we’ve got going on. So many considerations to take into account, so many questions that we’ll need to answer down the line.
But that’s not for now.
Now is all about giving Carrie what she needs, and right now she needs two men to take her and make her theirs.
I slip my fingers between her thighs and find Jack’s already there. I don’t even flinch, just work my fingers along with his, teasing that hard little clit until she moans. Jack pushes his fingers inside her first, and when she’s bucking under our hands and begging for more, I slide mine right along in there next to his.
Our dirty girl stretches so nicely for us. That tight little pussy sucks on our fingers, greedy for whatever we offer.
I kiss her neck in the darkness, feeling Jack’s breath on my cheek as he does the same. Her hand works my dick so slowly I could go insane, but it’s bliss. Absolute pure fucking bliss.
And then she tugs, shifting us closer, and I go with it, we both do.
I don’t realise what’s happening until it’s too late, until I can feel the heat of Jack’s body so close, Carrie’s wriggling underneath us as she spreads her legs and asks for deeper.