Dirty Daddies

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Mike fucks my pussy with his fingers as Jack pounds my ass, and I love it. I fucking love it.
Mike kisses me harder than I’ve ever been kissed and I fucking love that too.
“Dirty girl,” Jack breathes into my ear. “Look what you’re doing to us. Look what you’re doing to poor Mike. I should put you over my fucking knee for being such a filthy little bitch.”
I gasp in air as Mike breaks the kiss, and I don’t know myself. I don’t know the little slut between these two men, but I like her.
“I’m gonna make you do everything,” I hiss. “I’m gonna make you do filthy fucking things to me, and filthy fucking things for me. I’m gonna make you do it all.”
“Promises,” Jack says.
And they are promises.
“Come in my fucking ass, Daddy Jack!”
“My fucking pleasure,” he replies, and slams me hard, once, twice, three times before he’s grunting in my ear.
And I’m coming too, coming around Mike’s fingers as he wriggles them inside me.
I’m still going as Jack pulls out and rolls me right over onto another man’s cock.
He rubs his wet dick against my clit as Michael shunts his whole fucking length in my dripping asshole.
I’m stretched. Used raw between two men, and I’ve never felt so wanted as I do right now.
It’s in the desperation of their touch, their rasping breath, the way they can’t get enough of the fucking crazy. My fucking crazy.
I’ve dreamed of one dirty daddy for as long as I can remember, and now I have two.
Michael surprises me when he lifts me up and onto him. I gasp as he wraps his arm around my neck and fucks me hard from underneath. I bounce on top of him, speared by his long hard fucking dick, powerless to fight it, even if I wanted to.
I like it that way. I like being their powerless little girl.
“Fuck, yes,” Jack says and climbs right up after both of us.
I flinch as he turns on the lamp and spreads my legs wide open so he can watch Michael’s dick pound the fuck out of me.
“We’re gonna fuck you two at once,” he says. “But not today. Soon, but not today.”
And then he sucks my desperate clit until Michael’s cum fills my ass after his. I don’t even need to ask him this time.Chapter Twenty-FourMichaelThe whole town knows Carrie Wells is staying with Jack. Three different people question me on my way to the office, three nosey fuckers without anything better to be worrying about.
Yes, she’s staying with Jack. Yes, she’s working for him.
The gossips will talk, rumours will ripple. Maybe some of them will even be close to the truth.
I know I’m going to have to face Pam, but I head to my desk first and turn on my PC. I’ve no idea yet what I’m going to say to her, and I’ve never been a man to lie – that’s not my style, but I’m not about to offer up the full, honest truth to her either.
Not when I’m still coming to terms with it myself.
If I weren’t so invested in helping the poor kids on my books that need someone to fight their corner, none of this would bother me.
But there’s no arguing the fact that I’ve stepped over professional boundaries, even if Carrie Wells is a case all of her own. I’ve stepped over lines that would be impossible to justify to co-workers, and my board, and the agencies I work with.
I contemplate resigning, but the thought pains. I’m good at what I do. I work damn hard, give it everything I’ve got.
I care more about my job than anyone else in this building, but that won’t be enough.
Pam heads right on through before my day officially starts. She takes a seat opposite me, her back bolt upright as she clutches a file of paperwork in her lap.
“When did you know about Carrie Wells?” she asks.
I look her straight in the eye. “It moved fast, a couple of days ago. Jack came back from business and she was already at his. She said his fencing was a disgrace and he gave her a shot at fixing it.”
“I see.” She nods. “You didn’t say anything.”
“Rosie and Bill didn’t want to know. The police weren’t interested in locating her, not now she’s an adult, and officially she’s off our case list. I didn’t see what relevance it had.”
“It doesn’t,” she agrees. “But I’m still surprised you didn’t mention it.”
I don’t break the eye contact. “Well, now you know.”
“And this is permanent, is it? Her position on his property?”
“She’s doing a good job, he certainly has no complaints.”
She sighs. “Poor sod. I hope you’ve told him what he’s letting himself in for.”
And that’s it. I can see it in her eyes. She’s no more interested in Carrie Wells than anyone else around here beyond having someone to sigh and gawp over.